Sunday, 15 June 2014

Burning planets of life

I have had a very vivid few nights sleep on the Framar.
My dreams have been acting as a vivid alternate life mirrored at this one.
The people and places act as my 2nd world in between this one and as I allow my dream to flow freely letting randomness surprise me as I go, curious to what lies in the echoes of my mind and the boundaries of my dream walls membranes, in between the walls is the passageway into other people's dreams, This is how I find my way into other people's dreams and following the stench of other people's fears to find my way to people who need help.
This morning I got up to see my brother Glen off as he walks 9.5 miles to Lincoln to get his train back to Nottingham, But then I laid down a bit and told Siri on my iPhone to give me a 1 hour count down.
He then said you have 60 minutes and counting.
Believe me this was one of my most longest dreamed 60 minutes ever.
I had so many vivid dreams that I woken up a few times to make sure the countdown is still working, and it was still counting down.
I know my dreams were about flying , I was investigating burning balls of light that even for a dream, I could feel the heat from each one.
For a moment I was starting to doubt my own safety at this point.
It wasn't until I went back to sleep again, that I started taking more notice of these very bright balls of burning flames like small suns and I decided not to fear them, and I flew towards the flames, oh my gosh, the heat was really intense, but I knew I was in my dream body and I knew I could handle this.
So I flew right into it, my eyes at the same time were blinded in such a high level of light as I went in,
Then I started to see there was a planet inside with blue seas and beautiful beaches, and a lot of lush green lands creating a very intensively colourful planet. It seems that the flames around the planet, not only gave the planet light, it hidden it with a fiery wall of protection.
I didn't fly right down to the ground as I was so made up from this surprise that I woken up and called it a day. As I needed to go to bardney village to get some food and drink. I am writing this blog in the old Angel inn charging my ipad and drinking strawberry and lime cider.
And I share my dreams with you.
Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, but I am writing a novel called Sunset Dreams. So please follow this blog and you will get a chance to know when by book is to be released.

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