Monday, 2 January 2012

Bad Omen on midnight of 2012

This year i wipped out the go-pro 2 HD and started filming as the whole of England starts creating a network clash by sending out so many text messages out at the same time. Just imagine if how many messages there would have been sent and returned. This video bellow gives you a funny example of what its like when we forget to wish the people around us a happy new year. So i was glad i realised this and started filming the caos. On the count down i knocked over my glass of champane on the dot. I re-worded it as starting the year with a splash too not accept this as a omen. But when i got home and sat down i knocked over a open bottle of wine but corrected this as soon as possible to reduce any loss also on that day my Ceramic knife slided off the draining rack onto the floor and smashed. My nokia c3 mobile phones touch panel also stopped working on this day! and is still not letting me read every bodies new years messages and greetings. So if you didnt get a reply then please forgive me. Regardless of these events i spent the rest of the next day being so careful by being fully consious and aware, so i can beat the omens flow in its track. Please watch this video and enjoy.
Lets wait and see if the caos theorey exists. As my accidents all happened at same day regarless of how careful i was. I am the person filming this new years even.
Maybe me having all the bad luck at once was my way of clearing my self for a accident free year and for me to completely turn it around.