Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Dream: when I Met Ned he Head

The dream of when I met Ned the Head.
I was going along in my normal dream as usual but something made me go looking around for something.
But when I approached a leafy hedge near the roots, the freakish disfigurement crawled out into the open, in a way that was to attract only my attention.
It said "Hello, how are you on this fine day"
I said I was fine but who are you?
I'm Ned and I'm am startled that you are not running away in fear like all the others.
Ned looked very strange indeed, he was a kind of mummified head in some shiny leather like skin and had legs like a tick that gave him the ability to crawl around under the hedge growth.
But after having a really great talk with Ned the head I discovered that he was a listener and also understood my points and he was amazing with media ideas and because he was so great, I noticed that some of his amazing ideas became famous in my dream and I told people it was Neds idea.
Lots of people wanted to meet Ned but I avoided that because people may judge him for what he looks like.
So as this dream memory is starting to fade away I am writing as much as I can right now to my best ability.
So there may be some gaps in detail.
I remember later that I made a animated video with music and song that would explain Ned the Head to the world.
And before my dream was over, Ned met the world and they worked together to create a body for Ned to walk around in.
It was like seeing a steam punk dressed person.
Ned was really happy with me for giving him a chance, and now he's loved by all.

Now I am awake thinking with my woken mind I am going to try and convert this dream into woken meanings.
It maybe that Ned the head was a representative of my own mind that has been withheld from this world for so long that it represented its self in my dream and used a way that it knew would catch my attention, and as you can see I am writing about it now so it's found away to communicate with me in my dreams.
Also I do feel the same way as Ned in real life, my disability causes me so much distress mentally and physically, (Ned missing limbs and a great mind trapped in a leather tick like body)
That's how I feel in the awoken world.
Maybe it's happening because I need to get my words heard by the world and I am really Ned the head as another way of speaking.
The human mind is more complex than I ever would have known.
If you were to record a video of your self when you are in ya 20s and then record your self in your late 30s and play the video back you will see a shocking thing. It's like the past self does not exist any more and has forever gone, diluted by all of them years experiences and the modern lingo of keeping up with the times, this changes us so much.

The main point here is, Ned the Head is a real person, just another side of my own personality making the most of a opportunity to make himself heard.

I will try paint a picture of Ned and add it here as soon as I can.

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