Thursday, 13 December 2007

The Talk about Dream same Dream

The Interview of Myself with MademoiselleFifi about my dream same dream.
As I talked about it and answered her questions.

when i was 18 years old just turning 19 soon I was told by the training agency what units of alcohol a man can and woman can drink safely.
Then when i was at home day before.
I was Dreaming, I decided to tell myself i was dreaming and just for a moment I saw a Glimpse of Clarity and light in my Dream that I never seen before.
The excitement surely made me wake up.
I tried and tried to get back to sleep but that seemed to difficult.
So the next day after the alcohol units been told to us I decided that I haven’t had a drink in 4 weeks so i will have all my units I missed in one evening.
So after I got home from the Slicks Night club I went to bed knowing this time I will stay asleep to see what I wanted to see before.
Amazingly this worked, not only did it work.
I was about to experience more than I bargained for.
I found myself standing on what looks like the GreatWall of China.
The sun was clear and Bright , I could feel every Detail in the air.
The heat on my back from the sun was very warming and when I looked at my Hands I noticed They were perfect, my eye sight was perfect.
I could even Feel a scraping of a lose sand particle under My foot. And i was looking at this place like as if I was studying it.
I kept calm and just walked towards some steps at the side of the wall.
As I walked down the steps I kept tapping my feet on the steps just for the testing of sound and touch.
I noticed a Opening in the wall that leads to a passageway.
The passageway was Perfectly Dark but where light comes through gaps created a perfect projections of light to a angle I would say as 7 o’clock and then some body says Hello who are you?
I then didn’t reply at 1st because I was thinking what I thought was logical thoughts.
I was thinking he’s got to be a Dream person who I have made up.
Then he talked again insistently.
I looked back towards the steps thinking of other places I could explore instead of wasting my time with this person.
but I then thought to myself, I will just get this over with and play along.
Then I said to him my name is Dean. And then I asked him what his name is whilst thinking i’m silly wasting my time. His name was Kevin. He said he is from Bulwell and i told him where i’m From, I said Radford and then we talked a little more until I could think of an excuse to leave.
I said I have to go as I have to go work when I wake up.
So I said bye and walked back onto the wall.
It wasn’t to difficult to get back.
I then sat on my bed with my feet on carpet and reflected on my experience.
Then 2 weeks later when i was back at the Training place.
There was a New person who had started Late season. I was asked to show him the ropes I did this happily at 1st.
Then when it came to dinner time.
We sat on the tables in the room where we normally learn.
It was raining very heavy outside and the streets smelled of a giant ashtray.
So I just wanted to brighten up the day by talking about interesting things.
So I said Holidays!!! (I was thinking of sun and blue) and hoped it would brighten up our thoughts.
So I asked him Where would you like to go on your holidays.
He said China, I then asked why china? then he said it don’t matter its silly lets talk about something else.
Then I told him he can tell me anything as I don’t mock people.
So after i assured him he told me its because of a strange very real Dream he had 2 weeks ago.
Then i remembered about my Dream.
Then i remember that I never asked him his name at the beginning of the day.
I feel silly asking when I should have asked earlier. And when we talked about the Great wall. It started to get scary. Because he lived in Bulwell and his name was Kevin and i’m going cold right now thinking about this right now. At the time it scared me because not only of the odds of meeting up in real life with a person you never knew.
its too dam scary odds

MademoiselleFifi did you tell him you had the dream?

Well yes I did! it effected him also when we both exchanged our experiences we just kept scaring our selves.
I’m 34 years old now. And talking about this right now makes it seem like only yesterday.

MademoiselleFifi its vivid?For 7 years I tried to forget it, I tried to pretend it never happened but i’m a very honest person.
And realize I have been lying to only myself all these years.
And also denying the knowledge to the world.
That’s why knowing what i know is a burden to keep alone.
I’m not religious in any way. I need proof for something to believe it.MademoiselleFifi why is it a burden?

I have told you about this to more detail than I ever told anybody.
Its just I haven’t been able to tell it to people.
Its knowing what I know and not sharing.
I know it sounds to silly!MademoiselleFifi the burden is in the non sharing?I’m a witness something that is too rare! I only discover the name of this experience this year and i’m 34 now 19 then.
Look how many years it took me to find the name of this.
Its called:
MademoiselleFifi sometimes it take years to find something out.Its called: Spontaneous synchronized Randomness.
I may have spelled it a bit wrong!MademoiselleFifi where did you find that name?

MademoiselleFifi what it was called?In a silly movie called Science of Sleep.MademoiselleFifi and someone had a similar experience?
well in the film it was about 2 people who got in the same dream
MademoiselleFifi who wrote that film? Michel Gondry

But not in same way I met somebody, I don’t know, its French or German , all I look for is the answers.MademoiselleFifi would be interesting to find out if the author lived something similar to your dream.

when I was six I wanted to know the answers to everything and now I find I know more answers to questions people wouldn’t normally asks.

MademoiselleFifi its the way you are and could be the reason you had your experience MademoiselleFifi it was for you
MademoiselleFifi for you to see.I think the rain on the day we talked about the Dream at the training place was the cause of us talking about that subject in the 1st place.
So its almost as if the rain happened so that we talked.
MademoiselleFifi was it raining in the dream?no it was just sunny and cloudless. Some how it seemed like nature made us talk and meet in real life.MademoiselleFifi you heard the foot steps?The dream was quiet! unless I shuffled my feet.MademoiselleFifi the shuffle of the feet could have had some of the sound that was in the rain.The meeting at the training place was real and not a Dream he was real.MademoiselleFifi did you understand what I said?yes but I controlled my sounds in the Lucid Dream.MademoiselleFifi but those sounds could have had some of the sound...that rain makes.I’m sure it didn’t!MademoiselleFifi I might not be expressing myself well here.The sounds were perfect.MademoiselleFifi i know what you mean, maybe I’m not clear in explaining as i'm French speaking and sometimes I cannot express well in English.
All I think is the weather brought us together in real life and we met we would never have talked about the subject if it didn’t rain.
I looked up science of sleeps Myspace site please check it out
heres a clip to the movie:Here
It dont show much signs of a simular experience till later in film

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dniteryder said...

I think the man must of been thinking about going to the training place and he was worried about it and you picked up on his thoughts about it and you both dreamed the same dream to meet up and you were suppose to show him around and make him feel comfortable as you do with others when you talk to them. you have that calming influence that people need and you were just lucky enough to pick up on his thoughts as intuned as you are it doesn't surprise me that you did but of course at the time you didnt know what was going on.