Monday, 4 October 2010

Strange MP3 Fly on my wall

Last night i had a very strange be insightful dream.
I saw a strange fly resting high on the wall in my home.
On closer inspection it looked like a Usb MP3 Player with wings and legs!
It was very strange!   its head seemed to look like it feeds on peoples love for music!
When people sit there resting the fly would draw musical vibes from its human host! and when it becomes well fed with musical memories it goes into a sex frenzy! and must use its blue-tooth ability to scan for Other nearby female inverted USB MP3 player flies to share the exciting vibes with.
In-fact even though i knew it was a dream!  i was amazed how amazing our imaginations can be and totally explored the randomness of a normal dream.
I call this unexpected creation in my dream a spontaneous innovative automatic invented idea.

Please comment any strange dreams you have had regardless of how silly they were.