Thursday, 31 January 2008

Shadowed World Spoken

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

This story will be start here on this blogger very soon.
When i know i have the people ready to read this amazing story that i have just wrote.
Until then please check out my other creative short stories.
Just check the arcives and you will see some other amazing stories.
here is a few words from a poem i wrote based on this story:
Tree's Al!ve Tree's are slow.
But in a Time where we don't know!

Saturday, 19 January 2008

spontaneous synchronized randomness

What does spontaneous synchronized randomness mean you are asking yourself!
Well its a Very very rare Moment where 2 people Dream the same Dream.
It took me almost half my life since i had my 1st experience.
I have had 2 experiences so far. The 1st one i met a person in real life from a dream weeks later and i was shocked about this for years. Here Read Dream same Dream now before i post the 2nd experience to this blogger
and please place you comments under this post thankyou and Good Will Blogging!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Waking in My Sleep

My Favorite way to Enter a Lucid Dream is explained in this Picture that i have made for you as my Example.

The Black and white represents Normal dreaming.

The Color represents Waking in your sleep.

When i see a Building tall and old in my dream its my trigger as a Reminder about waking in my sleep.

I make my way to the top of this tall Building and stand on top looking down at the gloomy twisted dream world I'm in!

I know this is a Dream and have 100% confident's that if i jump off i will not hit the ground.

So i jump off the edge and can feel the falling effect inside! And just as i get close to the ground i swoop up and pull a Loop of Confidence and then my dream turns into a Lucid Flight.

Now its sunny and detail is so perfect and clarity so acute and light glistens off the water and i even love it when i am flying over trees and each leaf and branch full of color and perfectness.

Looks amazing when i look at my feet flowing over the Meadow's and rivers.

But to start with its important you over come all fear in your dreams.

Then i can help you all have dreams like this.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Waking nature (poem)

Rivers that slivers along straights and rounds.
Swirling the rocks and ambient sounds .
Swirling the rock and reeds that sway.
Through the night until the growing day.
Before the sun goes high in the sky.
The hazy mist flows mystically by.
Projected light beams streak through the trees .
A essence of lavender is blown through a breeze.
Combined with the fresh of the morning due.
And the rising sun to a morning of the new.

Shadowed world (Poem)

living in a shadowed world.
wrapped in a wall of light.
Imitation by hands.
Imitated by shadowed sight.
A shadowed man and his shadowed dog walk this shadowed land.
Their legs are long and stretched over the sharp yellow sand.
Meaning the sun is about to set itself into the cool deep ocean. Where the whole world thrives on the cool deeps motion.
Shadowed sand hills and puddles in a pot.
The winds blow sands

that were cooling from hot.
The long dark shadows stretch over the sands.
Joining up shadows to other great Lands.
Now Its our turn to join the shadowed world
in this shadowed land.
We close our eyes to turn off this world that we know.
To wake in our dreams where anything can go.
Now we have adventure in our mind.
Of creatures and places of all kind.
Looking, focusing on my hands.

Clarity comes clear now.
I’m awake in my dream now.
The world i’m in as a trickling stream.
The one thing I do know!
Is this is a Lucid Dream.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Neutral World (Poem)

As I sit in a room without a light.
The sun sets into the mellowed night.
Neutral colours surround me.
Neutral colours astound me.
As i look into the pale blue trees.
The air is a sent of a old oak breeze .
I rest my head by the window sill.
The light cool wind gives my fringe a frill.
The whole worlds time comes to a stop.
The moment is Focused to this time right now.
Clarity surrounds me.
Clarity astounds me.
As the world begins to reset its self.
To give birth to a brand-new day.

when the world turns to dark.
The Cats knock the bins ,and the dogs will bark.
As the world shuts thy eyes.
Peace over whelms and the fox cub cries.
As I set my head down to thy bed.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Dreaming of other Life

When I went to sleep yesterday morning my friend called to log on computer.
My computer ended up doing a important Virus scan and I needed a bit more sleep to get right again.
I had an amazing Dream I dreamed I saw lots of wildlife that don’t exist.
I saw a new kind of reptile about as big as a flat rugby ball.
It had shiny Clammy skin and it had the ability to change color far beyond what I have ever seen from chameleons.
The lizard scales were so tiny and seemed to create pictures of flowers and butterflies over its body! and it could mimic surrounding things perfect like having a HD TV all over its body.
I also saw other kinds of reptiles that looked slithery and different colors and textures.
They seemed to have amazing ways to adapt the world as if they were a new level of Advanced Creatures.
The lizard that looked Dark purple Splodge caught my eye with interest.
Also I found I had a fishing rod in my hands and tossed it towards the pond and missed that pond and it went into another pond beyond that one!
I got a bite and could see into the clear water and saw the fish wobbling its body.
I reeled the fish in from the water!
I noticed it wasn’t a fish anymore, it was some kind of river rodent.
It looked up in to my eyes ! it seemed paused!
But the eyes still looked into mine! The teeth seemed to stick out its mouth and they seemed to go up to nose and chin.
Because of the strangeness took the rodent and placed it back onto the river bank.
The pond turned into a river! As things seem to blend and change in dreams.
The Rodent seemed to stop being paused state and started walking along the bank.
Then when it went into the water it was a Fish again!
.The best thing was! This was a vivid dream.
Color was perfect but I felt like I was focusing on a normal dream and that I was awake in it.
Instead of going for a full Lucid Dream! I just enjoyed focusing on Randomness.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Destiny is Chocolate

Today is December and the weather is heavy cold icy rain.
And for this one man, life was about to show him how to get to know his true feelings.
His Name is Wayne, he has left everything to the last moment as usual
He decided that he would surprise his girl friend as she gets off the train.
So as he goes to the main street shops they all start closing the shutters.
As the woman of the flower shop was bringing down the shutters with a Stick.
Wayne asks please please may I buy some flowers?
The woman said sorry we’re Closed now.
Wayne then pointed at the Opening and closing times by the shutters. And said you have still got 5 minutes left before you close.
Please let me buy some flowers or I shall report you.
The woman of the shop then left the shutter half pulled down and ducked under and Grabbed a bunch of red Tulips and said here don’t report this.. Please take these (she was worried then)
Wayne then hands her a £10 note as she waves her palms left and right and said no don’t worry its fine.
As he only had a short time to wait till his girl friend arrives he didn’t want to hang about so he just said Thank you very much and I hope you have a Merry Christmas.
She was just finishing pulling down the shutter when she turned and gave what looked like a fake smile.
As Wayne made is way to the train station.
There stood a festive stall full of wonderful gifts.
Wayne is drawn towards the stall only by the wonderful colors.
As he browses the items the Lady behind the stall asks I know what you need.
She goes behind the Stalls Curtain and pulls out a Large Box.
Printed on the Box was: Destiny is Chocolate and the main color of the box was Gold and purple
(like a two tone texture you see on cars).
There was also a Huge Red Metallic Ribbon Binding the Box.
As the lady hands over the box she say’s this isn’t an ordinary box of chocolates.
This box will guide you where your heart is meant to be.
Wayne then pictured his girlfriend in his mind smiling at him when she see’s him hand over the chocolates and flowers.
How much is that? The lady said £45.
Wayne was still thinking about his surprise and didn't argue about the price and just paid and said Merry Christmas.
Oh no the train has already Arrived! it’s a bit early.
Wayne looks up and down platform as water starts splash out on to the platform floor before him.
Narrowly missing it but then when he looks around the side of the water pouring down he notices his girlfriend walking towards the wall.
But then he notices a man walk away from the wall and they both start kissing and hugging.
Wayne was silent and just paused a moment.
He was so upset that he walked under the water pour and let the water splash over him.
Has he tried to focus is mind, he realized how cold it really was.
He looked towards the waiting room that was looking quite empty, just like his heart felt at that moment.
He placed the chocolates on the table and with the flowers and clicked the switch on the wall for the heater.
As he sits there feeling sorry for himself looking towards the heavy rain beating down.

He decides to open the chocolates and indulge himself to maybe help him not feel bad.
As Wayne always loved chocolate when it was raining outside as this seemed to be his only way to reach his own comfort zone.
So Wayne pulls away the nice ribbon and lifts off the lid and see’s an amazing collection of Gold foil wrapped chocolates.
He then starts eating them un peeling the foil and cracking into the chocolate into a soft fondant center.
They were so addictive too. After one followed another and so on!
Strangely they didn’t seem filling at all.
It didn’t seem to feel like it was reaching the stomach.
Only could feel the texture in the mouth until it seemed to evaporate as it went down the throat.
She wasn’t wrong about these are not being like other box’s of chocolates.
After about 10 minutes Wayne had just eaten the whole tray.
He still felt like eating whole lot more.
So lifts up the tray and notices another tray of chocolates and he is relieved to know this.
So he got started on the next layer and then the next layer and so on.
Two Hours later Wayne has got through seven layers of chocolates and then stops to think.
This box is only about an inch thick! And yet I have eaten seven trays full.
As he looks inside the box and notices that its deeper inside than it is out side.
When he looks from the side with his head tilted sideways he puts his hand in to the box.
Until he could feel the next try.
Wayne was amazed to find that his arm went nowhere and this fascinated him now.
So Wayne started getting more trays out the box and piling them up all over the waiting room.
The box size was so wide he could crawl in.
Also the Gravity in the box was different than what he’d expect.
When he crawled into the box he would not fall! it was like he was crawling on the floor but downwards.
Wayne got a rhythm of flow going getting out yet more and more trays.
By now the waiting room had about 150 trays of chocolates stacked up all over the place.
Then he started to get tired and just laid there in this cardboard Tunnel thinking what he was doing was crazy.
Has he lays there in the dark he can hear a shuffling sound coming from the other side of the wall of chocolates.
He is now feeling a bit tense now as he lifts his head to face the trays.
And then a light seemed to shine around and through the tray.
It got brighter and brighter then suddenly!
The tray seemed to fall inwards then a bright light shined directly into Wayne’s face.
Then when the light was lowered.
There was a back light casting the woman’s shape towards him.
Wayne ask hello what brings you here?
She then replies wow you can speak English and you look just like us.
Wayne said you speak just like people where I live.
She said: I had the box was given to me from my Ex Boyfriend who only bought these as away of saying he is seeing somebody else and he is leaving me.
Wayne told her that he bought the chocolates for his girlfriend who ended up seeing somebody else.
So in a way we both have that in common.
So what is your name? Sandra and what’s yours?
My name is Wayne.
Nice to meet you Wayne fancy coming around to my place for a drink?
Wayne looked back on himself and noticed a long tunnel behind him and said oh yes sure we go your place.
So Wayne crawls forward as she crawled backwards.
Until they came out into a pink filled room of hearts and stuffed toys and posters on the wall.
And playboy symbols about the place.
Wayne said can I just look out your window? Sure go ahead.
As he looked out the window he notices that he is in the same town and that Sandra’s chocolates must have came from same Lady at the stall.
And yes the Lady was right when she said:
This box will guide you where your heart is meant to be.
I’m getting on well with Sandra and i’m Happy and I feel this time it its right.
They lived happy ever after.
What happened to the box’s you are thinking?
Wayne went and fetched his box from the waiting room and found an extra good use for the box.
He sent his box to his friend Nie, his great old pal in China .
Now Wayne and Sandra can both have Fresh Chinese food direct.
How kool is that?
The End