Monday, 5 April 2010

Slowing down time for sleep

I have experimented with this ability for many years! I know that some people can go to bed and simply wake up and its time for work!
Awaking to them can seem instant.
With no knowledge of any dreams what so ever.
But for me dreams have been a powerful benefactor to my life!
Most people sleep for physical and mental rest.
But for me! Dreams offers me no mental rest! only a powerful experience as i go into deep sleep. I have found that i have been able to pop into deep sleep instantly have a long dream and wake up and look at a clock.
For example its 8:30am on my dial bedroom clock. then i close my eyes and have a good long dream and when i awaken its as if the hand on clock isn't moving. i proceeded to have lots of dreams and wake up over and over again. then finally i had to force myself to get up and check my mobile phone time! and to my amazement the bedroom clock was perfect time and working fine.
Also many years ago i experienced long dreams on a city bus in Nottingham when it was between train station and broad marsh shopping center. this is only about 1 minute between stops. But my time was measured as movement of bus. between these stops i woken and slept 3 times and each time i recall 3 full Dreams all of long lasting and full of adventure. and when i reached broad marsh i was a bit chuffed of what a discovery i just made!
All i know is that i can have long Dreams in a few seconds of real time.
I'm sure all of us can do this! its all in our own mind!
I only can slow down time in my mind! but i don't know if its possible to use this ability in our living world.
But if anybody knows anything about this subject please get in touch with me i will welcome any body with feedback and i am willing to help any research out there.
please send email to me at the following location: