Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Playing the hand with the gods

Last night I only seem to be able to recall the end part of my dream, but it was a interesting moment that really left me thinking.
I was standing on a roman style balcony gazing down on what looked like a world full of life and activity.
I wanted to take a closer look so I decided to move down to a lower down balcony and this gave me a better view in deed.
I notice many beings moving their hands as if they are assisting other beings in this little world as if they had their own part to play.
At first I thought it was just like using an ipad with gesture control with the hands.
After seeing what they were doing I decided to lower my hand and I swished over a van that swerved off the road into a fast running river,
The sudden shock of what I caused made me react and lower my hand through some strange field and I grabbed the van between my finger and thumb and placed it back on the road.
Suddenly the other beings saw my action and looked at me as if I done something wrong.
I suddenly felt as if I broken a law, I felt that we are only meant to send winds of suggestion and influence and at no point are we to reveal our presence.
I suddenly understood my mistake strait away.
Regardless of what mistakes we make in assisting the people, we are not to do actions that point to our hands.
It was then my alarm woken me up to our world.
I sat up and said" winds of suggested influence ". And not just meaning winds of air.

I'm now going to go sleep now, at almost 6:30am to bring you more dream discoveries. So goodmornight

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Location:Dream world