Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Crown Quest by Carol Hanley

lAbout the Author

Carol Hanley was Born in Nottingham and now resides on the east coast of England. She has always had great interest in mythology and early historical events, especially around the times when Christianity began to wipe out magic.
Story Information:
Fairies are not tiny fluttery beings no bigger than your thumb. They are tall and fair, like the forest elves Throughout their years in our world, they learned to build, to grow and create in such wonderful ways that out shone the achievements of man. They have an understanding of nature and all things living. Although some of the men lived and worked along side these wondrous beings, not all shared their love of them. Man became more powerful over time and had learned some of the crafts of the fairies and of the elves. Through their greed and lust of power, they turned on these earthly beings and mocked them. The fairies and elves had to fight back to protect the world they had created. In these times of war, the male fairies began to be born without wings, for they got in the way of fighting. It became a weakness to them. Now only the females were born with wings. Many of the fairies and elves fled from the large settlements...

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