Friday, 11 December 2009

Aztec Dreams of inspirations

I had a really funny but interesting dream that i had on the 1st Dec 2009.
I dreamed i was traveling to a new Aztec location.
Its the dreamworlds Guide to the Dream worlds Version of pyramid's and architecture.
I traveled by some kind of Levitating Ship that hovered over the sands .
As i looked out off the balcony i saw amazing structures and monuments!
I had to take photos with a camera! Then i said! owe no! This is a dream!
That means i cant really take pictures to keep!
So i thought i would just admire the amazing structures and make the most of it while I'm here.
When the ship pulled in to the docking station! A holiday guide lady directed us off away from the ship and then into a cinema room to watch some sort of welcome movie.

All i wanted to do was explore outside! And yet i am forced to sit and watch this movie!
Everybody was asked to connect the seat belts on their seats!
I just thought to myself! Whats with these seat belts! Thinking its only a film.

I wasn't having this! belting up means staying here for a while when precious dream time gets wasted.

I thought to myself! I don't have to stay here because this is my dream!

It don't belong to Randomness from now on.

The movie started playing.
On the screen was lots of Aztec people marching away from a Large archway!
and the camera was floating over them as they seem to march towards some battle!
I got out a laser pen and tried to see if it does anything! one of the men fell down when he was hit by my pointer!
I thought to myself! Kool!
Then i imagined an atomic plasma ball in my hands! Then i stood up and tossed it into the Movie!
My ball totally destroyed the film world! there fore ending the movie already!

That worked out as i planned.

i just want to explore. Not be stuck in a dark room with a film on!
I willed the lights to turn up! Then i imagined a rope to swing down to the exit!
I had so much fun swinging that i played about on it for a bit!
Before going outside to explore the amazing structures!
What an interesting Dream world Holiday! Exploring the Dream versions of the real world!
In fact! what is real anyway? Lucid Dreams have %100 pure clarity and powerful sense's like touch and smell and taste! in real life we are surrounded by errors and mistakes!
We have no choice but to live in the material world that we were born to know! Because life needs our soul and spirit to make the planet work! Maybe in another plane of life! things are perfect! But life needs our forms to help the planets work!

We are a element that scientist cant locate! The reason is because our spirit is in a different plane of sight!
Also it is not meant to be able to be found! That's what protects us!
If scientist found our soul! or spirit! It would disturb the structure of society today and forever.
before we was born where was we? we came from somewhere!
We cant have came from nothing! because there is no such thing as nothing.
When we die! our body stops working!
But that element that makes us human or living! Cant die!
Its got to revert to its original form! Like recycling!
Spirits recycle! the route is like the solar systems path! looping!

So one last note regarding my Dreams! they inspire me to think in new ways.

Often i wake up! wondering what i am! and where i am! and the biggest question! How big are we really!

Maybe i leave you all thinking for know!

Merry Christmas to you all. I'm back blogging for a while so please keep coming back to see what i have done.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

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