Friday, 10 June 2011

Waking up in my Dream over and over

Yesterday i had a very strange dream that most people probably had happen in their lives sometime or another.
1 st Dream i was going about in the streets near a supermarket and struggled to walk and realized i left my crutches in the supermarket! so i used my telekinetic powers to make them come to me! and before my eyes my crutches came to my hands perfectly! And then i realized i know i am dreaming if i did that so i woke up.
Then i found myself in a bedroom after waking and i saw my brother and said see this!  I lifted my arm up and used telekinetic powers again to pull a object from the self! and when it landed in my palm i knew i was dreaming still so i decided to wake up and found myself sitting on  my room sofa after nodding off then i did the test again to see if i was awake! I lifted my arm up and used telekinetic powers again but to get the remote and when it landed in my hand i was showing my brother some telekinetic tricks and said i am not awake still.
telekinetic powers
Then i went to wake up and my phone ringed and it was my brother ringing! and this time i was really awake! i was even making sure by seeing if i could make things move at will.  And when nothing happened i knew it was real.