Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dreaming in another Skin

It's come to my attention that my dreams often seem like idea's more then anything else.
I often let them play out as they go to see what random creativity that forms.
Normally I can cypher the dream triggers that are represented by woken life events and influences.
Last night journey lead me in a very different experience then I have ever experienced.
I dreamed I was standing on some stairs with quite a few other people and there was some dark creature with glowing red eyes and had huge claws on his hands.
I didn't feel any fear at all regarding its strange appearance.
I knew nothing can hurt me in my dreams and that comforted me and kept me calm, But this creature said, I can't kill you but I can change things around you.
He lifted his right hand up and slides it down with his palm laying flat facing down.
I then saw all the people just melted into nothing and then I saw each persons as a a spark the just vanished as a bright twinkle.
And strangely I noticed he was effecting me too, I was wondering how my dream would play out when my dream body had gone,
But suddenly I found myself somewhere else.
There were lots of rooms and corridors all glowing a soft cream colour.
It was very calm, I noticed other people but they were all different looking people than the ones I saw at the stairs.
As it seems the creature had destroyed our original bodies and some how put our life force into the bodies the creature had created.
The strangest part of this dream is that I seemed a lot younger than my original body, It looked like I was the youngest person there.
My vision was perfect, like I had completely new eyes, I could even feel my flesh on my body, this was a completely new feeling.
I noticed some small books on a small table and noticed somebody else examining some other books a few meters away.
I flickered through a book and saw lots of blank pages, until I passed a group of pages with hand written writing on and some diagrams in blue ink.
and a taller girl also expressed that she also had been finding stuff and they might be clues into finding our way out of this place.
The examining of the book was so sharp and vivid and everything didn't seem like my own mind had created it.
Then some time later i have forgotten some parts of the dream after that.
but i remember later that i had some sort of skin eating flesh sour over my right breast that i seemed to also feel the pain from it, it was growing, and growing, then the Girl i saw earlier was sitting on the ground so i sat down by her, She aid that looks bad as she touched it with her finger.
Then something very strange happened.
I felt fresh flesh growing over my body from the wound, it felt cold and soothing as it made its way all over my body, but the strangest part of this, was, I ended up with yet another completely different body.
All my skin was very soft and I could feel cool air all around my body, well this body, because it wasn't my own.
I had woman's breast and my body was slender, i felt like it was all normal.
But because the experience was so real, I decided to make sure I can wake up as normal.
And that didn't seem too difficult at all and I opened my eyes wondering what that was all about.
This dream was a new category of dreaming that I can add to my list of experiences.
It was like that creature had altered my dreaming completely so that I get to experience a new level of Dreaming, I would have to call this flesh and bone dreaming. It seems when we go into this state, our dream identities are first erased before a substitute random body is formed for us to inhabit.
When I mentioned earlier in this dream, the way we melted, there seemed to be a slime that engulfed us all that erased our body, catching our life force before it escapes.
And moving us into a new form. New body in another location.
Maybe that creature as just taught me a new ability or way,
Maybe other people who was also at that place, may also have been real people just like me, and may find this blog some day and read this story to confirm themselves.

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Dreaming of Year 2038

year 2038
2 Sleeps ago i had an amazing Dream, a dream that my Dream world didn't expect me to do what i did.
I decided to test out my Dream knowing at all points that it was a Dream and that everything i see around me was created by my amazing bottomless imagination.
I did also notice people and their chit chatter and going about their normal lives whilst thinking out loud, Wow this is all created by my mind even though everything was in high detail.
I went to examine a wall Calendar to see what year it was, But it only showed months and days.
I looked for a local newspaper and it also only showed the month and days on it.
So my next part of this experiment was to engage in chit chat with 2 people and at the same time because i believe this was in my head, i knew what that all responses were to be my own making.
Really at the same time i was getting ready to engage in the big question.
After an intelligent conversation that flowed with no issues until i jumped in with, My memory is a bit faded right know and need to know what year is it?
I was expecting to see my mind fail to supply any information, i was feeling really chuffed after inside when the conversation Paused, Both people stopped for a few seconds as if i had caused a ripple in the dream.
Then to my amazement i got a confident reply... The year is 2038
Prior to this information i could see a large shadowed round hump in the horizon and i noticed a huge difference in fashion and transport systems.
After i found out the year i said to myself, Don't forget anything im seeing right now.
so i questioned somebody about the huge Hill, What is the meaning about that over there. But because a bit of missing memory of her reply i have to guess she was calling it a monument or a impact of a large moon like object that hurled towards our planet and that many people died because while attempts were made to prevent impact were impossible their was only one way to resolve it and that was just to slow it down as much has possible and allow it to be a controlled descent
and spare the whole planets fate.
So now people live around it.
I did find myself at some train station and i notice a strange train system that at that moment i was verbally questioning my imagination.
Saying" You got to be kidding and how silly does that look"
I was looking towards the train from the side and i notice 5 sets of wheels and in the middle of the Train the wheel was like 2 and a half sizes bigger than all the others and the 4 sets of smaller wheels were not touching the track, like they were raised.
The Train was very well balanced and was very real in every detail.
A section above the large wheel had a turning section that turned the whole train around so the driver can drive 2 directions from same seat, leaving more room for passengers and makes for easy direction change in a busy world.
even though i saw this i laughed and mocked my imagination.
It wasn't until i was awake and telling some of my friends about the dream that i come to realise that some if the things i discovered in this dream could actually happen.
Sometimes in my dreams i see dreams from the people who are dreaming in them times and my actions will not actually be in the future, but some of the amazing dream i have may be a ticket to possible futures.

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Real Hoverboard

Yes it's true, Hoverboards can become a product in reality.
I speak for many people on this planet, the hidden gems of invention and creation.
The amazing minds that never get their amazing discoveries to see the light of day.
I too am one of them people, that's why I can write on behalf of all the people who have the information for many amazing unseen inventions that modern folk deem impossible.
These minds normally don't even have a dim or funds to ever get noticed and get lost in the mists of life forever.
Right now there is an advert for a real Hoverboard that is obviously fake from my perspective.
Because I know how a hover board would really work.
And because We have never had the luxury of a paid education that many others have, it has enabled us to step off the un beaten path and explore un tainted laws and ways of thinking, and in doing this we have found the abilities to discover many wonders this demanding world.
I need to get noticed In the field of nano science and sound waves, my idea will never come to pass.
I know these people are messing with your minds to give you hope, but remember, these people are all actors. I do hope the real Hoverboard does get made while dock brown is still with us.
If the right minds were found on this planet, it won't just be hover boards that will be hovering.
Imagine if you lose your mobile phone, or it gets stollen, maybe mobile phones will fly themselves back to their owner using gps location to travel back to home address or registered preferred location.
Imagine how this could enable people to live as if they have the power of Telekinesi.
An extension of the same Technology could be used to make a mug of coffee or glass of water come to you just with mental gesture combined with the electronic signal picked up in your brain that work together to animate matter in the air, by producing tiny commandable matter elements.
Giving us extensions of our arms to grab objects normally out of reach.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Memory Thief

I am sorry I didn't post this dream when I originally had it about 2 months ago.
I was just going through my drafts and noticed I hadn't posted it. 
I just wanted to make that part clear as the dream talks as if it was last night.
Last night I had a very strange dream.
I dreamed of visiting my past memories, I discovered I was being followed by a man who was armed with a chisel and a hammer tapping away at my memories as I flow, for every chunk of memory taken , a tooth in my dream mouth seemed to be gone, and because it was a dream rationality made this seem easy for this man to make me think it was really working.
I did ask the man why he is removing my memories, and he said after he has removed all my memories I will eventually die and never wake up from my sleep.
I then felt like I was being forced into my other memories and then i noticed him tap them away, 
I remember him tap off some tiles on a wall that was in the corner of one my memories and when he had finished another tooth was gone.
This man talked calm about what he was doing, as if this is a normal process for him, as it was his duty to clear people of their past life memories before taking them on to the afterlife.
And for me to see this and experience this in my dreams and write about it here on my blog just incase anybody else experiences this.
when I had ran out of teeth in my mouth, I could feel there was no structure for my mouth, it was as if my whole mouth was a rubbery texture of boneless mass.
The man seemed amazed to see I was still holding on after all teeth were had been removed as normally people would have folded and accepted their facet this point.
So I decided to dream hop, as I jumped from one dream to another using past memories from past dream and not using woken memories I eventually found myself on a train track, there was no wooden sleepers under the track and there was nothing at all but void bellow, I noticed this track joined upto another track, there were people going along on other track too. Everything was very surreal that is so weird that it's very difficult to explain, there were a chain of people holding hands from one rail to the other, when I reached where the track joined up, it seemed like a group effort to develop some land to step onto, and also created a shop at random,
People rushed into this shop and helped the self to sweets and goods as if it's to survive with.
Then we all ran over the field until we reached a cliff edge.
It was like we all escaped the man who was trying to make us forget our self.
Then I had a brain wave, I decided there and then that I will choose to die right now, even though other people were standing on this cliff, I decided to make the cliff collapse  with all of us, people screamed with fear, but well I fell I woke up thinking, I choose my own terms when I die, and I felt as if I did everybody a favour when I brought down the cliff edge, It would have caused them to wake up if they were real people dreaming similar dream.
I have written this in the hope that it could help other people who may have had this sort of thing happen.
Or as suicide note ( as it's aways been my aim to conquer all nightmares and dreams, I am planing on hunting down this memory destroying man and in doing so may cause me to lose my life)
If I do die I hope my experience helps people to become a trained Dream Walker, and to learn to do a group dream walk so everybody can watch each other's back and maybe my death won't be in vein.
I can't let this slide, I want to protect all your dreams.
If you don't believe in Dream Walking is possible then please look deeper into my blog for true amazing proof that it's possible.
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