Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Writing Sunset Dreams and how to avoid writers block

Monday, 12 May 2014

Secrets to unlock creative writing

You don't need to go on a creative writing course if you are already creative. You can be a very creative writer regardless if you are dyslexic or have trouble spelling, sometimes an over creative mind is busting at the seems and needs a perfect flow to allow the words to come out.
I have discovered something very special that needs a new understanding.
I know there will be some amazing stories never told because of they worry of gramma and punctuation.
But the secret is, they have been acting as obstacles that you may know as writers block.
Because you are thinking about that spelling mistake that you know you did, that will cause a distraction, in fact any doubt you have will disrupt the creative flow.
Also if somebody decides to write a story on a computer, the thought of keep backing it up will also act as a distraction to the flow. Also the worry that a power cut and losing your work can add to this bad karma flow.
That's why I have started writing my greatest story on an old type writer and away from modem distractions. And already I am on to chapter 3 of my creative story Sunset Dreams.
Also I notice strict writers think to much about how many words they used per chapter. Again this is too much of a mind strain and will sure cause you distress.
Here's what I thinks:
Write really great stories as the words flow out like fresh mountain water also there is no need to worry about counting just write the story as you would like to read it as the chapters are as long as you want them to be, because there are no rules when the future great writer is getting all the words out. Leave the editing for when you have finished the whole book.
When you see your amazing stories flow out, that's because you are Free Typing, that's got a ring to it. Where there is only one rule......There are no rules just great creative stories forever.
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