Monday, 1 May 2017

Dream About a Blue Plasma Horse

I had a Dream about a Horse that had chosen me as it's keeper of it's Soul,  This Horse was in fact laying on a large table and people were about to do some important operation to try save the little horse that was inside her.  Some one said to me that this horse is yours because she is connected with you spiritually.
I was asked to leave the room, whilst thinking to myself how wonderful it was to have been selected.
I have in real life, experienced a connection with a Cat to this kind of level,  And to have a Bond from a horse spiritually was easily understandable and accepted Instantly.

Mean while some time later in my Dream, I was told the horse and her foal have passed away.
I knew this was a Dream, But I still felt emotions to the loss.
Then I saw the Horse surrounded in a blue plasma waves all over her body,
She wanted me to know that dying was just the begging of her life and the Young one was in a greater place.
She wanted me to know that she will be able to continue her existence where ever I go, And the dream world was really a place that contained her.

Now I am awake, I wonder if the Blue Plasma Horse spirit rides on through me in my woken life or just in my dreams. That is yet to be discovered.
I might even think of having that as a Tattoo some day.

Also regarding the connection I had with my Cat,  I will write about that in this blog soon.