Friday, 6 February 2015

Dream of Falling Birds and an almost invisible disc in the clouds

I recently had a dream about lots of birds flying in the sky as if they were racing away from something, They suddenly plummet to the ground every where they fell ,including Crows and Swans Geese and herons and pelicans.
Hitting car widow screens with sounds of lots of windows being cracked and people running for cover as some of the birds beaks seemed the main threat has they fell everywhere.
Not long after i notice a group of people looking up at the clouds at what looked to be a large cloud and sky camouflage round disc that looked like some kind of cloaking device that was meant to stay hidden, It was as if there were space crafts observing the planet before something bad was meant to be going to happen and they were just spectating an event that was about to un fold on our planet.
Sometimes my dreams show me versions of my own future and they have come to pass, for real in my life.
I said to the people, Why are you people just looking up at it when you should be filing it with your phones.
As soon as i said that, people lifted up their devices to recording it.
Then i had a brain wave and said dam it, then somebody asks me whats wrong?
I then said there is no point in recording anything, because this isn't dam real and that means nothing is being recorded, and i decided that i didnt want to waste myself explaining it to the Dream people.

When we Dream our rationality is compromised and we often delay realizing that we are dreaming but the rewards of knowing as soon as possible are amazing as you can live a double life with one version where you have telekinesis and the ability to fly and control time and space.
Conquer all your nightmares so that you can stand still in your dream world and listen for other peoples nightmares as you leave your own Dream Bubble to enter another persons world and help them conquer their nightmares.

The name i have for this ability is Dream Walking

if you look in my archives you should find some true stories that express moments in my life where i talked with people  in Dreams before talking in real life.
The 1st Dream walk was so overwhelming that i denied it ever happened and that meant i had to lie to myself becoming a war between logic and reality
Read my Dream same Dream.