Friday, 24 October 2014

How an emp can impact how lives

At the moment an EMP blast from our sun could cause serious implications to our modem way of living.
Right now the sun is really churning out some huge x class flares, but lucky for us they have erupted not in direct path to earth, but the one that just expelled a flare 10x bigger than earth was not in line with earth yet but is due to face us in the very near future. We just have to hope it doesn't erupt and just moves on by.
Even when it passes us the cold spot can eventually show again when it come back around.
Our main problem we have is that earths magnetic field that protects us is very weak at the moment as we have been taking some beatings within this year and a direct EMP blast could possibly happen.
If it doesn't that earth is very very lucky.

If the network got fried all over the world, then almost everybody would be screwed.
Here is a list of important things we depend on that could be lost due to our reliance on Electricity.

Pacemakers that keep peoples hearts ticking will suddenly stop.

Cash machine (no power) meaning computers can't talk to each other. This means no money for us people who rely on banks.

Lorries no longer able to transport food and goods to stores so we can't clean or eat.

No buses or trains without power.

No emergency services can receive calls and respond as all security alarms in shop will be disabled opening doors to looting. Police can't call for backup or use their tazzers on their suspects.

No more news or advice on what to do because we can't revive any forms of known news.

We will all be in the dark instantly.

The only way we can get through this is through mechanical replacements to tills and transport systems.
And maybe wind up pace makers and to teach people who were used to ready made meals in freezers on how to make food for themselves.

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