Monday, 2 December 2013

Who is trying to destroy my memories in my dreams before trying to prevent me waking

Last night I had a very strange dream.
I dreamed of visiting my past memories, I discovered I was being followed by a man who was armed with a chisel and a hammer tapping away at my memories as I flow, for every chunk of memory taken , a tooth in my dream mouth seemed to be gone, and because it was a dream rationality made this seem easy for this man to make me think it was really working.
I did ask the man why he is removing my memories, and he said after he has removed all my memories I will eventually die and never wake up from my sleep.
I then I was forced into my other memories and then i noticed him tap them away,
I remember him tap off some tiles on a wall that was in the corner of one my memories and when he had finished another tooth was gone.
This man talked calm about what he was doing, as if this is a normal process for him, as it was his duty to clear people of their past life memories before taking them on to the afterlife.
And for me to see this and experience this in my dreams and write about it here on my blog just incase anybody else experiences this.
when I had ran out of teeth in my mouth, I could feel there was no structure for my mouth, it was as if my whole mouth was a rubbery texture of boneless mass.
The man seemed amazed to see I was still holding on after all teeth were had been removed as normally people would have folded and accepted their facet this point.
So I decided to dream hop, as I jumped from one dream to another using past memories from past dream and not using woken memories I eventually found myself on a train track, there was no wooden sleepers under the track and there was nothing at all but void bellow, I noticed this track joined upto another track, there were people going along on other track too. Everything was very surreal that is so weird that it's very difficult to explain, there were a chain of people holding hands from one rail to the other, when I reached where the track joined up, it seemed like a group effort to develop some land to step onto, and also created a shop at random,
People rushed into this shop and helped the self to sweets and goods as if it's to survive with.
Then we all ran over the field until we reached a cliff edge.
It was like we all escaped the man who was trying to make us forget our self.
Then I had a brain wave, I decided there and then that I will choose to die right now, even though other people were standing on this cliff, I decided to make the cliff collapse with all of us, people screamed with fear, but well I fell I woke up thinking, I choose my own terms when I die, and I felt as if I did everybody a favour when I brought down the cliff edge, It would have caused them to wake up if they were real people dreaming similar dream.
I have written this in the hope that it could help other people who may have had this sort of thing happen.
Or as suicide note ( as it's aways been my aim to conquer all nightmares and dreams, I am planing on hunting down this memory destroying man and in doing so may cause me to lose my life)
If I do die I hope my experience helps people to become a trained Dream Walker, and to learn to do a group dream walk so everybody can watch each other's back and maybe my death won't be in vein.
I can't let this slide, I want to protect all your dreams.
If you don't believe in Dream Walking is possible then please look deeper into my blog for true amazing proof that it's possible.
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- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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