Friday, 21 December 2007

In Lucid Dreams you can Glide through the sky

In Lucid dreams you can glide through the sky.

In Lucid dreams you can fly fly fly.

Clarity is clear as there is no fear, in this alternate world there is beauty comfort and love.
Everything is in real time. Everything is great I feel fine.
I feel great, fine and contempt in this paradoxical universe of surreal wonder.

I can taste the air, so pure so clear.

I feel a wonder for adventure to where?

What is to come is this the land of the sun.

I fly over flowers, land and tree’s, I float down slowly and feel a breeze.

Fields of flowers sharp and clear.

why I wonder am I here.

Flowers are fresh, flowers are clean. What I wonder do they mean?

I feel the urge to want to stay, but I have to come back another day.

I have to wake to family and friends, and get through life’s mends and bends.

In Lucid dreams you can glide through the sky.

In lucid dreams you can fly fly fly.

When I leave this world I love.

I wonder why!

I dreamed I could fly.


dniteryder said...

ki read this a few times because i liked it and thought it was alot like my own thoughts about dreams, our escape then we wake and welcome to the real world which is sometimes good sometimes bad but it is my dreams where i really want to be.
I used to fly alot in my dreams when i was young,
Wish i could do it again it was so much fun.
But it's ever awake i have to be,
because people are counting on me.
To give them food and give them love,
they look up to that person I am above.
Little ones that have my heart,
and soul right from the start.
But all is well as you can see,
because i have good friends all around me.
giving me strength to make it through life,
with all it's bumps and all it's strife.
There's power in one that is like a ball,
the energy of love whom i give to all.
I am the sun so let me shine,
to give you strength through the hard time.
To lift your spirits to the sky,through love and laughter,
That's all I'm after.
A friend like you is all I need to open my eyes to help me see,
There is a good person inside of me.
It was there all the time it just chose to hide,
For protection i guess, but i thought my spirit died.
My physical side did all that was needed,
And so far i have succeeded.
To take care of family, house and pets,
Of which i have no regrets.
For i know when life gets tough,
I'll go back to my dreams,
day or night for stuff,
To help me make it through this life and make me right.
My thoughts to all is to dream a good night.

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*Snap -a- lota* said...

I loved this a lot!! Thanks so much for writing it and sharing it with everyone! You are truly talented!

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