Sunday, 19 May 2013

I believe every body has the power to heal

It's been a long time now since my Kelly died of old age complications.
But many years before she died she grew a big cyst and lost the ability to use her back legs.
But I was so upset that I attempted some thing in the hope that some how, her cyst would go and she would some how recover.
Knowing it was my last night before I take her to the vets, I laid on my bed with my hand over her cyst, and visualised it in my head, and I chanted heal, over and over imagining that my hands would some how assist in helping her recover.
I assumed that her mussels and ligaments were trapped in the cyst and that's why she couldn't walk.
I fell asleep crying and chanting heal over and over, and when I woken up in a face of a tear drenched pillow,
I noticed Kelly's back legs were working, and in a few days her cyst was 100% gone.
Kelly was once again my agile dog
I want to share this story with the world in the hope other people would attempt what I did, and therefore my pets would gain extra years bonus through the power of love.

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