Thursday, 14 July 2011

My Most Epic Dream ever remembered

My Dream this morning was the most epic sureal dream i have ever had in my entire life with the full enssence of sound and light and interactive control of my self with the world that i would guess is the realm where dis-logical happenings can happen and a world where people have adapted their lives to such an extent that they have control of everything in the world that they live.
Like for instance! I was walking around talking to people and greating people who seemed relaxed happy and contempt with their lives! as if there was no need for fear or any knowlege of what fear means.

The people seemed to show amazing interest in me and i was questioned by a person amongst a group of people who seemed to show a true ability to express such interest in face and gesture that really only made me focus and realize even more about  where i was.
The sun was bright and warming and i was amazed on how i found the abbility to stay calm and not let my self get too excited about being able to stay without waking up.
Anyway this guy asked me where i was from and i said i was from a place called Earth and on earth rationality and the way our world works is far sharper and many laws that i see here do not apply.
A woman showed interest in what i said and she kind of given me a tour of the place.
Before my curious exploring side was awaken.
I was always drawn away by unusual events that happened around the street.
I have to be honest the amount of things i saw was so much that right now while i write this i do find it difficult to remember. 
There was a technical device that every body seemed to carry that attached to the side of their waist and some had it on their wrists.  It was some kind of  a touch screen with some symbols on it.
Somebody showed me some of it functions.
The device gave the people control over their own body matter and also acted as an informative device to alert people of a giant wave of water that would come from the direction of the sun light every so often.
When people were alerted i looked towards the sea and saw a huge cristal clear ocean rise and come towards us.
The people then selected a mode on their device! and this gave them the ability to use the wave as a pleasureful activity that was enjoyed by every single person.
The device changed the DNA of the wearer to a highly dynamic aquatic form that allowed them to swim into the force.  This was highly addictive to these people.
Its like they have adapted to disasters instead of fearing them.
Even the buildings were built to withstand the forces of the ocean.
It was amazing seeing hundreds of people bracing themselves for the transformation and the force with out seeing any sign of fear.
There seemed to be somebody near me with a faulty device.  The icon for the Dynamic Aquatic transformation button was not on the screen where every body else s was and looked like he had some virus that had hijacked that part of the screen.    So quick thinking and the on coming wave caused me to try and work a way out to fix a device from a society of people i never knew.
I didn't understand the writing or icons.  But i did see somebody elses device and noticed what was missing from this device i had before me.
So i looked underneath and pealed back a lable and saw a hole! i poked something in it! in the hope that it would reset device and restore it to original condition.
And behold the button that was needed returned back to original default location on screen.
I was amazed that i was still dreaming even after doing some serious thinking that normally would wake me up.
Some how i managed to stay calm and keep with the dream.
I was asked to use the device but i said i am fine as i am not really part of your reality so this water will not have any effect on me what so ever.
Then i stood there bracing the huge rushing waves watching everybody curiously even when the water over came us and i was in a deep ocean as i saw the people evolve into sharp fast wiggling creatures charging through the force.  Who knows! Maybe the force of the ocean feeds their bodies with so much energy that when the water has gone! The powers are then used for Telekinesis and disruption of Logical matter that we know of.
But while i was in the water my mobile phone rang in our realm!   It was my Dad asking me if i am going into town to meet up for a drink.  I said yea sure.  So as i got ready that dream was on my Mind.
I am glad i just wrote this down on my blog! as its helped me remember my dream more vividly.
I may consider doing a painting or picture of people standing bracing the power of the waves.
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