Monday, 2 August 2010

Inception Truth and Facts

Inception has some real elements of truth within the movie.
I can say that its possible to fit a lengthy Dream in a minute of real time.
Dream Time verses Real time and the fact we don't realize strange dream happenings until we wake up.

But i have trained myself to use these moments to remind myself that its a dream!
This gives me to ability to focus on my dream world with the conscious mind i normally use in my woken life. Often when people do this for their 1st time, they often wake up! Because they have no experience of keeping calm and i noticed the best way to avoid waking up in this state! is to restrict a limit of too much logical decisions. I learned to keep logic at i minimal whilst still staying calm and focus! If you see a dream person and want to ask a question! Also keep that as simple as possible!
Only ask questions you would expect a simple answer! This way you will remember the details when you wake. Last night when i was sleeping i was walking around a vivid dream! It was almost Lucid! i was walking about the streets that i noticed was in very great detail.
As i walked up a side street up a worn out bricked path up a bit of a hill. And knowing i was dreaming i saw a middle age man walking up! I said hello! when he replied in English but with another accent i questioned his Origin. He said Bermuda. Then i thought to my self! Time to step up the questioning! I said" I have something really interesting to tell you"
The man said what is it? I replied well everything you see here right now is a Dream and not real.
The man said don't be silly and what makes you think that?
I replied" I know its a dream because i am having it right now!"
I said" i will prove it!" I said" In real life i can't do this!" I levitated down the cobbled path! And this man didn't want to accept that he was living in a Dream! he really wasn't happy at all!
This man was talking with emotion and was so independently speaking just like other dreams where i talk to dream people! He is the 1st to go off on one! and debate my knowledge!
If you look into my older posts you will find some other Dreams i had in the past! that will open your way of thinking of Dream people.


Anonymous said...

You are talking shit

Anonymous said...

this is crazy but i will try it.