Sunday, 13 January 2008

Dreaming of other Life

When I went to sleep yesterday morning my friend called to log on computer.
My computer ended up doing a important Virus scan and I needed a bit more sleep to get right again.
I had an amazing Dream I dreamed I saw lots of wildlife that don’t exist.
I saw a new kind of reptile about as big as a flat rugby ball.
It had shiny Clammy skin and it had the ability to change color far beyond what I have ever seen from chameleons.
The lizard scales were so tiny and seemed to create pictures of flowers and butterflies over its body! and it could mimic surrounding things perfect like having a HD TV all over its body.
I also saw other kinds of reptiles that looked slithery and different colors and textures.
They seemed to have amazing ways to adapt the world as if they were a new level of Advanced Creatures.
The lizard that looked Dark purple Splodge caught my eye with interest.
Also I found I had a fishing rod in my hands and tossed it towards the pond and missed that pond and it went into another pond beyond that one!
I got a bite and could see into the clear water and saw the fish wobbling its body.
I reeled the fish in from the water!
I noticed it wasn’t a fish anymore, it was some kind of river rodent.
It looked up in to my eyes ! it seemed paused!
But the eyes still looked into mine! The teeth seemed to stick out its mouth and they seemed to go up to nose and chin.
Because of the strangeness took the rodent and placed it back onto the river bank.
The pond turned into a river! As things seem to blend and change in dreams.
The Rodent seemed to stop being paused state and started walking along the bank.
Then when it went into the water it was a Fish again!
.The best thing was! This was a vivid dream.
Color was perfect but I felt like I was focusing on a normal dream and that I was awake in it.
Instead of going for a full Lucid Dream! I just enjoyed focusing on Randomness.


dniteryder said...

i've had dreams like that before where everything keeps changing kind of flowing from one scene into the next to where i tell myself in the dream that i am dreaming but it is so pleasant and vivid that i dont want to wake just enjoy it and go with it. but they dont happen too often and as long as nothing bad is happening in them i rather enjoy them. the colors are usually more brighter and i can see things even read things clearly in dreams. but reading your story helped me to remember that i have had dreams like that.

dejami said...

I liked your dream... Dreams are a very good part of sleeping...