Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Dreaming of another Dimention

A few years ago i Dreamed of visiting another dimension.
It was a Very vivid dream indeed.
I the air was lighter in taste and pressure and had a slight sweetness.
all my senses were going crazy! It was as if i just stepped off a plane.
Anyway i was walking by some shops that were selling very strange looking items from
Gadgets, clothing and also Furniture designs really were different.
The buses and Cars had the driver sitting in the middle front. This looked more strange on a Double Decker bus! Its like evolution developed slightly different.
Also when i looked into the butchers shop! The meat was from an unknown animal
to me. the way it was lay ed out and shapes got me really curious! i just stepped in to have closer look and was asked can i help you? i just said its OK I'm just looking. the meat smelled very sweet. that was a enough with my curiosity.
Anyway! When i got outside again i asked a passer by what is this planet or place i am on! The reply was sarcastic but he said: E5 silly.
Then when i woken up! E5 was in my head for years!
I thought long and hard! we didn't have Internet back then! so i could not look it up or find out anything! so i thought maybe E5 is a Dimensional Address.
so today i typed in Dimension e5 on google and after 3rd list i saw this diagram that grabbed my attention because its like a picture i drawn years ago.
Its like i know what this in middle means.
I will make a video to explain very soon but all i can say right now is that its a diagram for opening a gateway to another dimension or plane beyond this.
the head of the forceps shape is the focused energy being magnified through combination of lenses to cause the energy to expand the targeted point!
Finding this lead me to another very interesting blog (COSMIC CIPHER) by
Kathryn Cassidy here she has great wise wisdom and interesting subjects to talk about too.