Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The Real Twilight zone

In the early part of the 60s Rod Serling introduced us to the fascinating world of the twilight zone.
With fraises like: This story takes part:
1) At the fresh hold of the Twilight Zone
2)In the Twilight Zone
Its either in the Twilight Zone or at the Entrance.
I have only been watching these classic’s in the past week for the 1st time.
And realized I have been subject to an extraordinary experience that seems to relate to the Twilight Zone.
I know the program was just based on Creative stories but the concept of this could be true.
Its only the creator of Twilight Zone who gave it this name!
I’m about to tell you a True story based on this concept.
About 9 years ago I worked as a Security Guard at the old Boots print works in Nottingham.
Back then the Print work building was very derelict apart from a room with a table and chair in the middle of the big room.
With lots of gray floor panels and breeze block walls.
There were about 4 guards on duty that day and we all swap locations every 3 hours.
The Guard in charge that day was Dave. He was a very intimidating man.
He said I am not allowed to read any book or do anything! And most Importantly do not sleep or close your eyes! I am watching you.
And he said that he could see me on the CCTV!
I was really trying to do my job well and did not want a bad report.
So as I sit at the Table and start gazing at the Gray floor panels.
When you stare long enough the lines in between the floor panels blend in and the vision gets brighter.
I sit there constantly for 1 hour doing nothing but trying to keep awake.
2 hours finally passed and still I struggle to fight the dazzling effects of the floor and walls.
Suddenly my head drops forward for a split second!
I immediately lifted my head and I sat up strait and confidant in the hope Dave dose not suspect me sleeping.
Then the Radio said : Code Green. That means change over and that the person who is on the way to take me off confirms all is ok outside before he enters the building!
I then put on my Hi-viz Jacket and make my way to the Room door to let Wayne in.
He then secured his door and I walked through the derelict building to the Fire Exit by the stairs.
When I closed the Fire exit behind me! I was faced with the big iron gate and the very cold padlock .
I then forced in the key gave it a few wiggles before it would budge and then the i struggled with the Bar and suddenly it shunted open!
As I was walking across station street I was shielding my face from the cold night winds and as I walked into the gate of the Forward house Building!
I suddenly found my self sitting at the table in the room I was in before!
I sat up strait once again! I Was feeling quite confused to how I am back here. Then the Radio said: Code Green .
I then grabbed my Hi-viz Jacket from behind the chair and made my way to the door! And when I opened the door it was Wayne just as he was before.
He passed me the keys I need and secured himself in the room.
I then made my way through derelict building to the exit door.
Then when I was at the gate again! I struggled with the lock. And as I walked across the road I could feel the cold wind in my face and this time I made it all the way to Forward house.
After that experience I don’t just do check calls on the job! I do reality check!
And the strangest thing about this experience is that it was too real to even think of checking at the time.
When a man is put in strange situation with nothing to do!
The mind plays tricks!

Who knows! What’s real anymore.
How do we know that we are all here and just like that night of my experience.
Just as I lived a few minutes in advance.
People may live a day in advance! Or Live a whole life in advance un aware they are asleep in their real body simulating the future events.
To only wake up and go through the life once again for real.
And that might be where Da-ja-vu comes from.
After pre living your life!
All I am saying is what happened to me!
I bet a lot of security guards have a few stories to tell.
So if you have a story to share that is true then please send me link in your comment.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dean. A Twilight Zone Dream maybe also happened to myself to confirm that maybe there WAS another 'me' in existence. This my other self was a mysterius man, I didn't know, didn't think, if I could fail to think about, & on which issue you're meanwhile absolutely welcome to receive any of my further, my most reliable information, so that I can of course tell & e.g. help us both realise, what future is whose, especially based on, what's common sense, any suggestions, please? Greetings,