Sunday, 28 April 2013

Exploring the world deep inside my own mind

A few days ago my friend Mario recommended that I should try eating porridge before I goto bed and I did try it 3 nights ago and every night since and I will do the same again when I have finished writing this blog.
What I have discovered is that some how the porridge satisfies my body so much so that I can have an even more pleasant relaxed sleep.
1/3 of porridge oats with 300ml of goats milk, no sugar (the lactic acids in this milk are a lot more gentle than cows milk)
After watching an episode of Dr who Saturday night, the episode where they journey to the centre of a tardis,
It gave me the idea to explore inside the world of my own mind.
So last night I did just that, instead of focusing outside my dream world, it gave me the chance to really try and find out what I really am, who am I really, taking away all of our worlds memories and distractions and search my soul to find out where I was before I came into this world.
There has got to be intelligence beyond this realm because its that what caused us to exist in the first place.
I have discovered rooms in my mind, with books and memories captured by events in my life, but the books seem to contain infinite knowledge beyond this life, maybe they are passed lives that i have lived, but I must stay calm and not rush into this knowledge as I feel I maybe about to meet my real self.
As we grow from child to adult the person we were 10 years ago seems dead and who you are now is another level of thinking. I believe meeting our self in our own mind would help us to focus on our own self.
If you look back in my dreams blog you will find some amazing Dream tales that will show you how amazing my dream stories can be, as I am a very rare person to have walked amongst other people's dreams and had proof to back it up.
So now I want to explore my self.
I will write the outcome of my newest dream experiment on this blog so please follow,

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