Tuesday, 11 December 2007

The Robin and Magpie

The Robin and Magpie This story is about a Lonely Boy who’s lonely imagination Induces stories that can be happy or sad. Reflecting off real life moments and filling his mind like its his own hidden secret world of Retreat. So follow His Stories with interest of what he might create in his next stories. This story is written By Dean Bradford © Fantasycreek© December 12th 2007

One Sunny but very cold winters day down by the grove a boy called Michael Papplesby was sitting on the park swinging about on a old rusty swing. His face down and he swings in a motion that shows he has allot of sadness and problems playing in his mind. If we go back to Michael past it shows a Boy who has everything to show for the world. A boy so egger to learn and yet know as much, if not more than a boy could normally want to know. This is a Boy who was a thinker from birth. While the people and friends of his life look at him they just don’t see this ambitious and curious mind at work. When he was only at nursery he was already thinking beyond the rest of the children and saw others painting yet he noticed that they wasn’t painting anything understandable. So when the teacher handed over the brush to Michael he thought about it first. He didn’t just slap paint on like the other kids! He thought to himself (I cant draw yet so I will keep it simple) so he painted the Sky and then a Big round Sun and that’s it! He put down the brush and decided that he has finished. Then a girl said to Michael "I saw you yesterday" Michael only had a strange thought running through his mind! He looked down at his waistline and thinked as an internal joke to himself. how can you have saw me? I’m all here! When a Movie would play on TV such as Jaws he would hide behind the sofa as the music would get faster and faster. He always said to his dad “whats going to happen” he always says wait and see. Michael just couldn’t wait. So this gives you an idea of what kind of Boy Michael is. A boy who ambitions are always higher and he always expects answers to everything. He always had a out of box way of looking at the world. Now we are back with Michael on the swing worries going through his mind. He’s been having problems at school! Is learning egger side has failed him. He has lost his concentration due to worry. His parents have been arguing for months now and they throw things and break things. All Michael wants if for them to do is talk things out and not fight! Michael don’t want them to get hurt or split up. They are up late still arguing and Michael still awake worrying. And when he sits there in class he thinks of home and not of work. Nothing the teacher says gets into his mind! Michael has been swinging on the swing for over 45 minutes now and is late back to school from is dinner break. He drops his lunchbox as he gets off the swing and it breaks open spilling his Chicken Paste Sandwiches over the snow! A magpie gets tucked into the sandwiches. A Robin redbreast swoops down from the sky. The Magpie tries to fend off the robin with the Cackle sound and clicks. But the Robin wasn’t afraid he just whistled a Tune. There was more robins sitting on the cable of a telephone wire looking down. The robin then looked back up at them and whistled a tune of bravery. The Magpie Tries to peck the Robin! But though the robin was smaller he was witty and sharp on his moves. Then a cat suddenly shows up from the holly bush and pounces out! and the magpie fly’s up to the bar that hold the swing. But has the magpie was flying up the cat caught him with his paw and hurt the magpies wing. The magpie Cackled and Clicked and made a Rattle sound. Because the magpie was bigger the cats attention was still drawn to him! The Robin was still showing no signs of being afraid and carried on eating and watching. Then the cat drawn his attention to the robin eating away. The Magpie then attempted to fly away and suddenly landed in the snow pile that must have been scraped up by the park keeper. The cat then saw that the Magpie was more of a opportunity due to him being hurt. The cat slowly walked towards Him as he cackles and clicks in defense. The brave little robin Flew on to the phone wire to joined his friends. The Cat was focused on Maggie and was ready to pounce.

“Suddenly the cat looked up in the sky as a birdie swooped and pooped in his eye. It was the robin and his men. As together they formed a power of ten. They swoop about tweeting a song! Imitating the voice of the legend King Kong“

“Then while the cat was in despair and confused the brave robins land by to give what dues! They give a little peck on his paws and the cat runs away to his flaps in the doors”

All the Magpie needed was a little rest and he would be good as new. And thanks to the power of 10 the magpie was saved and though he had a greedy nature. He got on with the robins and the robin Redbreast soon reached his soft side and they all became great friends. And they always looked out for each other. Michael then mind came back to reality and he realized that he is going to be late back to school. He picks up his lunch box and put it in his plastic bag and toddled off to school. As he walked into the school gate Mr. Hunt was Looking at his watch and said distension tonight after school . He asked “Name?” Michael Papplesby . Mr. Hunt was the teacher who seemed like Freddy Kruger to Michael who normally was his Math’s teacher. After leaving school late he walked home instead of catching the bus. Its Freezing cold as he walks by the soap factory the soapy stench is breathed in. The Grass is icing up and making Crunching sounds and to Michael its just another Mind trip of the crunch making a beat of an imaginary Song in his mind. Using his mind as his own comfort in this cruel cold world. Where only his mind has all the color to keep him going through this insane world. This story is my original and my own work please do not copy © Please ask for permissions from me if you want to use my stories. Thank you.

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dniteryder said...

it just goes to show you that when things get tough you can always retreat into your mind and get away for awhile, there are always distractions to help you in the real world to cope but when you have your daydreams it's always something to fall back on.