Monday, 14 September 2015

The Risks of Teleportation vs Jump Drives

If you were to teleport an object from place to another you would be simply taking the data of the object then that object is then destroyed.
But on the other end a copy of that object is created.
So theoretically if that was possible then you should be able to duplicate that object as many times as you like.
Nobody will ever go hungry.
But that is where we should draw the line.
As if it was tested on humans it would seem successful as people use the teleportation as a safe and fast way to travel.
And the price of this service is not just your money, but your life.
From the moment a person chooses to teleport, they have now been copied by a quantum computer and the master copy (You)
That person has now been deleted and that data is sent to the other quantum computer.
Then a copy of you has been created with your memories and your feelings and will now live out your life but your copy will be missing the most important part. The soul and the ability to love, all feelings will be blank.
No care for loving just liking.
So I believe that unless teleportation or scientists have discovered the soul and spirit scientifically and worked out how to move that to the copy then this form of travel should be a no no.

But that doesn't mean traveling long distances extremely fast would be impossible.
As jumping from one point to another as long as it's in a strait line entering a warped placement in the sky and coming out at another warped placement would be safer than teleportation as long as you vibrate the vehicle into another frequency that makes all solid matter around you become disconnected from your reality, then you need to pick up enough speed to propel you forward so that when you are in hyper space  the momentum will carry you completely through, the weightlessness of hyperspace will result in a powerful jump that should be aiming at a set target that you have locked onto. It important that hyper jump gates have set out points else this could result in becoming lost in space and the chances of finding your way back would be a zillion to one.

Sometimes my dreams show me things like this, and normally my mind collects more information regarding the amazing inventions that I see.
This always makes me wonder if the ideas are my own ideas or do they somebody else.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Time Travel & a Flea Market On an Asteroid

I had a wonderful creative dream yesterday like no other.
It was one of them dreams that i just let take me for a ride to see what my random mind can entertain me with.

To start with all i knew was my mate Mario who i know in real life had some how used a time machine and ended up forty years into the future.
Some how he had sent the machine back to me during a steampunk festival in Lincoln,
At this point I didn't know where or what the time machine looked like and was drawn to a stage where their were people all dressed up and cheering on as the announcer nominated the round orb machine that was sitting by other Steampunk art exhibits and it was that machine that was announced  as the winner" Can the creator of this marvelous looking machine to come fourth and claim your prize. I was so eager to see the creator myself but nobody came forward even after a few more requests,
For some strange reason I was a little bit slow to draw to the conclusion that that orb was in fact the time machine sent by my friend and by that time the Orb Machine was moved and stored in a vault of a bank for safe keeping until the owner claims it.

I went into the bank and noticed a Steampunk dressed man would was tall and hand large magician length fingers and has some energy fuzzing around his fingers.
Some how he had paused the public whilst a robbery was underway, But this man seemed to be unaware of my presence and it seemed they were just there for the money.
Lucky for me the Vault door was half open  and i saw the orb just waiting to be used.
I thought to myself maybe i was the creator of this machine.

The machine was sitting on 4 under feet that supported the orb and looked like they recline into the orb.
There was a stretched round doorway with pivot bumps around it and a Turn-able hatch device that i twisted to open.
I opened the door and climbed inside and closed and turned the hatch device to lock in place.
It seemed that the time machine was already preset for its destination and all that needed to do is pull down lever that flipped back up after activated.

Millions of nano particles that switch between negative and positive forces are vibrated to create levitation off the ground before the legs holding the orb fold away into the machine.
Then 2 outer rings around the time machine starts rotating around me faster and faster before plasma waves alter the Vibrations of the orb and concentrate on elements of the atomic particle that links up to all of time and space and sends the time machine along the Timeway 40 years into the Future.

I cant remember how i met up with Mario in the future, In fact its just come back to me.
Mario pulled up in his very nice  Audi  GR8 with animated neon paint job, His door went up!  hey my pal Dean, Jump in and i will show you around.
Mario was wearing a lot of colors and had neon glowing blue sunglasses.
He then said" Before you say anything! I am not going back, Then I was about to speak and he said no buts.
After he showed me around, He showed me a few nice properties that he owns and he even made me my own coffee shop company called DEAN'S BEAN'S

I said this is amazing, Then he said oh wait, You haven't seen anything yet as his car lifts off the ground and turns upwards at a steep angle, At that point i was thinking to myself! I am going to feel this just like falling.
He then popped up 3 covers to expose 3 buttons then he pressed each one from left to right.
The the view in front of us started to wobble before the car wind screen shown a Green wire frame pathway then a voice says Ready for warp.
Mario then grabs the hand grip lever tightly and pushes forward then he pushes his foot down on the accelerator sending us instantly above earths Atmosphere.
Also it felt very smooth as if we went just a few meters forward.

I could see lights on the moon and thought that looked really nice but Mario just lined the car to another jump point.
Then suddenly the moon was gone, but there were a few asteroids with lights on and even a theme park.
Mario had decide that it would be too much for me to take on so he flew me down to a flea Market on an asteroid,

I remember rummaging around looking for shiny things and their were so many, Including Rainbow silk that actually glows when it is worn and the colours reflect wearers based on personality, mood and energy.

A box had bits and bobs including stones, precious metals in.
While i was running my hands through the stuff the lady of the stall said where you fellas come from?

I was about to speak for Mario in my reply, Suddenly Mario faced me and said don't tell her we are time travelers.
It was almost as if he had a thing for this lady and he didn't want her to know.

I thought to myself its my dream, so It wont do any harm.
I decided to speak these words " We are from earth but not as you know it, We have traveled from the past by 40 years with a time machine i haven't invented yet".
I was very well pleased with myself after hearing my voice speak them words.

The lady was just curious because she said i was wearing clothing that seemed very outdated and she was just fascinated by it all.

It was not long before I woken up! But i made sure i spent a good hour rethinking the dream.
So that i can remember every little detail then soon as i opened my eyes, I wrote as much as i can down before i wrote it onto my dreams blog.

I am currently working on the picture of the time machine and will add it to this post as soon as its done.

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Womans face in the clouds

Woman's face in the clouds
This Image was taken near Bardney in Lincolnshire last year over the river withem by myself after i had just been doing some kayaking with my brother Glen.
It is really amazing how amazing this is, and also if i never taken it myself i would have assumed it was photo shopped or something. But to be honest i could never draw a face so well defined as much as this sky naturally shows.
Its just simply the right time and right place and here it is.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

I visited the Dark Knight Satellite overlooking earth

About 7 years ago a friend suggested i go visit her friend in Skegness who did fortune telling and was told she was a very honest down to earth person because of the recommendation i thought what harm could it do to at least test her abilities out for myself.

This woman picked up on a dream that i had at least 7 years before this blog.
She said there is some kind of space craft and that an an egg timer shape was important.
I had  a very clear view of a passage way with a wall of images of other planets on my left.
On my right was large windows over looking earth.

I had never told anybody about this dream and i had never shared it on this blog or anywhere.
I assumed it was just a very creative dream where my Imagination was having fun with me.
The detail of the planets on the walls were very vivid until I saw a planet that really made me laugh out loud.
I talked out loud, This is amazing, and i thank my Imagination for this experience.
The egg timer shape the medium talked about was the planet i was laughing about.
2 planets merged together and some how, It still had an ocean, land and an atmosphere.

And all them years i left it as a creative amazing dream.

So back to the medium.  Why did she pick up on that dream? Is that dream more important than i originally thought?

And some years later after hearing about the Dark Night Satellite that has been thought to have been up above earths  atmosphere for well over 10.000 years.

Maybe I dreamed of being on board of that satellite.
And maybe it is like a flying time capsule or a Museum and its purpose  to record activity on earth until the end, And maybe the planets i saw could be evidence of other planets observed.
Or currently being observed by other satellites all over the universe.

I am sorry that i have only just decided to share this with you,  maybe there is something important about this that needed to be shared,

Friday, 10 July 2015

Petri Dish Earth and a planet in a sun

Imagine Earth is a place in a scientists
petri dish pressed into a plane of ice scales heights taller
than anybody could go.
Very bad weathers and protective forces prevent any man from being able to see beyond these walls and the world forces work together to prevent expeditions and to keep the Antarctic   secrets sealed for ever.
To control the people of earth, all nations needed to work together if they were to rule their people.

Imagine zooming out from our Petri dish Earth and we see
vast ice deserts and then other Petri Dishes with other civilisation within.
and then we zoom out even more and then we see there could be thousands of worlds living in this huge plane and we soom out even more and see that thousands of petri dishes starting to curve around a giant ball that makes up a bigger planet the size of our sun maybe.

when a person you trusted all your life lies to you,
its like an explosion in your face.
It makes the inner self shatter.
But what if we have been lied to and we have spent all our lives taking for granted that the earth is a ball.
Because endlessly we are shown a spinning earth.

During the eighties BBC television ends the night with a 
spinning world rolling over a flat earth view.
Is there more to this than what meets the eye.
Its like every night BBC make sure every body sees a turning globe, Imprinting the thought of earth being a ball.

A few years ago I dreamed i was flying in space, and I saw  what looked like a giant ball of fire like a sun.
In this dream, i could feel the searing heat all over my body.
I knew that the pain was just caused by my mind and nothing else.
I decided that i will fly into this sun directly and charged towards it in such high level of pain but I didn't give up.
My face was so hot I had to close my eyes just for a moment.
and then something un expected happened.
The flames passed and I didn't expect to see what i saw.

It seems that what i thought was just a sun, was in fact the atmosphere  that was surrounded in what looks like a sun layer.
I could see blue sea and islands far below the sky.
I was very well over whelmed to such a point that i forced myself to wake up so that i can write this surprise down.
Because I could feel everything, I decided that I would like to try and come back another day as i was very high up from the surface and already egger to research my find online when i woken up.

What if the sun is really a giant planet surrounded in fire?
or maybe its not, but somewhere out there in space, surly it cant be impossible right.

Many years ago I saw a Medium in Skegness, She picked up on a dream I had, Regarding a space craft and a egg timer shape came out strongly to her.
I had never told anybody this dream and never thought it had any real  significants other than just a great Dream.
In this amazingly realistic Dream i was in a space craft over looking earth, In this space craft there was a corridor with glass windows at the side giving me the epic earth view.
Bur what got my attention was the large pictures of planets on the wall, as i walked along amazed by the strange planets that i have never seen before, different to the ones we seen in our solar system, then as i walked a long, a planet made me laugh out so hard, as i was laughing at my own imagination because it was showing me something i was sure that wasn't my own thoughts that were involved.
The medium i talked to mentioned space craft and egg timer
shape and I was looking at a planet that looked like two planets merged together, the laughing didn't take long before i was woken laughing  my head off.
I just thought it was an amazing creative idea than thinking it could really exist.

Regardless of my experience, we still can not ever know if earth is round or flat unless we 100% trust the words of people we don't even know.


Friday, 6 February 2015

Dream of Falling Birds and an almost invisible disc in the clouds

I recently had a dream about lots of birds flying in the sky as if they were racing away from something, They suddenly plummet to the ground every where they fell ,including Crows and Swans Geese and herons and pelicans.
Hitting car widow screens with sounds of lots of windows being cracked and people running for cover as some of the birds beaks seemed the main threat has they fell everywhere.
Not long after i notice a group of people looking up at the clouds at what looked to be a large cloud and sky camouflage round disc that looked like some kind of cloaking device that was meant to stay hidden, It was as if there were space crafts observing the planet before something bad was meant to be going to happen and they were just spectating an event that was about to un fold on our planet.
Sometimes my dreams show me versions of my own future and they have come to pass, for real in my life.
I said to the people, Why are you people just looking up at it when you should be filing it with your phones.
As soon as i said that, people lifted up their devices to recording it.
Then i had a brain wave and said dam it, then somebody asks me whats wrong?
I then said there is no point in recording anything, because this isn't dam real and that means nothing is being recorded, and i decided that i didnt want to waste myself explaining it to the Dream people.

When we Dream our rationality is compromised and we often delay realizing that we are dreaming but the rewards of knowing as soon as possible are amazing as you can live a double life with one version where you have telekinesis and the ability to fly and control time and space.
Conquer all your nightmares so that you can stand still in your dream world and listen for other peoples nightmares as you leave your own Dream Bubble to enter another persons world and help them conquer their nightmares.

The name i have for this ability is Dream Walking

if you look in my archives you should find some true stories that express moments in my life where i talked with people  in Dreams before talking in real life.
The 1st Dream walk was so overwhelming that i denied it ever happened and that meant i had to lie to myself becoming a war between logic and reality
Read my Dream same Dream.