Wednesday, 31 August 2011

What happens when i die?

Hello i the creator of this blog has not written any of the following down but recommend a good read if you worry about what happens when you die.
I feel that this person has explained in a way i would have liked to do.
So please have a good read and share with other people who may need lighting wisdom.
The words below are not in terms of religion but explain in a way science would explain.

 Death And Thereafter
  By : Dinesh Singh             

Nobody on this planet has got the lease of eternal life. Whosoever is born is destined to perish. This is true in case of all living beings from the human, animal and plant kingdoms. This being so, our curiousity is bound to arise to know about the mystery of death and what happens thereafter. Does something go out of the body and if so, what and whereto?

We can tell from our experience that when a man dies, all his body-parts remain intact but without the sweet fragrance of life. It is like a dead flower whose scent has withered away. All the sense organs - eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin – remain in their respective places but without the power of perception. All the organs of action, hands, feet etc. are immaculately in place but without any motion or energy to act. Then, how is it that the body suddenly becomes dysfunctional? It is because the bio-energy (pran) and senses which vitalize multifarious organs and physiological functions of the body have deserted it. Technically speaking, it is the occurrence of ‘death’ of the gross body, which is disposed of in various ways as per customs of various religions.  

What remains after death? Does anything of the terminated life remains to form a link with a future existence? Related to this question is the enigma of rebirth. If the theory of rebirth is accepted, a question instantly pops up: rebirth of what? What is it that takes birth again? The gross body has already perished and cannot reappear again. Sanatana Dharam, popularly known as Hindusism, addresses this question in the most scientific manner. We have observed above that death of the gross body occurs when the bio-energy (pran) and senses desert it. It is clear that they do not perish along with the gross body. The mind and ego also do not perish along with the gross body. So what remain after death of the gross body are bio-energy, senses, mind and ego. All these combine to constitute what we call ‘astral-body’ (Sukshma-shareer). It is this astral body that, in course of time, takes another gross body, which we call ‘rebirth’.

Before we discuss the process of rebirth and its compulsions, let us remove a misconceived notion about soul. Some people wrongly believe that it is soul which takes rebirth. In the Gita, the embodied soul is called Dehi meaning one with a body. It is also said in the Gita that just as a man puts on new clothes discarding the worn-out ones, so the dehi takes on new bodies discarding the worn-out ones. This gives an impression that it is soul that takes on new bodies out of its own volition or compulsion. This will be a wrong interpretation of the Gita text because soul has no volition or compulsion. Soul is devoid of any quality or attributes (nirvikara). So, how can it have any desire or compulsion to be reborn to experience the sorrows and sufferings of samsara.

Another misconceived notion about soul persists in the minds of some people who believe the soul to travel from one body to another. In their misconception, soul is like a tiny bird that flows out of one body and enters another body, which is absurd. All such misconceptions are due to ignorance regarding the true nature of soul. Soul being the essence of all existence pervades and permeates all that we perceive and experience in the phenomenal world. That being so, the question of its traveling from one place to another like a moving object does not arise. Even a moderate student of physical science will tell you that something which is all-pervasive does not move from one place to another. For example, space which is all-pervasive does not move from one place to another. It follows, therefore, that soul neither goes out of the body nor enters any body. But, as soon as an astral body adopts a gross body, the all-encompassing soul takes it into its embrace and illumines it with consciousness which is its intrinsic nature. It is both within the body and beyond it. Being within the body and conditioned by its limitations, it is called ‘embodied’.

Reverting to the issue of rebirth, we have observed that it is the astral body that adopts a gross body. But why and under what compulsion? It is to be borne in mind in this context  that the astral body itself is an effect of another cause, that is, ‘causal body’ (kaaran shareer). What constitutes the causal body? It is the name of ungratified desires (vaasana) accumulated over the length of a life-time, and in some cases many life times.  Desires which remain ungratified create impressions on the mind, which are carried forward even after death. It is an undisputed fact that howsoever hard we may strive we are not able to fulfill all the desires we entertain in our life. Entertaining desires becomes a mental habit with us and we continue entertaining desires even when we get physically weak and can no longer make any physical exertion. Impressions of all such ungratified desires become accumulated to constitute the causal body which impels the astral body to adopt a fresh gross body after the previous body is deserted and dead. The type and texture of the causal body determines as to what type of gross body the astral body will adopt. If the ungratified desires are of sattvik nature which seek gratification in noble pursuits of life, which has been interrupted by sudden termination of the gross body, the astral body is bound to adopt a body that facilitates pursuit of these ideals. On the other hand, if the ungratified desires are of base and sensual type, the astral body is likely to take a body of animal instinct easily found in the animal kingdom where gratification of such desires is more easily possible.     

Thus the causal body becomes the first link in a causal chain to cause an astral body followed by a gross body and again by a reinforced causal body. This causal sequence perpetuates to innumerable births and deaths making jiva to suffer the painful experiences of samsara. In Buddhist philosophy we find a similar chain of causation for the sufferings of samsara. The highly analytical mind of Lord Buddha had unraveled twelve causes beginning with ignorance, which he called twelve links of the Causal Wheel. If one or more links of the Causal Wheel could be broken, Lord Buddha had preached, the Wheel would stop and the suffering humanity could get out of it.

Similar is the case with the causal chain beginning with the causal body but with a little difference. Here there are not many links and the only intervening link i.e. the astral body cannot be done away with unless the first link i.e. the causal body is broken. So in order to break free from this causal chain one has to break free from the causal body i.e. the accumulated stock of ungratified desires (vaasana). Exhaustion of this accumulated stock
is not an easy task. It is like an increasing bank balance with compound interest. For exhausting this stock, the first imperative is to stop further investments. That is to say, fresh desires should not be entertained. This is possible by the practice of dispassion and detachment, which does also help in removing the residual impressions of ungratified desires. The next step is inculcation of the capacity to discriminate between sat (real) and asat (unreal). This is called Viveka. Vairagya (detachment) and Viveka (discrimination) are the two weapons with which the shackles of all residual impressions of ungratified desires (vaasana) can be cut asunder. In the Hindu scriptural texts, vaasana is known as sin. A man free from vaasana is virtually free from all sins (nishpap). Last but not the least, the grace of God is the greatest antidote to wipe off sins, as Lord Krishna most eloquently promises to humanity:

Leaving aside all Dharmas, take refugee in Me alone;
I will release thee from all sins, grieve not (Gita: 18/66)

Thursday, 14 July 2011

My Most Epic Dream ever remembered

My Dream this morning was the most epic sureal dream i have ever had in my entire life with the full enssence of sound and light and interactive control of my self with the world that i would guess is the realm where dis-logical happenings can happen and a world where people have adapted their lives to such an extent that they have control of everything in the world that they live.
Like for instance! I was walking around talking to people and greating people who seemed relaxed happy and contempt with their lives! as if there was no need for fear or any knowlege of what fear means.

The people seemed to show amazing interest in me and i was questioned by a person amongst a group of people who seemed to show a true ability to express such interest in face and gesture that really only made me focus and realize even more about  where i was.
The sun was bright and warming and i was amazed on how i found the abbility to stay calm and not let my self get too excited about being able to stay without waking up.
Anyway this guy asked me where i was from and i said i was from a place called Earth and on earth rationality and the way our world works is far sharper and many laws that i see here do not apply.
A woman showed interest in what i said and she kind of given me a tour of the place.
Before my curious exploring side was awaken.
I was always drawn away by unusual events that happened around the street.
I have to be honest the amount of things i saw was so much that right now while i write this i do find it difficult to remember. 
There was a technical device that every body seemed to carry that attached to the side of their waist and some had it on their wrists.  It was some kind of  a touch screen with some symbols on it.
Somebody showed me some of it functions.
The device gave the people control over their own body matter and also acted as an informative device to alert people of a giant wave of water that would come from the direction of the sun light every so often.
When people were alerted i looked towards the sea and saw a huge cristal clear ocean rise and come towards us.
The people then selected a mode on their device! and this gave them the ability to use the wave as a pleasureful activity that was enjoyed by every single person.
The device changed the DNA of the wearer to a highly dynamic aquatic form that allowed them to swim into the force.  This was highly addictive to these people.
Its like they have adapted to disasters instead of fearing them.
Even the buildings were built to withstand the forces of the ocean.
It was amazing seeing hundreds of people bracing themselves for the transformation and the force with out seeing any sign of fear.
There seemed to be somebody near me with a faulty device.  The icon for the Dynamic Aquatic transformation button was not on the screen where every body else s was and looked like he had some virus that had hijacked that part of the screen.    So quick thinking and the on coming wave caused me to try and work a way out to fix a device from a society of people i never knew.
I didn't understand the writing or icons.  But i did see somebody elses device and noticed what was missing from this device i had before me.
So i looked underneath and pealed back a lable and saw a hole! i poked something in it! in the hope that it would reset device and restore it to original condition.
And behold the button that was needed returned back to original default location on screen.
I was amazed that i was still dreaming even after doing some serious thinking that normally would wake me up.
Some how i managed to stay calm and keep with the dream.
I was asked to use the device but i said i am fine as i am not really part of your reality so this water will not have any effect on me what so ever.
Then i stood there bracing the huge rushing waves watching everybody curiously even when the water over came us and i was in a deep ocean as i saw the people evolve into sharp fast wiggling creatures charging through the force.  Who knows! Maybe the force of the ocean feeds their bodies with so much energy that when the water has gone! The powers are then used for Telekinesis and disruption of Logical matter that we know of.
But while i was in the water my mobile phone rang in our realm!   It was my Dad asking me if i am going into town to meet up for a drink.  I said yea sure.  So as i got ready that dream was on my Mind.
I am glad i just wrote this down on my blog! as its helped me remember my dream more vividly.
I may consider doing a painting or picture of people standing bracing the power of the waves.
So click my Follow button and do check here very soon  so you can see what i create.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Waking up in my Dream over and over

Yesterday i had a very strange dream that most people probably had happen in their lives sometime or another.
1 st Dream i was going about in the streets near a supermarket and struggled to walk and realized i left my crutches in the supermarket! so i used my telekinetic powers to make them come to me! and before my eyes my crutches came to my hands perfectly! And then i realized i know i am dreaming if i did that so i woke up.
Then i found myself in a bedroom after waking and i saw my brother and said see this!  I lifted my arm up and used telekinetic powers again to pull a object from the self! and when it landed in my palm i knew i was dreaming still so i decided to wake up and found myself sitting on  my room sofa after nodding off then i did the test again to see if i was awake! I lifted my arm up and used telekinetic powers again but to get the remote and when it landed in my hand i was showing my brother some telekinetic tricks and said i am not awake still.
telekinetic powers
Then i went to wake up and my phone ringed and it was my brother ringing! and this time i was really awake! i was even making sure by seeing if i could make things move at will.  And when nothing happened i knew it was real. 

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A map of Time dimension and Space

This is the simplest way that i know to explain a way Time and Space and alternate realities can be mapped based on my map theory.
Imagine we are in the middle of this map (Blue Cube)
Then the blue cube in front of this is our Future.
Then the cube behind us is our Past.
The Blue Cubes to the left and Right are Alternate Dimensions and they too also have a future past and present.
So now we travel upwards to the yellow Good Cube.
Then the red cube below our cube Represents Bad version of our reality!
And they also have Alternate Dimensions and past and Future.
So look at this picture below to see my markings to help you understand.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Is it possible for people to meet in Dreams?

The answer is 100% yes without a doubt!
I have lived knowing this truth for too long now to keep it to my dam self.
I am just fed up of keeping this locked up in my mind.
I looked on google search and found that the results on the search for the answer to this question is too poor.
I am a very rare person to have had raw proof that its possible.
At 1st i thought i had a lucid dream where i met somebody else.
But after reading loads of research books on Lucid Dream i still felt far from finding answers.
Some Professor got in touch with me by email and told me that i had a spontanious astral projection.
So that sounded a lot more easier to get my head around. Even though i have been trying to be sceptic and logical all the time.
If you would like to read about my experience then click here: DREAM SAME DREAM.
That is all i will say for now but if anybody would like help with dreams or would like to share experiences with me.
Then my ears are open! please get in-touch by email:

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Nature and sounds that muffle noise

I know this video as nothing to do with Dreams! But it gives us another point of view!
Something like the strange acts of nature! These can shape our minds by inspiring us!
I could watch an under water tornado for ages! Its just soothing!
Even the sounds form underwater.
Talking about sounds! I been working on some special sounds! that are combination's of life natural sounds to help muffle out other sounds! to promote the best sleep anywhere.
I will keep you posted when i can get my sound muffling master peace sorted out so keep looking back now and again.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What happens when we die?

There is no such thing as nothing! everything is always!
Really think about it! if there is something, where else can it go!
Look at it in another perspective! Where did we come from?
When we die we simply revert to what we was before we were born! Before we had control of matter in our own realm 
The most popular answers to a lot of  mathematical equations  gets the answer infinity, a side way 8.
If our lives evolved around the figure 8 then we can never die fully!
Only the body has stopped! But our life force moves on!
It Does not matter if you believe in God or Jesus or if you are good or bad!
Its not anybodies fault the life some people life causes them to be bad! Its all life styles and influences that brought the person to result in being bad! 
So all that bull that is going around! Believe in Jesus or you will go to hell!
In my book that's like a threat!  Forcing people to believe in something without proof!
I am so honest and would like to believe, but because i need to know before hand!
It becomes an act on my feeling trying to act like i believe.
I totally respect every body who go church!
I cant go Church because i don't want to lie about my feelings and cant bring myself to see it like the people who do go church.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Fantasycreek secret Dream same dream word

Last night i dreamed a person told me to google the word Fantasycreek and i will find you.

I have wrote them words above just in case somebody gets asked to look up FantasyCreek on the internet.
Its my experiment to make it easy for me to tell people who i randomly meet in my dreams who could end up turning out to be real people.
Its not easy to remember numbers when we are dreaming! Too much thinking could lead to awakening when you are not ready.
Its best to keep to simple English and completely avoid long complex new words!  As you will find that you can say the words!  But your dream mind will not understand the meaning.
I once said to myself i want to have a lucid dream!  But my dream mind could not understand the meaning of Lucid while dreaming!
So if you have been directed to me then please get in touch with me by leaving email as comment and i will relay with you as soon as possible!  I have only found evidence of somebody online who i once talked to in a dream and then a person with same name as i heard in dream appeared on yahoo answers!  But that was a while ago now! i cant begin to try and find that now.
Anyway if you look in my older posts going back about 3 years you will see my Interview notes about my  Dream same dream where i ended up meeting somebody in real life 2 weeks later. Click here to read true story.
This Dream also lead me to have another experience a few years later! but i didnt meet this person in real life. Click here to find more about that dream.
Please get in touch if you have dreamed the same dream as another person.