Monday, 17 March 2008

Director of your own Dreams

Here’s a Cool way to look at your Dreams.
This method will work fantastically!
I know this for a fact because I have experimented with this ever since December 2007.
And now after my discovery!
I am going to share it all with my blogger fans.
Imagine your Whole dream is a Movie and you have the Entire control of the whole production.
When anything bad happens that could evolve into a nightmare!
Shout Stop! Cut! And say: I’m in charge of this Dream.
Only what I say will go!
Not only do you have control of what will happen!
You completely know that you are dreaming!
You can even shout pause! Or Lift up your hand and Think a sharp pause! And judder your palms against your view.
Then you can choose to rewind time! Before the bad event you may have just been dreaming!
For example! Something bad happens that you was too late to stop!
Pause and rewind time!
Now you have control of your dreams!
Any Dream you used to see as a Nightmare in the past!
Will now just be the fuel to make you stronger in your Dreams.
To me! I enjoy the randomness of the surreal dream world!
I open the door to what people would call a Nightmare!
Only so I can Deal with it and have an Action packed Dream.
But you always have a choice!
You can have nightmare free Dreams.
Just by Being in charge of your Dreams.
Bad Dreams are just a Lesson that you are meant to over come and take control!
I was about 6 years old when I stopped my Nightmares.
I was being chased by the Monsters between the walls.
And one night I decided it was my turn to be the monster!
I thought myself big and hairy and went to there place in the wall and Roar at them!
And said stop chasing me! Its my Dream.
From that day on! I never had nightmares of being chased ever again.
I have told my Nephews this and it has helped them!
So please tell your children!
That the dream world is their place and not the monsters.
And they can face them and they will see.
There is nothing to fear!
And they can Dream fear free.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Tree's Al!ve

It's another great creative story from me.
But to get to read my new story you are going to have to Buy my E-book.
Not only will my New E-book have this story in it.
It will contain all the stories featured on this blogger so that you can read and enjoy freely without Internet distraction.
I have decided to sell my stories in E-books to help me get my foot fixed and my life back on track so that i can get out there and bring you some fantastic stories.
Also i would like to get into the film industry.
So you buying my E-book will help towards a great future.
And one day you can say: I Helped make that happen.
Since i had this accident i have not been able to work.
So i hope this will help me back to reality again.
Here's a poem based on the story Tree's Al!ve:

Trees are alive
Trees are slow
But in their own time where we don’t know.
In the daytime they’re bright and clear
To attract the nature and deter the fear.
At night they pose immense scare!
With a ruffle and a crack
And a sense to fear.
Some bare fruit some bare flowers
And receive a wash in the April showers.
The trees attract the birds in spring
The birds lay eggs and the birds do sing.
As the trees flush with colourful blossom
The bees will pollinate from top to bottom.

Trees are alive
Trees are slow
That's one thing to remember.
Yes I know!

Also with the E-Book you will get another E-book containing lots of amazingly Creative poems about dreamworlds and and life.
In a point of view that is rarely known.
The price for this e-book will be only TBA
The information on how to get this e-book will be posted on here very soon.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Stories of our dreams

I have made an effort to make the Index below! so you can go direct to the story and enjoy.
I am sorry i have not Posted Tree's alive on here yet!
I have it written and ready to post!
But 1st i need to know i have enough people reading my blogger 1st.
As the new story is so good! i don't want to get it lost in old post's.
So help me get my stories seen!
And i will return the thanks with even more great stories.
Thank you
From Dean Bradford (The creative writer)
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