Monday, 28 April 2014

I am back to story writing but this time I am committed to churning out an epic story like no other.

Sunset Dreams is now finally being created by myself and is going to be the start of a fresh approach to story telling that has a fascinating way of merging scenes that really make you feel like you are spectating every detail. This story has it's emotional elements but don't worry because this story will take your mind on a journey that will have you thinking and smiling or in some cases crying, that is if overwhelmed moments really take you in.
I have now found myself a place and time in an old 1937 Boat with my old mechanical Type writer. Just me, nature, and fine coffee,
Now I will free my mind by writing all them amazing stories that are hard wired to my brain, the only cure is to get them out and share them with the world.
This will be my 1 st book that I am confident would be a great seller to all ages. This story is a Fantasy Adventure that would sure inspire creativity in any person. I am going to work really hard on this book so please support me. If you want to read some of my short stories to have an idea of the kind of Imagination I have then read: coins of Destiny or Destiny is Chocolate. And if you want to help me get published then you can help me by sharing this post.
I will soon have a progress meter to show how far I am into my 1st book. So please show me your support. And I will show you my world.
By Dean Bradford
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