Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Lucid Dream Language, Creatures & where people meet

I had powerful dreams last night
I was looking in a window of a video shop in my dream! I remember laughing in my dream at the Movie Titles and covers. One of the covers had a Fluffy duck head but the head wasn't fluffy as like a feathered bird.
Fluffy like a rabbit. it was on the end of a Rocket and the title looked funny too! That made me laugh out loud in my dream.
After that I went looking for things to read.
I came across some book that I picked up to read!
At a glance the printed words looked normal.
But a closer inspection I noticed the words to look gibberish like a combination of shapes.
The writing looked so clear yet I could not understand what I was seeing.
I have placed some images as an example.
Normally I would have woken up by now but some how I have mastered staying asleep after all these years.
I figure that this time I was a lot more comfortable in bed than other times dreaming this way.
I took advantage of this time and looked at many pages of the books even though I did not understand ta single word.
In the hope that some how I could remember atleast something when I wake up.
I also saw these creatures running around
the body of a Deer and a face almost like a pig
They seemed to have the playfulness of a Dog.
I came across a Girl who was looked between 15-18 years old.
Because of my past experience with people in dreams and knowing that dream people can be real people! I decided to say hello.
She was very stubborn person to talk to.
And after a while I understood why.
When I told her this is a dream. She replied this is my dream.
I can understand that! that’s how I used to think! before I had proof
Her talking was so independent! and of her own! I gave up trying to convince her
When in an intense Lucid dream like this! It can be difficult to access woken brain memories.
Like data or detailed information.
I tried to say remember Fantasycreek@msn.com
She was still being negative so I shouted it again just in case she wakes up and remembers.
It’s only when we wake we start using rational thoughts and question the dream.
I think I was in somebody else’s dream. but nobody I know
she was stubborn! because she thought I was a Dream person

Please read my other story about Dream same Dream . That is the story that gave me proof to allow me to know that Lucid Dream people can be real!
This part here is just for keyword use to maybe help guide that person in this dream to find me!
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