Friday, 29 August 2014

I Dream of a dead woman's spirit trying to re animate her dead body

Last night my dream would be classified as a nightmare to the average dreamer, but I choose to engage into events with interest and curiosity and am only going to report what events happened so here goes...
There was an incident where I found a woman laying down on the floor, she appears to be dead, and yet as I approach I could see that she hadn't been dead long, I also noticed a translucent entity interlaced trying so hard to animate her own body.
She was fighting with so much desperation to move her body.
Sometimes she could move parts of her lips.
Her eyelid would move and sometimes her eyes looked at me as if she was looking at me through a corpse.
She seemed so desperate to not give up as if she had something really important she needed to say or do that meant she had to move her body to make her point.
The woman's body was covered it scabs of dried blood and her hair was very thin and long as if she had been taken down by some biological or radioactive cause.
Maybe this dream was a way of showing me a perspective of thought that I would never have thought up.
Could this be a sign of something to come? Or the fact that when some people get killed or die, that they try with great effort to hold onto their own bodies so badly but don't have anybody in our realm that can see them.
Please comment if you know what this dream is trying to tell me, I normally can translate my own dreams, but need to take some time to think about this before I can see what it means.
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One Mystical Man and 4 tattooed people with squirrel and wolves

I had an interesting dream yesterday night, I was amongst a group of people standing around infront of some mystical man, we all had what looked like spiritual tattoos on our right arms there were four of us in total and I had a wolf tattoo and so did another person and there other 2 people both had squirrel spirit tattoos,
I am sure that this mystical man was responsible for our tattoos and apparently they give us the ability to change our forms.
There was one woman in the group, she was the also the other bearer of the wolf tattoo.
The other 2 men with squirrel tattoos seemed to debate the spirit of the squirrel and the woman wanted to change to squirrel spirit.
I was not really fussy at all, but the mystical man decided to resolve this moment and he touched my arm and the woman's arm and then he touched the arms of the two guys placing the wolf spirit onto their right arms and then he touched my arm and the woman's giving both of us squirrel tattoos.
Then the mystical man vanished leaving us with what we had.
I then questioned the group about what's the meaning of these tattoos?
I was told that they are transformation tattoos.
It was at that point I realised I got the bad deal as a wolf was big and powerful and yet me and this woman was given a creature that was small and innocent.
I know that in these dreams in these random dream worlds, I have abilities and powers to conquer my dream world with no fear at all.
The fact that I could turn into a squirrel at any moment and see the world through a small world perspective. I started looking around for somewhere to hide my clothes if I were to change, the woman was with me all the time while we looked all over the place.
I found myself  outside a wilkinson style store and there was a passage with what looked like a cleaner cupboard at the end of it, I could feel something inside of me changing turned to see the  woman had just rushed inside the cleaners cupboard as she started to shrink and went to hide behind what looked like a huge electric mop machine.
Then a man with a brush was walking towards the room and suddenly he notices a squirrel by the wall along the front of the stall, he made chase with his brush raised ready to clout the squirrel .
I then approached him before I changed, and said to the guy, that is a very rare protected breed of squirrel and if any harm comes to them you will be causing a stir in something you will never forgive yourself for.
The guy then realised his actions to be very irrational  and looked at me realising how is actions were so bad, and he had been stressed on his job that he wasn't thinking strait.
I was relieved that I thought back at my transformation.
Lucky for me I heard a alert sound, and then I opened my eyes into the woken world and saw it was about 8am, I did however, have the alarm to wake me at seven, but it seems that I must have awoken and deactivated it with no memory of it. And decided to accept it as, it is what it is.
And then I wondered why did I end up with a squirrel tattoo on my arm in the dream.
I looked it up online and found a similar tattoo, the tattoo in my dream was almost tribal warrior like.
It's kinder strange as on this awoken day,  Squirrel subject seemed to plague my mind with strange coincidences one after another, or maybe I must have only noticed details that would normally would have passed me if I wasn't thinking about it.
I just thought this was interesting and worth a blog about.
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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Important Message to parents and people who have creative children

So either you are creative or know somebody who shows early signs of creativity.
To a young person, the world of creativity can be such a lonely place as they often hide in silence and pretend to be like everybody else.
Feeling ashamed to admit their needs and often strive through the most important perspectives and creative thoughts and yet they have no access to the creative tools and yet their minds will feel enclosed and trapped.
That is why I am composing this this post, because you have a chance to identify and encourage the Adults of the children the importants of keeping their children equipt with all the tools needed to see them through their growing life.
Here I am composing a list of items from the basic to advanced, the more items you ad to the kit the better chance you will give the child for the future.

  1. Plenty of white paper

  2. Pencils, ruler, plenty of pencils including sharpener ect..

  3. Sound recording device, tape or digital that allows easy and safe storage for future reflection.

  4. Video recording device, with HDSD memory cards, I recommend a SD storage case with plenty room for lots of cards.

  5. Filing cabinet for pictures and ideas.

  6. Instruments of any kind to help promote the creative mind and may inspire Creative writing, and song writing.

  7. Lego or any toys that promote building or anything where making is involved. This could lead to constructive and inventive ways of thinking.

  8. Access to Nature and books such as Aztec civilisations promote Adventurous and ambitious thoughts of other people and places and let them be inspired.