Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Last night I dream of a tidal wave

night I was having a normal dream until I noticed something white coming down into to distance, it wasn't bright, but a pale white colour, it was also followed by a smaller round ball of pale white, then the ground made a grumble sound, and moments later I noticed high waves of water coming from far away getting close so very fast, but then I was intrigued, because I thought to myself, I didn't plan to see what I was dreaming, and felt like congratulating the dream fx team,
Anyway I hooded my hands towards the waves and said "Pause"
But I allowed the scared people chance to climb to higher ground at the same time.
Then I thought I would play about with this tidal wave, I pushed my hands towards the wave and said rewind, and the tidal wave retreated just as fast away from us.
Then I decided that the wave never even happened in the 1st place,
Everything was fine for a moment, because I forgot about what caused the waves in the first place, so they still came back down and impacted, only to send another tidal wave our way.
But by then every body was on high ground on some Rocky Mountain.
And this time I just let the wave just pass, as everybody was safe, and also because I knew it was just a dream.
I really like it when my dream world gives me surprises like this.
What ever happens, I never wake up from dreams people normally would.
I find nightmares a challenge to conquer.
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Thursday, 7 March 2013

My Dream of the Spiraling stairs to another land

Last nights dream was purely inspiring.
I saw this spiraling staircase towering high above the clouds and i was drawn with so much curiosity.
As i walk to this tower and gazed upward, it looked like it was swaying in the wind,
I could hear metal warping and creaking  and also a whistling sound
them seemed to echo into the distance.
Spiraling Stairway into the sky
It took me ages to climb all these stairs but even when i was above the clouds i wasn't sure where i would end up.
The stairs went through many cloud layers before i found myself in a city street.

Stairway in the clouds
People were going about their daily lives carrying shopping talking and so on.
But the only thing different was the people were just flying about,
I was the only person walking on the ground.
People found me very interesting.
I hear somebody say hey that guy can walk on the ground just like a bird.
It was a strange way to be thought of.
I knew it was a dream, and that in my dreams i can fly, but here it seemed like everybody flies about like its no big deal.
I decided to blend in and fly  to lower curiosity.
After i had a coffee in one of their bars i think i must of bought a table or something from a shop.
But the frame of mind knowing i was dreaming was faded.
All i knew is i needed to get this furniture home.
Somebody assisted me to carry table to stairs, this person was a floor walker like me, who also had come up the spiraling stair case.
And as we started to descend the stairs i saw the stairs lead far down to the ground and the clouds below were gone.
The stairs were swaying about as i was carrying the higher end of table and navigating the stairs.
Then i had a call on my phone in real life.
I missed the call but i'm glad i was woken at that point, saving me from scaling all them steps downwards.

I just thought it was such a nice dream and it was too nice not to share.