Friday, 29 April 2011

Is it possible for people to meet in Dreams?

The answer is 100% yes without a doubt!
I have lived knowing this truth for too long now to keep it to my dam self.
I am just fed up of keeping this locked up in my mind.
I looked on google search and found that the results on the search for the answer to this question is too poor.
I am a very rare person to have had raw proof that its possible.
At 1st i thought i had a lucid dream where i met somebody else.
But after reading loads of research books on Lucid Dream i still felt far from finding answers.
Some Professor got in touch with me by email and told me that i had a spontanious astral projection.
So that sounded a lot more easier to get my head around. Even though i have been trying to be sceptic and logical all the time.
If you would like to read about my experience then click here: DREAM SAME DREAM.
That is all i will say for now but if anybody would like help with dreams or would like to share experiences with me.
Then my ears are open! please get in-touch by email: