Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Neutral World (Poem)

As I sit in a room without a light.
The sun sets into the mellowed night.
Neutral colours surround me.
Neutral colours astound me.
As i look into the pale blue trees.
The air is a sent of a old oak breeze .
I rest my head by the window sill.
The light cool wind gives my fringe a frill.
The whole worlds time comes to a stop.
The moment is Focused to this time right now.
Clarity surrounds me.
Clarity astounds me.
As the world begins to reset its self.
To give birth to a brand-new day.

when the world turns to dark.
The Cats knock the bins ,and the dogs will bark.
As the world shuts thy eyes.
Peace over whelms and the fox cub cries.
As I set my head down to thy bed.


dniteryder said...

I know what you mean, to me it is the quiet i get after i have covered my birds when the sun is going down and the kids are quietly watching tv the few moments i get before i have to get up and make dinner i try to get a few moments to myself on the computer then i wake up a little earlier than the alarm usually on my own while it is still dark out and all is still quiet and im on the computer again and the sun just starts to brighten the window and i know all the day sounds will start again.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

My moment comes when my husband and five pets are sleeping and I have a moment with myself and the sound of the humming refrigerator. We're the only two things running. Then it clicks off and there is only me.

What a super blog that gives time for reflection!!!