Monday, 20 February 2012

Dreams can come true

My dreams sometimes come true

Hello i have not written anything regarding my dreams for a while,  Maybe thats because i have been trying to understand the reasons for the Dreams.
For about 3 nights of dreams i have dreamed of a flood or surge of water but when i have the dream i hold my hand up at the fast coming wave and say stop (Pause) and then i see the people paused also so i moved my hand to the people and said un pause people but with the other hand i kept the wave still.
As soon as i got the peoples attention i rewound the world appart from the people so that they have a chance to get out of arms way.
Being able to pause my dreams and rewind disasters has been my own way of dealing with the bad things in dreams leading me onto an adventurous hunts to find the cause of events.
But after my 3rd dream of the surge i looked on theworld quake readings site and saw that a 4.8 quake happened in a perfect spot where if was double the size of its self could make the event really play out.
Look at my example bellow.
In the pass 2 months i have noticed about 2 more smaller quakes than this and only now seeing them getting bigger.
Last night i saw a few people waiting in a line along a road using horses to help them travel some place maybe because cars were not practicle anymore.
But as i noticed a horse fall to the ground i was curious to why that happened.
Then the horse behind collapsed down, then the next.
As i noticed the people were fine and it was just the cattle falling down i assumed there was a virus that doesnt effect people i shouted down the line qurrentine, Then other people who heard me! also passed on the message by shouting as the agreed with me.

I already found evidence as above shows that it is possible for us to get a surge.
Now i wonder if there was a a airborne virus that can kill animals, that is somthing i have never known of.

On the 4 April 1991 i worked at boots in the D6 building helping with salvage of card board and assisted the pickers and packers, But the night before my job, I had a Dream that my work place had a big fire, It was so big that i assumed a plane must have crashed into the building.
But that day when i was compressing card into a hopper the fire alarm sounded.
It was only when i got to the assembly point that i noticed black smoke comming out the roof then the black smoke came down over us all so we had no time to have our names taken, we all had to run any way we can, The smoke was so toxic.
It took weeks to cough up that black smoke.
I did find it strange how i dreamed of a big fire then it happens for real.
The cause of the fire was a forklift driver who burst a erosal can and made a spark the quickly became a big fire.

Thats just an example of the fact that my dreams can sometimes really happen.
Maybe i dreamed of the flood s3 times so that i can warn people before its too late.
Any way i am glade i wrote this down on my Dreams blog. Who knows other people may have dreamed what i have.