Sunday, 12 December 2010

Astral projected Quantum Travel?

Few days ago i had a very strange thing happen!  I don't know if i can call it a dream!  Because it was so solid and real!  I was in the body of an old man! i looked into a mirror of a dresser and when i lifted my hands to my face i could feel everything!   I still had hair but was bald in the middle from back to front!  and could feel the hair in my fingers! I was very careful as i didn't know how i was to get out of this body.  I noticed the year 1124 on a stain glass window that seemed to project its self onto the bedroom Floor.
And i also noticed a window to my left that over looked some open space inside a Roofed Area!
This man that i was just for a few seconds!  was it me in the Future! or was it somebody in the past!  or is it somebody who is alive now?  Did i some how quantum leap for a few seconds!  Or project myself randomly to another persons body?   The strangest part of this is that the man was in a room that was very simple! and if it was me in the future then i wonder why i was in such room! maybe it wasn't my place!
When i examined my head as the old man! i remember feeling dry skin on the back of scalp and this condition is a unique family dna passed problem! so this makes me think the man could possibly be related to my blood line.
If anybody could help me shed light or help me research this! then please get in touch.
I guess if time travel was possible in this way then i am sure we wouldn't be able to interact at the past or future as a law!  so this brings me a possible understanding that this must be somebody who is alive right now!
as my examination of my surroundings and control of the hands and face in the mirror were really happening in real time at a real place!   Possibly this could be Real Quantum travel or possession of a host from a person who is alive.