Thursday, 13 June 2013

Teleportation is not for people

In the future, it is expected that teleportation would be possible but due to the technical boundaries vs biology Teleporting a living person would be an act of terrible consistencies as to the observer they would see a person being disassembled or automised into data that can be transmitted to a machine at other location then it turns the Code back to person.
This would seem a success to the observer, just like a magic trick.
What has really happened.... That person has been destroyed and a copy as been built at other location.
It's only data that has been moved, if only scientist could transmit or capture the human soul or entity and move that with teleportation then it could be possible, but that would be very un likely.

Here's where teleportation would be best used.
Objects could be copied from anything mobile phones, cars, to instant shopping online.
World hunger needs will be able to copy food and duplicate as many as required.
Imagine when somebody cooks a really great meal, Copy it.
Then you will be able to enjoy this same meal anytime when ever you want.

The possibilities are endless.
But where there is a good use for something there is always bad uses with teleportation tech.

By the time Teleportation of objects would possible, building with nano tech combined would burst out with crazy crimes that would be miss used in warfare.
And more things would seem like magic and rationality in people may become an issue.
When mankind steps a bit to far behind the scenes of reality breaking it right open, giving us powers of god.
I know that google have spared a huge fortune in the science research to help us reach the teleportation age.

Many years from now people will read my blog saying, this guy seems to be on the right track.

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