Friday, 10 July 2015

Petri Dish Earth and a planet in a sun

Imagine Earth is a place in a scientists
petri dish pressed into a plane of ice scales heights taller
than anybody could go.
Very bad weathers and protective forces prevent any man from being able to see beyond these walls and the world forces work together to prevent expeditions and to keep the Antarctic   secrets sealed for ever.
To control the people of earth, all nations needed to work together if they were to rule their people.

Imagine zooming out from our Petri dish Earth and we see
vast ice deserts and then other Petri Dishes with other civilisation within.
and then we zoom out even more and then we see there could be thousands of worlds living in this huge plane and we soom out even more and see that thousands of petri dishes starting to curve around a giant ball that makes up a bigger planet the size of our sun maybe.

when a person you trusted all your life lies to you,
its like an explosion in your face.
It makes the inner self shatter.
But what if we have been lied to and we have spent all our lives taking for granted that the earth is a ball.
Because endlessly we are shown a spinning earth.

During the eighties BBC television ends the night with a 
spinning world rolling over a flat earth view.
Is there more to this than what meets the eye.
Its like every night BBC make sure every body sees a turning globe, Imprinting the thought of earth being a ball.

A few years ago I dreamed i was flying in space, and I saw  what looked like a giant ball of fire like a sun.
In this dream, i could feel the searing heat all over my body.
I knew that the pain was just caused by my mind and nothing else.
I decided that i will fly into this sun directly and charged towards it in such high level of pain but I didn't give up.
My face was so hot I had to close my eyes just for a moment.
and then something un expected happened.
The flames passed and I didn't expect to see what i saw.

It seems that what i thought was just a sun, was in fact the atmosphere  that was surrounded in what looks like a sun layer.
I could see blue sea and islands far below the sky.
I was very well over whelmed to such a point that i forced myself to wake up so that i can write this surprise down.
Because I could feel everything, I decided that I would like to try and come back another day as i was very high up from the surface and already egger to research my find online when i woken up.

What if the sun is really a giant planet surrounded in fire?
or maybe its not, but somewhere out there in space, surly it cant be impossible right.

Many years ago I saw a Medium in Skegness, She picked up on a dream I had, Regarding a space craft and a egg timer shape came out strongly to her.
I had never told anybody this dream and never thought it had any real  significants other than just a great Dream.
In this amazingly realistic Dream i was in a space craft over looking earth, In this space craft there was a corridor with glass windows at the side giving me the epic earth view.
Bur what got my attention was the large pictures of planets on the wall, as i walked along amazed by the strange planets that i have never seen before, different to the ones we seen in our solar system, then as i walked a long, a planet made me laugh out so hard, as i was laughing at my own imagination because it was showing me something i was sure that wasn't my own thoughts that were involved.
The medium i talked to mentioned space craft and egg timer
shape and I was looking at a planet that looked like two planets merged together, the laughing didn't take long before i was woken laughing  my head off.
I just thought it was an amazing creative idea than thinking it could really exist.

Regardless of my experience, we still can not ever know if earth is round or flat unless we 100% trust the words of people we don't even know.