Thursday, 19 September 2013

Getting off the bus at the wrong time

Last night I dreamed I went for a bus ride to Lincoln from Skegness.
I then stepped off the bus just before the bus station in Lincoln town centre and when I turned around the bus was gone and all I saw was fields of wild deep grass and the castle on the hill top. The castle looked newer like it had just been built. Then I wonder to myself, I have got off not only at the wrong time but maybe in a time of the past before roads.
I then laughed at my imagination for making my dreams so Inventive without me knowing.
Later on in my dream I did some how find myself on a bus again and noticed the clouds with pure fascination like never before, the was red and purple colours on some parts of the clouds, they were very vivid colours. Not like anything I ever noticed in my normal dream state.

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