Thursday, 31 March 2011

Nature and sounds that muffle noise

I know this video as nothing to do with Dreams! But it gives us another point of view!
Something like the strange acts of nature! These can shape our minds by inspiring us!
I could watch an under water tornado for ages! Its just soothing!
Even the sounds form underwater.
Talking about sounds! I been working on some special sounds! that are combination's of life natural sounds to help muffle out other sounds! to promote the best sleep anywhere.
I will keep you posted when i can get my sound muffling master peace sorted out so keep looking back now and again.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What happens when we die?

There is no such thing as nothing! everything is always!
Really think about it! if there is something, where else can it go!
Look at it in another perspective! Where did we come from?
When we die we simply revert to what we was before we were born! Before we had control of matter in our own realm 
The most popular answers to a lot of  mathematical equations  gets the answer infinity, a side way 8.
If our lives evolved around the figure 8 then we can never die fully!
Only the body has stopped! But our life force moves on!
It Does not matter if you believe in God or Jesus or if you are good or bad!
Its not anybodies fault the life some people life causes them to be bad! Its all life styles and influences that brought the person to result in being bad! 
So all that bull that is going around! Believe in Jesus or you will go to hell!
In my book that's like a threat!  Forcing people to believe in something without proof!
I am so honest and would like to believe, but because i need to know before hand!
It becomes an act on my feeling trying to act like i believe.
I totally respect every body who go church!
I cant go Church because i don't want to lie about my feelings and cant bring myself to see it like the people who do go church.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Fantasycreek secret Dream same dream word

Last night i dreamed a person told me to google the word Fantasycreek and i will find you.

I have wrote them words above just in case somebody gets asked to look up FantasyCreek on the internet.
Its my experiment to make it easy for me to tell people who i randomly meet in my dreams who could end up turning out to be real people.
Its not easy to remember numbers when we are dreaming! Too much thinking could lead to awakening when you are not ready.
Its best to keep to simple English and completely avoid long complex new words!  As you will find that you can say the words!  But your dream mind will not understand the meaning.
I once said to myself i want to have a lucid dream!  But my dream mind could not understand the meaning of Lucid while dreaming!
So if you have been directed to me then please get in touch with me by leaving email as comment and i will relay with you as soon as possible!  I have only found evidence of somebody online who i once talked to in a dream and then a person with same name as i heard in dream appeared on yahoo answers!  But that was a while ago now! i cant begin to try and find that now.
Anyway if you look in my older posts going back about 3 years you will see my Interview notes about my  Dream same dream where i ended up meeting somebody in real life 2 weeks later. Click here to read true story.
This Dream also lead me to have another experience a few years later! but i didnt meet this person in real life. Click here to find more about that dream.
Please get in touch if you have dreamed the same dream as another person.