Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Shadowed world (Poem)

living in a shadowed world.
wrapped in a wall of light.
Imitation by hands.
Imitated by shadowed sight.
A shadowed man and his shadowed dog walk this shadowed land.
Their legs are long and stretched over the sharp yellow sand.
Meaning the sun is about to set itself into the cool deep ocean. Where the whole world thrives on the cool deeps motion.
Shadowed sand hills and puddles in a pot.
The winds blow sands

that were cooling from hot.
The long dark shadows stretch over the sands.
Joining up shadows to other great Lands.
Now Its our turn to join the shadowed world
in this shadowed land.
We close our eyes to turn off this world that we know.
To wake in our dreams where anything can go.
Now we have adventure in our mind.
Of creatures and places of all kind.
Looking, focusing on my hands.

Clarity comes clear now.
I’m awake in my dream now.
The world i’m in as a trickling stream.
The one thing I do know!
Is this is a Lucid Dream.


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

What insightful prose. I also love your writer's voice. You're a visionary.

I'm adding you to my links on my blog page.

Keep dreaming and writing.

The best dream I have had is a repeated one where I'm in a Turkish bazaar and picking up and examining the wares there. Extraordinary delights!


Smiler said...

That's a very nice poem. Inspired and inspiring.

dniteryder said...

i could tell it just flowed out of your mind as all poems and stories should. very nice. Your mind tends to flow with ideas more than most people but because you that part of your brain more so keep it up and keep fine tuning it because you do some really good stories, poems and videos. dniteryder

Anonymous said...

What I love about the shadows is what are in them. The stories they tell.The dreams that one has, Are they links to the past present future??? Are they real? Are they hust Ones thoughts?? Are they fiction we wish were real?? I do appreciate your work and that u love sharing it to all!!!Best of Luck!!1 casino_girl