Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Dream of 15 Moons

I Have been having very interesting dreams since the beginning of 2010.

The Dreams are so Surreal and yet clearly inspirational indeed.

A few days ago i dreamed i was outside amongst people going about their daily lives.

But i noticed something wonderful in the sky.

The blue sky was littered with many moons.

I was so curious that i wanted to know how many moons where around this planet.

I asked a passer by! i asked. Excuse me can you please tell me how many moons there are?

He Replied there is 15 moons in total.

This saved me counting. If i were to use a logic thinking and solving mind while dreaming like this i would surely wake up in no time at all! and then that will be this dream over with.

There was a moon that caught my attention more that the others!

This moon seemed as if it had a great big hole in it. That's what i thought with my dream mind. But my opinion now awake! I think it maybe some kind of lunar Eclipse creating that illusion.

What really surprises me about dreams like this. How does a mind generate such powerful experiences.

The Picture above is just an example of how the moons looked in the blue daylight sky.