Wednesday, 5 August 2015

I visited the Dark Knight Satellite overlooking earth

About 7 years ago a friend suggested i go visit her friend in Skegness who did fortune telling and was told she was a very honest down to earth person because of the recommendation i thought what harm could it do to at least test her abilities out for myself.

This woman picked up on a dream that i had at least 7 years before this blog.
She said there is some kind of space craft and that an an egg timer shape was important.
I had  a very clear view of a passage way with a wall of images of other planets on my left.
On my right was large windows over looking earth.

I had never told anybody about this dream and i had never shared it on this blog or anywhere.
I assumed it was just a very creative dream where my Imagination was having fun with me.
The detail of the planets on the walls were very vivid until I saw a planet that really made me laugh out loud.
I talked out loud, This is amazing, and i thank my Imagination for this experience.
The egg timer shape the medium talked about was the planet i was laughing about.
2 planets merged together and some how, It still had an ocean, land and an atmosphere.

And all them years i left it as a creative amazing dream.

So back to the medium.  Why did she pick up on that dream? Is that dream more important than i originally thought?

And some years later after hearing about the Dark Night Satellite that has been thought to have been up above earths  atmosphere for well over 10.000 years.

Maybe I dreamed of being on board of that satellite.
And maybe it is like a flying time capsule or a Museum and its purpose  to record activity on earth until the end, And maybe the planets i saw could be evidence of other planets observed.
Or currently being observed by other satellites all over the universe.

I am sorry that i have only just decided to share this with you,  maybe there is something important about this that needed to be shared,

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