Sunday, 12 December 2010

Astral projected Quantum Travel?

Few days ago i had a very strange thing happen!  I don't know if i can call it a dream!  Because it was so solid and real!  I was in the body of an old man! i looked into a mirror of a dresser and when i lifted my hands to my face i could feel everything!   I still had hair but was bald in the middle from back to front!  and could feel the hair in my fingers! I was very careful as i didn't know how i was to get out of this body.  I noticed the year 1124 on a stain glass window that seemed to project its self onto the bedroom Floor.
And i also noticed a window to my left that over looked some open space inside a Roofed Area!
This man that i was just for a few seconds!  was it me in the Future! or was it somebody in the past!  or is it somebody who is alive now?  Did i some how quantum leap for a few seconds!  Or project myself randomly to another persons body?   The strangest part of this is that the man was in a room that was very simple! and if it was me in the future then i wonder why i was in such room! maybe it wasn't my place!
When i examined my head as the old man! i remember feeling dry skin on the back of scalp and this condition is a unique family dna passed problem! so this makes me think the man could possibly be related to my blood line.
If anybody could help me shed light or help me research this! then please get in touch.
I guess if time travel was possible in this way then i am sure we wouldn't be able to interact at the past or future as a law!  so this brings me a possible understanding that this must be somebody who is alive right now!
as my examination of my surroundings and control of the hands and face in the mirror were really happening in real time at a real place!   Possibly this could be Real Quantum travel or possession of a host from a person who is alive.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Strange MP3 Fly on my wall

Last night i had a very strange be insightful dream.
I saw a strange fly resting high on the wall in my home.
On closer inspection it looked like a Usb MP3 Player with wings and legs!
It was very strange!   its head seemed to look like it feeds on peoples love for music!
When people sit there resting the fly would draw musical vibes from its human host! and when it becomes well fed with musical memories it goes into a sex frenzy! and must use its blue-tooth ability to scan for Other nearby female inverted USB MP3 player flies to share the exciting vibes with.
In-fact even though i knew it was a dream!  i was amazed how amazing our imaginations can be and totally explored the randomness of a normal dream.
I call this unexpected creation in my dream a spontaneous innovative automatic invented idea.

Please comment any strange dreams you have had regardless of how silly they were.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Inception Truth and Facts

Inception has some real elements of truth within the movie.
I can say that its possible to fit a lengthy Dream in a minute of real time.
Dream Time verses Real time and the fact we don't realize strange dream happenings until we wake up.

But i have trained myself to use these moments to remind myself that its a dream!
This gives me to ability to focus on my dream world with the conscious mind i normally use in my woken life. Often when people do this for their 1st time, they often wake up! Because they have no experience of keeping calm and i noticed the best way to avoid waking up in this state! is to restrict a limit of too much logical decisions. I learned to keep logic at i minimal whilst still staying calm and focus! If you see a dream person and want to ask a question! Also keep that as simple as possible!
Only ask questions you would expect a simple answer! This way you will remember the details when you wake. Last night when i was sleeping i was walking around a vivid dream! It was almost Lucid! i was walking about the streets that i noticed was in very great detail.
As i walked up a side street up a worn out bricked path up a bit of a hill. And knowing i was dreaming i saw a middle age man walking up! I said hello! when he replied in English but with another accent i questioned his Origin. He said Bermuda. Then i thought to my self! Time to step up the questioning! I said" I have something really interesting to tell you"
The man said what is it? I replied well everything you see here right now is a Dream and not real.
The man said don't be silly and what makes you think that?
I replied" I know its a dream because i am having it right now!"
I said" i will prove it!" I said" In real life i can't do this!" I levitated down the cobbled path! And this man didn't want to accept that he was living in a Dream! he really wasn't happy at all!
This man was talking with emotion and was so independently speaking just like other dreams where i talk to dream people! He is the 1st to go off on one! and debate my knowledge!
If you look into my older posts you will find some other Dreams i had in the past! that will open your way of thinking of Dream people.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Crown Quest by Carol Hanley

lAbout the Author

Carol Hanley was Born in Nottingham and now resides on the east coast of England. She has always had great interest in mythology and early historical events, especially around the times when Christianity began to wipe out magic.
Story Information:
Fairies are not tiny fluttery beings no bigger than your thumb. They are tall and fair, like the forest elves Throughout their years in our world, they learned to build, to grow and create in such wonderful ways that out shone the achievements of man. They have an understanding of nature and all things living. Although some of the men lived and worked along side these wondrous beings, not all shared their love of them. Man became more powerful over time and had learned some of the crafts of the fairies and of the elves. Through their greed and lust of power, they turned on these earthly beings and mocked them. The fairies and elves had to fight back to protect the world they had created. In these times of war, the male fairies began to be born without wings, for they got in the way of fighting. It became a weakness to them. Now only the females were born with wings. Many of the fairies and elves fled from the large settlements...

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And when you have read this amazing book! please spread the word of this great writer and help get her writing and publishing even more great work.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Slowing down time for sleep

I have experimented with this ability for many years! I know that some people can go to bed and simply wake up and its time for work!
Awaking to them can seem instant.
With no knowledge of any dreams what so ever.
But for me dreams have been a powerful benefactor to my life!
Most people sleep for physical and mental rest.
But for me! Dreams offers me no mental rest! only a powerful experience as i go into deep sleep. I have found that i have been able to pop into deep sleep instantly have a long dream and wake up and look at a clock.
For example its 8:30am on my dial bedroom clock. then i close my eyes and have a good long dream and when i awaken its as if the hand on clock isn't moving. i proceeded to have lots of dreams and wake up over and over again. then finally i had to force myself to get up and check my mobile phone time! and to my amazement the bedroom clock was perfect time and working fine.
Also many years ago i experienced long dreams on a city bus in Nottingham when it was between train station and broad marsh shopping center. this is only about 1 minute between stops. But my time was measured as movement of bus. between these stops i woken and slept 3 times and each time i recall 3 full Dreams all of long lasting and full of adventure. and when i reached broad marsh i was a bit chuffed of what a discovery i just made!
All i know is that i can have long Dreams in a few seconds of real time.
I'm sure all of us can do this! its all in our own mind!
I only can slow down time in my mind! but i don't know if its possible to use this ability in our living world.
But if anybody knows anything about this subject please get in touch with me i will welcome any body with feedback and i am willing to help any research out there.
please send email to me at the following location:

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I found the ghost of my Child hood on Google Earth

I have decided to add a closer picture here because on the final video the picuture is a bit pixelated and i noticed that even i had trouble seeing it.
Here is the house i lived in between age 4-8 in the late 70s.
If you have been directed to this blog to get these Co-ordinates then please do the Following.
Simply copy 53°14'51.29"N 0°30'52.53"W
and paste this code into the google earth search bar and hit enter. then click on the bubble to get house window view and simply zoom in.
This picture is very clear! and you have good chance of seeing the ghost.
This will prove that i have not done any effects.

Please Return Here soon! and i will share my childhood memories! the stange ones!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Dreaming of another Dimention

A few years ago i Dreamed of visiting another dimension.
It was a Very vivid dream indeed.
I the air was lighter in taste and pressure and had a slight sweetness.
all my senses were going crazy! It was as if i just stepped off a plane.
Anyway i was walking by some shops that were selling very strange looking items from
Gadgets, clothing and also Furniture designs really were different.
The buses and Cars had the driver sitting in the middle front. This looked more strange on a Double Decker bus! Its like evolution developed slightly different.
Also when i looked into the butchers shop! The meat was from an unknown animal
to me. the way it was lay ed out and shapes got me really curious! i just stepped in to have closer look and was asked can i help you? i just said its OK I'm just looking. the meat smelled very sweet. that was a enough with my curiosity.
Anyway! When i got outside again i asked a passer by what is this planet or place i am on! The reply was sarcastic but he said: E5 silly.
Then when i woken up! E5 was in my head for years!
I thought long and hard! we didn't have Internet back then! so i could not look it up or find out anything! so i thought maybe E5 is a Dimensional Address.
so today i typed in Dimension e5 on google and after 3rd list i saw this diagram that grabbed my attention because its like a picture i drawn years ago.
Its like i know what this in middle means.
I will make a video to explain very soon but all i can say right now is that its a diagram for opening a gateway to another dimension or plane beyond this.
the head of the forceps shape is the focused energy being magnified through combination of lenses to cause the energy to expand the targeted point!
Finding this lead me to another very interesting blog (COSMIC CIPHER) by
Kathryn Cassidy here she has great wise wisdom and interesting subjects to talk about too.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Dream of 15 Moons

I Have been having very interesting dreams since the beginning of 2010.

The Dreams are so Surreal and yet clearly inspirational indeed.

A few days ago i dreamed i was outside amongst people going about their daily lives.

But i noticed something wonderful in the sky.

The blue sky was littered with many moons.

I was so curious that i wanted to know how many moons where around this planet.

I asked a passer by! i asked. Excuse me can you please tell me how many moons there are?

He Replied there is 15 moons in total.

This saved me counting. If i were to use a logic thinking and solving mind while dreaming like this i would surely wake up in no time at all! and then that will be this dream over with.

There was a moon that caught my attention more that the others!

This moon seemed as if it had a great big hole in it. That's what i thought with my dream mind. But my opinion now awake! I think it maybe some kind of lunar Eclipse creating that illusion.

What really surprises me about dreams like this. How does a mind generate such powerful experiences.

The Picture above is just an example of how the moons looked in the blue daylight sky.