Friday, 21 December 2007

In Lucid Dreams you can Glide through the sky

In Lucid dreams you can glide through the sky.

In Lucid dreams you can fly fly fly.

Clarity is clear as there is no fear, in this alternate world there is beauty comfort and love.
Everything is in real time. Everything is great I feel fine.
I feel great, fine and contempt in this paradoxical universe of surreal wonder.

I can taste the air, so pure so clear.

I feel a wonder for adventure to where?

What is to come is this the land of the sun.

I fly over flowers, land and tree’s, I float down slowly and feel a breeze.

Fields of flowers sharp and clear.

why I wonder am I here.

Flowers are fresh, flowers are clean. What I wonder do they mean?

I feel the urge to want to stay, but I have to come back another day.

I have to wake to family and friends, and get through life’s mends and bends.

In Lucid dreams you can glide through the sky.

In lucid dreams you can fly fly fly.

When I leave this world I love.

I wonder why!

I dreamed I could fly.

wise words

Don’t use forceful thinking to write a poem.

Write the words as they come.

Take the words from deep inside.

Take the words from feelings & truth.

And maybe you could use the inspiration of your creative mind.

To make your words. . . . . . ART
Life is a contract bound by flesh and bone.
Only when you die the contract of life is broken

Waitning on Love

I see you there waiting at the bottom of the stairs.
You waiting patiently wondering is there a man out There.
Waiting for the man to take your hand. And take you to a the promised Land.
With this energy from his heart.
Love and trust binding.
Love that shall never part.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

My best friend ever was a dog called Kelly

My Bestest Friend ever was a dog called Kelly.
Maybe its all in my head!
I don’t know.
But when my Kelly got very ill. She grew a big sis on the lower part of her body! This prevented her from being able to walkon back legs.

when I was a kid I remember our family deluxe dog was put down as they assured us their were nothing the vets could do at all too help.

So thinking back to that moment.
I knew that when Kelly goes to the vet that I would never see her alive again.
I let her lay by my side and i treated this a my last moment I will ever know Kelly.
Then I did something I knew seemed silly at the time but I did it anyway.I put my hands over the sis and hoped and hoped it away. In my mind I visualized the sis being repaired.
Being creative helped me understand a way that I could repair her if I could.
I felt a warm feeling between my hands and her sis. I used thoughts of love and Concentration.. After many hours crying I fell asleep.
I felt a lump of sadness in my throat when I awoken.
My pillow was Drenched in tears. And the next morning I noticed Kelly could walk.

The next day she could run. A few days later the sis had totally gone.
And there was no sign or mark of there ever being a sis.

You don’t have to believe me at all.
But I had my dog recover from a condition known as un curable.

I got these extra bonus years from her.
That’s all that mattersI’m not trying to claim I healed my Dog.
Even though it looks that way.
Maybe I want other people to know they may have a chance like me also.
Maybe we all can heal our pets.
I have learned something very important about this.
When our Dog gets older and lives pass his/her old age.
Healing will be more difficult because you have to understand complications that old age brings.
Healing a sis was easier because it was seeable.
But when the body don’t take food any more and starts failing.
That’s too hard to heal because its complicated.
I cant bee greedy! i have the extra years i could have not had.

Five years later Kelly died of old age. I knew that this time around I had to let her go! I never tried to heal her this time. Because Its hard too cure something you don’t understand. The sis was easy to pinpoint. But in age there is to many complications at the same time. Anyway that’s
I’m getting emotional as I write this for my Blogger.

Kelly is looking at me here without looking direct.

This is the common way a Yorkshire Terrier

looks when Over happy or shy.

Any true dog owner will know what i mean.

Monday, 17 December 2007

Coins of Destiny

Michael is on holiday with his family.
The year is 1987 and we are staying in a caravan in Ingoldmels .
The weather seemed so fine and perfect that it just seemed to good to be true.The week before we was going to go on holiday Michaels stomach churned and made him feel sick with excitement .
Anyway Michael is in the penny Arcade with a pounds worth of 2ps sagging down in his little pockets and also he has three 10 pence’s in his hand.
He has been holding the coins in his palm for about 30 minutes now and they must be getting hot and sweaty while he stands next to the Pac Land Arcade game.
The older lads are playing it all the time and he does not seem to be able to find Pac Land vacant at all.
He used to go and watch people on the Starwars Arcade game but changed his interest when the music from Pac Land attracted his attention.
As he stood there he looked towards the After Burner Arcade game (The one with the moving seat).
And then he notices the man wearing really cool clothes standing by looking towards him.
The man looked like he was from some Sci-Fi convention or something.
Then he holds up 2 shiny coins and then with his hands he makes a suggestion that seemed as he was beckoning Him to come an try.
So Michael then went over to the strange man to see what he wants.
He says to Michael: Hey kid you look bored and fed up.
Michael said I want to have action packed fun and don’t seem to be able to get it with just three 10ps and a bag of twos.
Michael asks what is your name?
I’m sorry I cant tell you that! But I can do you a great deal.
I will give you these to single coins for you bag of 2ps.
Michaels eyes opened wider and then squinted because of the light reflecting off the coins.
Oh these are not just any coins! They are ever lasting Time travel Coins.
What I mean is when you place them into a machine like Afterburner the coins Nano atomic partial generator Causes a controlled power serge.
Then the person on a seat of machine will vibrate into atomic particles, then re assembles them in the coordinates that the coin is programmed.
The coins I will trade with your 2p’s only move in 10 year cycles.
We did experiment with 1 year and 2 years coins.
But that made jumping more dangerous because of the amount of jumps it can take to get back to you time again.
To many jumps in 1 hour can really effect us and can also give us radiation sickness if used that often.
So I recommend you never jump over 4 times In 1 hour.
The less jump the better. Its safe if you stick to these rules.
The coin automatically seeks out gaps that don’t have anybody playing or looking at the machine so you can arrive comfortably.
Michael takes the heavy bag of 2p’s out of his pockets and hands them over.
And then the 2 coins are placed into Michaels hands.
The man then gets onto the game and places one of his other coins in.
And Michael is overwhelmed with excitement when he sees the man fizzle out.
As Michael stands there looking at the shinny coins his younger brother David comes over after spending all his 2ps and is now bored.
He says are you going on After Burner?
He says yes I am! here David watch this!
Michael pushes in the forward 10 year coin and looks at his brother as he hit’s the Start Button.
Michael can see David fizzle away from his point of view.
Also he feels very warm because of the intense vibrations of the seat.
Then after he reaches is destination he thinks to himself that was fun then he collects the coin back out of the Reject and drops in for another go.
Then he fizzles away ones again.
But this time he enters the arcade In 2007.
He finds himself in a Dusty storage room sitting on the dusty seat.
The machine wasn’t even turned on or plugged in.
The air is choky and this makes Michael couth and then he gets up and then walks up to a wooden door with a code press panel on other side.
But when Michael leaves the store room he thinks ahead and turns on the snatch from the inside of the door thinking about is return trip later.
As Michael walks onto the shop floor he is totally blown away by immense graphic’s on these games.
Its like seeing something before a mind is ready to know.
He Notices that games have more controls and look a lot more frighteningly real compared to what he was used to.
Then Michael is drawn to the retro lounge where he sees Pac Land all by its self and ready to play.
He could almost imagine a heavenly light beaming down from an heavenly cloud like in sword in the stone.

So he walks happily towards the game and then he takes out his three 10 pence’s and places 2 against the screen ready and goes to put in the other 10 pence smiling with excitement.
Then he is struggling to poke in his 10p, It wont fit! Why will it not fit he thinks to himself.
He walks over to the penny falls and looks through the glass at the 10 pence’s!
They look the same but they are smaller.
Has he looks inside glass screen a woman drives by towards the change booth on a electric scooter!
She drops a £10 note and out her fingers caused by the breeze she created from speeding.
Then as she backs up to collect her note! She hit’s the 10p penny fall machine with back bumper.
And Michael saw a shiny small 10p fall into the metal pocket.
He now smiles has he is one step closer to getting to play Pac Land as he has now got the correct size 10p.
As he walks towards the retro lounge he notice a 30p slot was short of a 10p for a whole credit.
He thought to Himself that he could do with more 10ps for Pac Land incase I need he needs to continue.
So he drops his 10p into a Elvis slot machine and hoped.
Then he hit auto play and he got 3 green single bars and that won him £3 instantly.
He could have gambled more but he knows he has got what he needs to play Pac land.
Michael then goes to change booth and asks to change the £3 into thirty 10 pence’s.
The woman behind the coin dispenser said you look very retro young boy! As she presses the coin dispenser lever 3 times.
And Michael looked at her and gave a confused fake smile has he scooped out the 10s from the Pocket.
Because he didn’t know what retro means.
Now at last he walks towards Pac Land once again! But this time he’s ready to play because he is ready to pay!
Then he pulls up a stool to sit on and relaxes a moment and then says to himself here goes.
He lines up his 10pences and gets started strait away.
The screen starts with the words Act 1.
Michael plays to his hearts desire and soon he reaches as far as the game could go and he only used 3 credits.
He had picked up his skills from watching the older boys play and taking in what he saw.
Has Michael walks over the shop floor he is thinking about going back to 1987 but before that he thought he should try his luck on the 10pence penny falls.
So he digs his hands in the saggy pocket of change and takes out about six 10 pence’s and he drops 1 then 2
Then another and nothing fell! Well they did but they fell down the side pockets.
When he dropped in the sixth coin and watched it bouncing on the Pins he noticed it was his coin that was for taking him back to his time.
But the coin landed in a feature coin slot and the Color TV screen behind the penny fall showed like a puzzle game and that was going crazy maybe because of the electricity in the coin.
When the coin reached the moving platforms it tries to repel itself away from normal coins and in doing so it pushes almost the entire coin contents into the metal pocket. Along with itself hidden amongst 100s of 10pences.
The woman at the change booth heard the noise and Michael looks toward the booth and can see her on the way after closing her booth door fast.
When she come around the corner she says what has happened here! She is thinking that the Penny alls has be fiddled or something.
She says Stop that right now! But Michael is focused on finding his coin.
Then he find his coin laying flat at the bottom of the huge pile he grabs the coin and he says i got what I want.
The woman is onto security with her radio! She’s telling them to come and sort a person who has been tampering with the machine and she tells Michael to wait right there! She is busy also picking up the coins.
So Michael can see this is a chance for him to get back.
Michael runs to the store room door while the change booth lady watch’s on.
He then goes to the After Burner and looks for the plug and the plug socket.
Whilst he looks he can hear the woman and the security guards.
He finds a plug socket and turns it on.
Then he quickly sits down on the seat of After Burner whilst it boots up.
The staff have just come into the room and the security are just about to grab Michael by the arm when he just drops in the backwards coin and hits start.
He fizzles away right before their eyes.
When Michael reaches 1997 he collects the Coin and pushes it in again and goes back to 1987.
And then has he Fizzles back he can see his brother David still looking.
Michael gets off the game and David says are you not playing?
Michael just says I have had plenty of action for today I’m ok.
Then he gives glen some change for the game and he smiles at me as if i’m messing him about.
He says that the 10 pence’s are too small and they just drop through to the reject.
As David re tries the coins he puts the coin I left in the game back in. The one that goes backwards.
And as he could see David Fizzle away. He did not return in the seat like I did.
Oh gosh Michael thought to him self about his brother going with only one coin and that is backwards only.
So he went to ask a engineer when this After Burner was installed.
He said it was installed this morning!
So he had a Think about what the guy said about the coin seeks out a safe location in time to allow person to arrive safely.
So I am sure he has got to be here somewhere.
This day has got to be the day .
Then a rubber orange Sucker Dart sucks itself to my Fore head.
David has been shopping by the looks of it!
Michael says hey David where you get all that money?
Well he said: When I realized I was a few hours back in time I remember a machine that paid out to somebody else so I decided to go on it 1st.
And now I have £10 left! I have been having to wait till my other self has gone before I see you again.
so I just went on the rides on the fair.
Has David and Michael walked back to the Caravan park Michael says it took me 20 years to get ago on Pac Land.
The End

I am Back

Hello every body i went to see war of the worlds musical at the Nottingham Arena on the 15th.
It was great to see the music being played live as you cant fake real music like this.
Thats why i was unable to add a new story on this blogger.
But dont despear as i have a story i wrote on Saturday on my way to Nottingham.
Just keep your eyes open My friends and fans. try and be 1st to see my new story and please comment as you dont need to log in to leave your words.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Midnight Train

Hello is me Michael again.
I’m waiting for John here in the Weatherspoon pub as were going to have a drink as its my Birthday.
I don’t mind having parties but not for getting older.
New years parties are great unless we have had bad memories of the year just gone.
But look at the bright side we can make a good plan for the future to make up for it,
Here comes my good trusting mate john.

Hey what you been up to buddy?

I was stuck in the dam queue at the bus stop.
At least ya here now.. Take ya coat off what ya want a pint of?
I will have….. A try of the guest beer!! That one there, Combined harvest ..
OK make that 2 bottles of that please,.
We get our bottles and sit at our raised table on the tall dark wooden Stools.
In fact this Beers is might good stuff, I really love it.
On the bottle it says it has 4 different grains in it. Wheat,barley, oats and rye.
I’m loving this very much.
As we sit having our drink a lady in Tight Black Leather costume walked up to a bunch of loud Drunken students. one of them said hey baby.
She then turned around and said Hey Baby this this is your luck day.
She hands him and his mates a Ticket…
She looked at me and john but did not hand us a ticket at all.
I noticed some police coming in the front of the pub.
When I turned around the woman had gone.
And I saw 3 tickets Floating down to the floor that she must have accidentally dropped in a rush to get away.
The police ask has anybody seen a woman in a Black leather skin tight outfit come by here?
The students whispered to each other and decided to say no and they looked towards me and john as if to tell us to say the same thing.
So we said sorry we did not notice.
The police had a dog with them that pulled them to the back yard to the Brick wall.
The dog started looking up and Barking.
It was not just a leaflet! It was a Ticket to something really special.
It Says in Big letters The Midnight Train.
It was a Train Night Club or something like that.
It says This is your v.I.p. Invitation to a new rage of fun.
All the 4 students had a Ticket each and myself and John.
We looked at each other with smiles…Oh yea!!!
The Students say to us… See you both at the train.
Without a doubt we will not miss this for the world.

It says on ticket that the train arrives on Saturday 25th.

Today is Saturday 25th and on the Ticket it says the Train will show up on Platform 3b at 12 Midnight sharp.
It warns people not to show up until at least 5 minutes before and no earlier because of this exclusivity of this invitation.
Right now is only 7:37pm and we only have a few hours to wait.
Well john this has got to be the best Birthday Gift of all.
You have been so good with setting this all up for me.. You are such a great mate.
John didn’t say it wasn’t him at 1st because he would have liked it to have been his planning.
We had a few drinks in town and had a Kebab at the Kebab shop near the station.
My mouth was burning as I went crazy with the chilly sauce! Maybe because I was served by a nice woman and when she asks how much chilly sauce I want.
I just said give me plenty, keep going i’m not fussy .
Then she gave me a grin as I paid and walked to the table by the wall.
Ahhh I said to john.
My mouth, My Mouth , My mouth is on fire,,, We don’t need no water let the flipping mouth burn.
Then we just laughed silly.
I started with the hiccups which always happens to me when I have chilly.
So I ask the lady can I Hick! Can I Hick! Sorry I mean can I Hiccup a can of Dandelion and burdock hiccup.
She had a difficult time understanding me but she could understand me pointing at the drink.
I got my can and pisssst its open and fizzes up and now I feel a lot better.
John whispers in my shell like ear.
Ask her if she wants to go on the Train with us..
OK I take out the extra ticket.
I show her where we are going tonight and she looks very surprised and said we close at 2am.
But for this I would close right now.
I would love to join you both on this great looking night out.
She then goes round back and turns every thing off and she is at the door before us.
Wow she is fast said john.
She pops off the lights and said i’m ready.
We only have 8 minutes till Train arrives according to the ticket.
So we make our way there.
As we walk onto platform 3b it seemed like nothing was going to happen.
It was dark and misty and chip papers blowing in the winds in a circle motion.
We have 3 minutes till the Train is meant to be here.
Are we on the right platform asks the girl from the kebab shop.
I think so.. I forgot to ask you your name? Oh sorry my name is (she paused a moment before she answers)
My name is Brenda.
That’s nice name, my name is Michael and this is John were just out to celebrate my birthday.
Its 2 minutes until the time of the Train and I can hear running taps but cant see through the think fog.
Then I see lots of People running towards this platform and I noticed the Student lads leading the run.
And they all stood waiting in the cold looking at the station clock.
Waiting for that final click of the Hand.
Then as they counted down from ten!
Something started to happen.
The fog got Thicker and there was a strange noise coming from the direction of the stations Viaduct tunnel.
It sounded like electricity with a scraping sound.
Then I could see Neon Blue strobe lighting as it got closer.
The fog seemed to glow as it twisted at the sides of the train.
The Train was tall and looked slightly Gothic with a Alienist style. At first I thought it was black but then I noticed it reflected blue like the feathers of a Jay bird
There was an amazing Beat playing with the grand slowing of the train as it comes to a halt.
As the people watch, they all look mesmerized but really excited about what they see.
I look at the clock and just when the hand ticked on to 12 midnight.
The sides of the Train came away from the roof and lowered down over the platform.
And yet more Strobe lights and Music would entice people to climb aboard.
Me John and Brenda decided to talk amongst our selves.
Should we go on this train or not?
Well it is your birthday and we came for a good time.
Yes but when we were in weatherspoon’s we saw police after that woman.
Maybe this train is Tax free and they want them for that.
Oh I never thought about it like that
Its amazing how much trouble that somebody has gone to for this train.
There is even Robots with ticket scanners in the Belly, how kool is that?
OK before we get on this train lets decided right now to stay alert all the time, but have fun.
As we walk to the trains side panel floor the Robot came and checked our tickets and then examined us with its scanner eyes.
It was like it was taking a 3d photo of us.
Then we got on the Train and the side wall Panel of train started to lift up.
As the doors were closing I saw police with dogs running from the fog to our platform.
Then we could not see them any more.
The side panel closed fully and there wasn’t any windows at all.
But there was nice music playing! It was too perfect and easy to like.
We couldn’t resist the power of this beat and we couldn’t control the movements of our feet.
Its like the music is a control method.
The more you are drunk the more the music could control the people.
Me and john were not as drunk as much as the other people on train.
But we could feel it trying to take control of our arms and legs.
Brenda wasn’t drunk at all.
I realized that we are the odd ones out here and I also worked out the reason we didn’t get a ticket.
The reason is because we wasn’t drunk enough and the lady in leather was looking only for very drunk people.
I told this to John and Brenda so we knew what we were up against.
We decided to pretend we are being effected by the music.
It seemed like this was some kind of experiment on people.
But who would do this kind of thing?
It is a great place I agree, and nothing in life is for free.
You have a great point says Brenda.
So we will just play along OK?
Brenda says I have something I must tell you both.
She whispers in our ears: I don’t really work at the Kebab house. I was relying on somebody to reveal this train to me.
I was working undercover whilst you have been a great asset to this mission already.
We followed you from the Weatherspoons since you lied to the police about not seeing the woman.
Them police have lie detector Devices and used you and john as a way to get me on this train.
We taken cctv footage and saw you get the 3 tickets so we hired out the kebab shop in the hope of getting a clue about this train.
So know you know who I am I do recommend you follow my directions when it need be.
Ok here comes a Shot drink serving robot! It has a woman’s voice and it says: Help your self to as many shots as you like. I was about to say i’m ok I don’t want a drink yet when the robot said what I was going to say as if it was a recording. Then the women’s voice said not having a drink is not an option.
Then the robot had some kind of Sound transfer device that created waves of very addictive music and I could even see the music waves. This made me feel real good and then i started to feel happy and overwhelmed and powerless to resist.

I said give me 3 shots of the Verry cherry .
I couldn’t control this power and to fight this would get us all detected as rejects.
So John and Brenda both played along and pretended to be really drunk and already effected by the drinks.
Brenda said here goes another shot. She says bottoms up like she is really drunk. Very funny actor.
I have now drunk 3 shots and feel the power of the music control my arms and it makes me want to dance.
Then the robot leaves us to attend to others.

We started to dance on the smoked out Strobe light dance floor.
John also was feeling the vibes of this amazing beat.
He also joined us at the dance floor.
Brenda said Fight this power and make this dance your own and then you should be able to take control of your own body again when it wares off.
If Brenda didn’t tell me.
I would have totally forgot ( I was so glad I Invited that woman)
Anyway! as we dance the night away the 4 guys we met at weatherspoons danced their way towards us.
One of them said I see you made it and who might be this fine lady then?
My name is Brenda.
Hello Brenda who is looking fine and slender.
We must carry on dancing and drinking now the music is so good we got to carry on.
So we carry on dancing the night away.
Then Brenda says I need to go to the loo be right back.
Ok Brenda.
Brenda walks to a robot and asks where the toilet is.
The robot says we don’t have a toilet.
And then the robot hits Brenda with a plasma wave and removes the need for the toilet by evaporating the contents of her bladder.
Brenda walked back over to me and says that’s strange!
What is?
I don’t need to go toilet now! And I was going to use it as an excuse to look around.
Brenda tells me that she has some patches that look like stickers.
But they are really are controlled explosives.
She shows me the stickers.
All the stickers have yellow smiley faces on them.
She gives us all stickers to stick on our selves (Non explosive ones) .
Then the plan is to Stick the explosive stickers on the Ticket robots and the drink Dispensers robots.
Here’s the plan.
We just go up to them happy and show them we are having a great time then we offer stickers as a thank you.
That sounds like a great idea.
If we give the 4 other guys some to stick on the robots it will give us more chance as there are a too many robots.
We have to stick non explosive stickers on the Drunk guys 1st so that they don’t demand a wrong sticker.
Good idea John.
As I dance my way towards the Ticket robot.
I smile and dance.
The robot releases Musical vibes that kind of take control of my dancing rhythm.
I say you are one amazing robot here take a happy sticker as a gift.
I slap it on his chest plate and the robot just carries on sending the vibes.
I ask the robot to hand my thank you stickers to the others.
Strangely it takes the tickets without a challenge.
I think to myself : they must be programmed strictly to satisfy the guest on this train until the right time.
So I dance my way back to Brenda and john who also have been busy with the stickers.
Now everybody is setup.
Now it’s a waiting game.
We haven’t seen anybody who is in charge of this train just these robots on here said john.
I know what ya mean i reply.
Brenda then gets out a larger Happy Sticker now this is the main sticker of all.
It don’t explode! It just dissolves hard metals when activated.
Down towards the wall at the direction the train felt like it was going.

Brenda sticks the large Sticker low on the wall.
And then we carry on dancing.
There was sensors on the floor that causes sprays of smoke.
I singled out the sensors so I told John to dance over it.
This blanked out the view of what we was doing from the robots who were busy controlling the Humans with there vibes.
Brenda activated the sticker by throwing a measure of verry cherry on it! The chain reaction with the spirit drink caused the sticker to dissolve the wall and make and opening that we could crawl through!
Brenda crawls through 1st followed by myself.
And when we stood up to look!
We was really in for a surprise.
There was synthetic people that looked like all of us on the Train.
They were dancing in the smoke just like we was.
The whole set up was like a copy.
But the people were just being detached from some kind of cord attached to the belly of all the people.
Then I could see the wall panel open on to the platform where we came from earlier.
Then John walked to me and said that he had good time and he’s going home now.
Then he steps off train with the other fake copies of us.
The door lifted up fast and closed fully.
I didn’t try to leave with John because I noticed he didn’t have any happy sticker on.
And i’m not going to leave without my real friends.
Brenda is a bit confused of what she saw and decided to go back into where us real people are.
As we joined back up with the real John we had to carry on as if nothing as happened.
We danced along with this amazing vibes then I told John about what we saw in that other room.
About seeing Copies of us get off the train.
Then a few seconds after that the beat started to slow down and the vibes reduced to nothing!
Our Bodies felt heavily dependent on this music and without it our bodies seemed hungry for more.
Then as the smoked died away the people started to come back to normal and realize they want to leave the train.
The robots all stand in a line.

Along the left side of the train whilst the drinkers were facing the wall they entered from earlier. They were looking for away out.
The robot far down the far end of the train Blasted sound vibes at a guy who tried to fight back.
The waves seemed to break up the guy into atoms and he was no more.
Then they started to blast more of us with the sound vibes.
Brenda said now we know they want to kill us! We will kill them.
Brenda opens a Gold locket and pushes a photo of her mother, then speaks the activate command
The words are: Protect us now my beloved Mother.
Then the stickers all exploded and all the robots parts flew all over the place.
I didn’t realize the Robots would take the stickers to their operator control! But thankfully they did.
The side panel is opening !
Yes I see that!
And we are still at the station.
As I look outside I see the police and there dogs! But they are not moving!
Also we see our copies standing there as if they was in a paused state.
A drunken man from our train attempts to get off!
I shout don’t go yet! Honestly please stay whilst we think this over
I ask Brenda! What do you think is happening here?
I don’t think we were meant to get off right now.
What about the copies of our selves?
Well I guess we need to replace them with us real people.
How we do that? I ask Brenda.
Well let me examine this damaged robot, its arm is still attached to the body and the lights are flickering still!
Maybe if I try this! Brenda joins 2 wires and a sound wave dissolves a shot glass on the floor.
Here we go Michael we have a Sound vibe atomic gun of our own now.
Here see if you can use it because it’s a bit heavy for me.
I face the arm towards our paused copies.
Hitting them one by one and vaporizing them all.
It was strange to blast not only yourself but you best mate too!
I know he wasn’t really him! But I makes ya wonder what it would be like if it was for real.
Now we are still left with a Paused platform and the time is still 12 Midnight and the police and the dogs still on way to the train.
Now everybody if we all step off this train. The time may catch up with us instantly or may not.
We maybe stuck in a paused state as there is nobody controlling the train any more.
So it is important we don’t leave this Train behind as we may be still paused from the trains perspective when we get off.
So we need to destroy the Trains time control 1st.
I used the arm against the Back of the train and dissolved the wall away.
I found a spinning metallic ball with energy running around it.
I then aimed the arm at the ball and joined the wires again.
Then as the vibes from the arm traveled to the ball! The arm lost all power.
Then john had a silly idea.
Why don’t we all just throw up all over the ball?
Well we have a lot of people with hangovers here.
Well I guess we have to improvise and try something.
Ok every body start puking up over the ball.
This was the worst site I ever did see!
The thick coating of this hangover soup seemed to do something to this ball.
It seemed to have effected the energy flow.
I could see the police and the dogs started to move faster.
The 4 guys we met at the Weatherspoons stood around the metallic ball and let out there juices spraying all over the ball.
It didn’t like it at all!
Started to get unstable.
Everybody! Its best if we all leave right now.
So we all step off the train and all go near the wall of the station.
We turn and watch as the Train Implodes on itself.
And becomes Nothing.
Then as the police run towards us all.They already knew Brenda,
And she ordered that the police step down.
Her partner in this undercover work was with this police force and wanted to know what the flash of light was that he just saw.
I will have to tell you about that later said Brenda.
These people need a place to stay as they have just been through a terrible ordeal.
But you have only just got here he said to Brenda. We have been following you.
Honestly I better talk about this when these are all somewhere warm.
Ok said her partner.
Brenda turned and said You and John were just great and I thank you very much!
And Michael I want to take you both out to the pub !
I told Brenda that would be really great and I said weatherspoons is good!
Ya get a free pint with ya dinner.
Make it Sunday with the Sunday roast.
She smiled and said ya on! Here’s my card with my number on.
As Brenda walks away I shout out!
Oh Brenda! me and John need a lift home, any chance?
She turns her head and says !
Oh no problem car or helicopter?
We just laughed and ran towards her!
Funny thing happened!
She wasn’t joking about the helicopter ride home.

The end

Thursday, 13 December 2007

-------------Aphrodite of the Water-----------

Sitting by the pebble dashed beach water trickling in between my toes.
We are not on a beach by the sea.
We are on the beach by a Crystal clear lake in the lake District.
Just parked up against the gravel while my brother David goes for a quick slash (Toilet) in a Bush.
I am sitting on the large rock splashing about.
Its me Michael but now I have grown up a bit more since my other stories.
I’m now 20 years old but still I am child at Heart.
When my brother gets back we will go onto the lake and explore.
10 minutes later…
We are floating in the middle of the 7 mile long ules water as David tucks into a 2 pack of cheese and onion triangle cut sandwiches!
And then he gets out a can that he tips over and pops in the bottom and he shakes it.
He has now got a hot cup of drinking chocolate.
As he tucks in I notice that the clouds in the distance seemed to show a spray of heavy rain.
So I tell David we need to find shelter as fast as we can.
There was like a strait line between calm water and rained on choppy water and it seemed to be getting closer every second.
I notice a Cliff.
It curved over the water and seemed our only chance.
There was some force in the water! Some current and there wasn’t anything to hold on.
I noticed a think branch floating by and pulled it to me with my paddle.
It was perfect for sticking in a gap in the wall then hooking on the boats rope.
Yea we will be ok now.
Then the rain really came down right close to the boat.
The rain then turns to Huge ale stones and starts really showing us what we just got away from.
Me and David were just amazed.
Then after about 5 minutes the ale starts to slow down.
And then suddenly a lump bounces on boat and hits me in the head.
Then as I shake my Head I notice the branch come lose so I grab it again and attempt to put it into another gap.
Then something strange happened.
The branch must have hit a Trigger or something because the hard cliff wall started to rumble followed by it splitting apart making a passageway where water flowed very fast to fill.
Our Boat flows along with this sudden surge of water.
It gets dark and we cant see anything any more but we can still feel our selves moving with speed.
Amazingly David does not seem to be amazed!
He is sitting there eating some Crisps and says do you want one Michael ?
I just couldn’t believe him sometimes.
Anyway soon I see a Light in the distance! It was bright green and blue and looked amazingly clean.
As we came out of this long Cave we were on another Lake but it was sunny and fresh and I could hear wild life and nature to such clarity.
I decided to pull up at the side and noticed the air smelled different too.
Even when I stepped out of the Boat David wasn’t even bothered he just sat there just gazing.
So I said i’m just going for an explore be back in a bit.
I found a river that ran away from lake that had perfect cut grass it looked very interesting to look at so I followed it for a short time before I noticed some strange fish like creature swimming along.
I was sitting on this perfect grass bank looking closely over the water and noticed long wavy tentacles all around the fish from its body.
It was as big as a Dolphin and had little fish swimming by it they didn’t have tentacles but they looked like they had teeth.
The fish seemed very important to them.
When the fish started to flow away down the river it slowed to a stop before it started to rise up out the water.
The long tentacles seemed to look like they was attached to a body of a woman.
Has she got higher she stepped onto the grass but she was facing away from me so all I could see is some legs behind the tentacles.
Then something wonderful happens.
Her Tentacles dried out and then split up and formed silky soft golden hair that flowed in the wind like water in a river.
It was wonderful.
Her body and her bottom was showing clearly.
she turned and faced me her whole body looked like it was glittered and her eyes were minty green.
And shined like Gems.
She walks over to me and asks where did you come from?
I said came from that cave over there..
But when she looked there wasn’t any cave at all just a lake as normal.
Then I thought only one thing! How will I get back.
What is your name? I asked her nicely.
My name is Aphrodite and this as been my home ever since I just developed in the water.
And I seem to have control on what happens here.
But im unsure what im meant to do!
As I look toward the mountains I noticed strange weather that seemed to look like rain of fire.
And in the sky looked like Clouds made of larva.
I ask Aphrodite how is that weather happening and why?
That has happened for as long as I remember.
And is controlled by Trona.
That is my younger sister. She is just playing.
Then I see a Six legged deer and her baby running away from the rain of fire.
As they seemed not far from me I hoped they would get safe.
But then the baby Six legged deer got hit and the mother was slightly hurt too.
I felt sorry for the baby deer so I went to see if I could help.
As I looked over the baby deer I saw it was really hurt and this made me really sad.
Aphrodite suddenly told her sister to stop the rain.
Aphrodite was interested in the emotion she was seeing and told her sister to come and take a look.
Michael as always been a lover of nature and to see this was hard.
Aphrodite asks me why your eyes run with water over this animal?
Where I come from, we cry because me lose something that we really like or love.
Even animals can make our eyes run water when they die.
We keep animals as pet or companions and they help us learn to respect each other more.
Aphrodite then says now you have helped me understand this feeling I am starting to feel this too.
We haven’t seen anybody like you before and right now you have helped me and Trona learn a beautiful emotion.
We thank you very much for this that we shall help you in what you want to do.
First I would like you to nurse this baby Deer to good health and help her grow up to good health with her mother.
Aphrodite says we will do this with honor.
Also can you open the doorway back to my place so I can go home.
Aphrodite’s sister said she saw how we came through earlier and said together they should be able to get us back..
If you go sit in your boat I shall push you back through the passage using my water form and my sister will use her fire power to open the passage back.
Ok thank you Aphrodite. No Thank you Michael for helping us understand ourselves and here is a give from me.
Aphrodite hands me a wooden calved stick with her face engraved on.
Here this is to remind you of me and your visit.
So I get back on the boat and David is still sitting there.
This time he‘s eating a cheese pasty and his head phones on with music blaring out.
Oh well.
Trona blasted the rock wall and it slides open revealing a passage but the current in the passage was flowing towards us and not away.
We needed a lot of power to get back.
But I under estimated Aphrodite’s swimming power.
She pushed us through the dark passage and Trona Lights the way with her fire.
And then just as I was about to leave the passage They said Good bye Michael we wont forget you ever.
Michael said you are very welcome.
Then the passage closed and they had gone.
David was drinking his Dandelion and burdock and I was rubbing my head.
He was laughing at me!
Why you laughing at me?
Because you got hit by the ale stone and it was funny.
I told David that it was ages ago and why you been ignoring me all this time?
I haven’t been ignoring you!

You have been ignoring me.
I thought to myself, that’s weird.
I went into my pocket and pulled out the Carved stick and said to David:
What do you think this is then?
A stick he replied.
What do you see on the stick?
A face.
Wow you can see it.
I cant possibly explain to David what I had just done because he is a skeptic and would argue all night to make is point.
All I knew is I had something I got from Aphrodite and knowing what I did made me happy.
The end.

Dreams Inspire us

This Blogspot is about Dreams

Its the dreams that our Inspire stories.

The Talk about Dream same Dream

The Interview of Myself with MademoiselleFifi about my dream same dream.
As I talked about it and answered her questions.

when i was 18 years old just turning 19 soon I was told by the training agency what units of alcohol a man can and woman can drink safely.
Then when i was at home day before.
I was Dreaming, I decided to tell myself i was dreaming and just for a moment I saw a Glimpse of Clarity and light in my Dream that I never seen before.
The excitement surely made me wake up.
I tried and tried to get back to sleep but that seemed to difficult.
So the next day after the alcohol units been told to us I decided that I haven’t had a drink in 4 weeks so i will have all my units I missed in one evening.
So after I got home from the Slicks Night club I went to bed knowing this time I will stay asleep to see what I wanted to see before.
Amazingly this worked, not only did it work.
I was about to experience more than I bargained for.
I found myself standing on what looks like the GreatWall of China.
The sun was clear and Bright , I could feel every Detail in the air.
The heat on my back from the sun was very warming and when I looked at my Hands I noticed They were perfect, my eye sight was perfect.
I could even Feel a scraping of a lose sand particle under My foot. And i was looking at this place like as if I was studying it.
I kept calm and just walked towards some steps at the side of the wall.
As I walked down the steps I kept tapping my feet on the steps just for the testing of sound and touch.
I noticed a Opening in the wall that leads to a passageway.
The passageway was Perfectly Dark but where light comes through gaps created a perfect projections of light to a angle I would say as 7 o’clock and then some body says Hello who are you?
I then didn’t reply at 1st because I was thinking what I thought was logical thoughts.
I was thinking he’s got to be a Dream person who I have made up.
Then he talked again insistently.
I looked back towards the steps thinking of other places I could explore instead of wasting my time with this person.
but I then thought to myself, I will just get this over with and play along.
Then I said to him my name is Dean. And then I asked him what his name is whilst thinking i’m silly wasting my time. His name was Kevin. He said he is from Bulwell and i told him where i’m From, I said Radford and then we talked a little more until I could think of an excuse to leave.
I said I have to go as I have to go work when I wake up.
So I said bye and walked back onto the wall.
It wasn’t to difficult to get back.
I then sat on my bed with my feet on carpet and reflected on my experience.
Then 2 weeks later when i was back at the Training place.
There was a New person who had started Late season. I was asked to show him the ropes I did this happily at 1st.
Then when it came to dinner time.
We sat on the tables in the room where we normally learn.
It was raining very heavy outside and the streets smelled of a giant ashtray.
So I just wanted to brighten up the day by talking about interesting things.
So I said Holidays!!! (I was thinking of sun and blue) and hoped it would brighten up our thoughts.
So I asked him Where would you like to go on your holidays.
He said China, I then asked why china? then he said it don’t matter its silly lets talk about something else.
Then I told him he can tell me anything as I don’t mock people.
So after i assured him he told me its because of a strange very real Dream he had 2 weeks ago.
Then i remembered about my Dream.
Then i remember that I never asked him his name at the beginning of the day.
I feel silly asking when I should have asked earlier. And when we talked about the Great wall. It started to get scary. Because he lived in Bulwell and his name was Kevin and i’m going cold right now thinking about this right now. At the time it scared me because not only of the odds of meeting up in real life with a person you never knew.
its too dam scary odds

MademoiselleFifi did you tell him you had the dream?

Well yes I did! it effected him also when we both exchanged our experiences we just kept scaring our selves.
I’m 34 years old now. And talking about this right now makes it seem like only yesterday.

MademoiselleFifi its vivid?For 7 years I tried to forget it, I tried to pretend it never happened but i’m a very honest person.
And realize I have been lying to only myself all these years.
And also denying the knowledge to the world.
That’s why knowing what i know is a burden to keep alone.
I’m not religious in any way. I need proof for something to believe it.MademoiselleFifi why is it a burden?

I have told you about this to more detail than I ever told anybody.
Its just I haven’t been able to tell it to people.
Its knowing what I know and not sharing.
I know it sounds to silly!MademoiselleFifi the burden is in the non sharing?I’m a witness something that is too rare! I only discover the name of this experience this year and i’m 34 now 19 then.
Look how many years it took me to find the name of this.
Its called:
MademoiselleFifi sometimes it take years to find something out.Its called: Spontaneous synchronized Randomness.
I may have spelled it a bit wrong!MademoiselleFifi where did you find that name?

MademoiselleFifi what it was called?In a silly movie called Science of Sleep.MademoiselleFifi and someone had a similar experience?
well in the film it was about 2 people who got in the same dream
MademoiselleFifi who wrote that film? Michel Gondry

But not in same way I met somebody, I don’t know, its French or German , all I look for is the answers.MademoiselleFifi would be interesting to find out if the author lived something similar to your dream.

when I was six I wanted to know the answers to everything and now I find I know more answers to questions people wouldn’t normally asks.

MademoiselleFifi its the way you are and could be the reason you had your experience MademoiselleFifi it was for you
MademoiselleFifi for you to see.I think the rain on the day we talked about the Dream at the training place was the cause of us talking about that subject in the 1st place.
So its almost as if the rain happened so that we talked.
MademoiselleFifi was it raining in the dream?no it was just sunny and cloudless. Some how it seemed like nature made us talk and meet in real life.MademoiselleFifi you heard the foot steps?The dream was quiet! unless I shuffled my feet.MademoiselleFifi the shuffle of the feet could have had some of the sound that was in the rain.The meeting at the training place was real and not a Dream he was real.MademoiselleFifi did you understand what I said?yes but I controlled my sounds in the Lucid Dream.MademoiselleFifi but those sounds could have had some of the sound...that rain makes.I’m sure it didn’t!MademoiselleFifi I might not be expressing myself well here.The sounds were perfect.MademoiselleFifi i know what you mean, maybe I’m not clear in explaining as i'm French speaking and sometimes I cannot express well in English.
All I think is the weather brought us together in real life and we met we would never have talked about the subject if it didn’t rain.
I looked up science of sleeps Myspace site please check it out
heres a clip to the movie:Here
It dont show much signs of a simular experience till later in film

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Viaduct Past and Future

Michael is walking by the canal watching the coots and swans swim by.
He notices a floating wheelie bin flowing down the water towards the old via duct.
Michael then walked towards the via duct and decided to look up at the walls to see if there was any wildlife to spot as Michael loved Spiders and Creatures as they have fascinated him since he was a Child.
He then went into the smaller arch that was by a Dry mud bank and had nettles and weeds about the sides.
As he walked in he picked up a stick and tapped it on the wall do hear its eco. For every tap he made there was about 5 Taps back.
Michael Said Hey (hey ey ey ) Hello? (Hello/ello/llo) whooooweee (whooooweee ooweee weee).
As he looked up at the wall he notices faint old graffiti of a Bulldog and there was a message about somebody who lost his brother in the war. It looked so sad. There was also a message that somebody else left saying i’m Going to fight and don’t know if I will return but if I do I will write another message.
But Michael didn’t see anymore messages.
As Michael Takes out his Half packet of Bourbon biscuits from his coat pocket he thought he heard somebody weeping. It 1st sounded like the wind but! the moment Michael took is mind away from what he knew it was he started hearing the moaning again.
So as Michael stares towards the light side of the Bridge his Imagination starts to overwhelm him.
And then before his eyes he sees a Young man Writing on the wall.
It was the man who wrote about his brother to the war and he is the one who also wrote i’m going to fight and don’t know if I shall return! (He looked so sad)
Has Michael walked towards him The boy looked and said hello were you spring up from? Michael said i’m just here looking around for spiders and Nature and what about you? What is your Name?
Bernard is my Name, I like to come here because its where me and my brother always used to come and play. Now he’s gone and soon it seems i’m to follow in his footsteps.
I’m not going to give up I shall come back from the war and live on so I can get married and See my new daughter grow up. That’s something to live for..
That’s why I have reserved this space on this brick for when I return.
Michael started to feel sad for Bernard because He Noticed Bernard had not added his message of return from the war.
Michael was also a very honest boy and felt that he shouldn’t hold the information from him at all.
Im from the future said Michael! Some how we have met up in this bridge and we can see each other.
Bernard looked a bit confused but could somehow tell that Michael was not lying.
Maybe it had something to do with the clothes he was wearing and the digital watch.
Bernard then asked: do you know what I wrote when I get back from the war?
Michael then showed a sad face and his eyes seemed to shine with sorrow ness .
Bernard just said I don’t come back do I?
Michael says maybe you came back but didn’t write your message.
Bernard was assured Michael that he would return and finish.
The only thing he worried about is not seeing his baby daughter and lady of his life.
Michael made a Suggestion that he should come to his time and that your daughter may have grown up but at least you will be alive and get to see her again.
Bernard had a hard time thinking about this! but realized that he really was only faced with one Chance.
So he decided to take Michaels Offer!
So Michael and Bernard hold on each others shoulder and walked towards the exit,
The way Michael came in earlier.
They both stepped out into the light where the sun made them squint.
There was 2 woman with a boy walking by the canal they looked like they had just been shopping at the local supermarket.
As Bernard stepped onto the public path by the canal he noticed a tin of Baked Beans roll from the older ladys plastic bag as it had just split against a Blackberry Bush spike.
It split open and spilled out most of the contents.
As the tin of beans was about to roll in the canal Bernard bends down and grabs it with his hand. As Bernard looks up at the woman’s face she starts looking into Bernard’s eyes.
As if she had known him.
The woman she was with, was picking up the other items with their little boy.
She then said Thank you young man for being a Gentleman.
You are very welcome. And then Bernard also clicked on with the eyes.
May I ask your Name he asks!
My name is Charlotte and this is my Daughter Sara and her son Peter.
We are just out for a bit of picnic.
Bernard then went cold and then said its me!
Charlotte then paused in shock and yet she could see it really was him.
Michael saw what was happening and thought it be best to let it be.
He's got a lot of life he missed to catch up on. Now they live happy ever after.
Charlotte asked Bernard… Where did you just come from?
This young boy called Michael helped me! He’s just over here!
But when every body went to look they couldn’t see Michael anywhere.
Michael was standing near the mud bank watching them but his imagination started to make what he was seeing fade to nothing.
And all he was left with is the rippling of the flowing water and the twinkles of the sky reflecting off it.
Bernard was just about to go with his long lost love.
when he just said hold on please Charlotte I must finish my message on the wall.
He walked to the wall and wrote a final message!
I’m alive and with my Family thanks the Michael.

And Michael realized he had left his bag on the floor near the wall where he was reading earlier.
But to his amazement he noticed the brick that was blank before said:
I’m alive and well with my family and Thank you Young Michael.

This made Michael really think when he was walking back home.
Because he wasn’t sure what really did happened.
But he did feel that he had helped somebody be happy.
This was good for Michael as seeing others happy help him feel life has a reason after all.

This story was written by Dean Bradford ©(Dec 13th 2007) please do not copy this work as your own.
Please get in touch if you want to talk about may works

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

The Robin and Magpie

The Robin and Magpie This story is about a Lonely Boy who’s lonely imagination Induces stories that can be happy or sad. Reflecting off real life moments and filling his mind like its his own hidden secret world of Retreat. So follow His Stories with interest of what he might create in his next stories. This story is written By Dean Bradford © Fantasycreek© December 12th 2007

One Sunny but very cold winters day down by the grove a boy called Michael Papplesby was sitting on the park swinging about on a old rusty swing. His face down and he swings in a motion that shows he has allot of sadness and problems playing in his mind. If we go back to Michael past it shows a Boy who has everything to show for the world. A boy so egger to learn and yet know as much, if not more than a boy could normally want to know. This is a Boy who was a thinker from birth. While the people and friends of his life look at him they just don’t see this ambitious and curious mind at work. When he was only at nursery he was already thinking beyond the rest of the children and saw others painting yet he noticed that they wasn’t painting anything understandable. So when the teacher handed over the brush to Michael he thought about it first. He didn’t just slap paint on like the other kids! He thought to himself (I cant draw yet so I will keep it simple) so he painted the Sky and then a Big round Sun and that’s it! He put down the brush and decided that he has finished. Then a girl said to Michael "I saw you yesterday" Michael only had a strange thought running through his mind! He looked down at his waistline and thinked as an internal joke to himself. how can you have saw me? I’m all here! When a Movie would play on TV such as Jaws he would hide behind the sofa as the music would get faster and faster. He always said to his dad “whats going to happen” he always says wait and see. Michael just couldn’t wait. So this gives you an idea of what kind of Boy Michael is. A boy who ambitions are always higher and he always expects answers to everything. He always had a out of box way of looking at the world. Now we are back with Michael on the swing worries going through his mind. He’s been having problems at school! Is learning egger side has failed him. He has lost his concentration due to worry. His parents have been arguing for months now and they throw things and break things. All Michael wants if for them to do is talk things out and not fight! Michael don’t want them to get hurt or split up. They are up late still arguing and Michael still awake worrying. And when he sits there in class he thinks of home and not of work. Nothing the teacher says gets into his mind! Michael has been swinging on the swing for over 45 minutes now and is late back to school from is dinner break. He drops his lunchbox as he gets off the swing and it breaks open spilling his Chicken Paste Sandwiches over the snow! A magpie gets tucked into the sandwiches. A Robin redbreast swoops down from the sky. The Magpie tries to fend off the robin with the Cackle sound and clicks. But the Robin wasn’t afraid he just whistled a Tune. There was more robins sitting on the cable of a telephone wire looking down. The robin then looked back up at them and whistled a tune of bravery. The Magpie Tries to peck the Robin! But though the robin was smaller he was witty and sharp on his moves. Then a cat suddenly shows up from the holly bush and pounces out! and the magpie fly’s up to the bar that hold the swing. But has the magpie was flying up the cat caught him with his paw and hurt the magpies wing. The magpie Cackled and Clicked and made a Rattle sound. Because the magpie was bigger the cats attention was still drawn to him! The Robin was still showing no signs of being afraid and carried on eating and watching. Then the cat drawn his attention to the robin eating away. The Magpie then attempted to fly away and suddenly landed in the snow pile that must have been scraped up by the park keeper. The cat then saw that the Magpie was more of a opportunity due to him being hurt. The cat slowly walked towards Him as he cackles and clicks in defense. The brave little robin Flew on to the phone wire to joined his friends. The Cat was focused on Maggie and was ready to pounce.

“Suddenly the cat looked up in the sky as a birdie swooped and pooped in his eye. It was the robin and his men. As together they formed a power of ten. They swoop about tweeting a song! Imitating the voice of the legend King Kong“

“Then while the cat was in despair and confused the brave robins land by to give what dues! They give a little peck on his paws and the cat runs away to his flaps in the doors”

All the Magpie needed was a little rest and he would be good as new. And thanks to the power of 10 the magpie was saved and though he had a greedy nature. He got on with the robins and the robin Redbreast soon reached his soft side and they all became great friends. And they always looked out for each other. Michael then mind came back to reality and he realized that he is going to be late back to school. He picks up his lunch box and put it in his plastic bag and toddled off to school. As he walked into the school gate Mr. Hunt was Looking at his watch and said distension tonight after school . He asked “Name?” Michael Papplesby . Mr. Hunt was the teacher who seemed like Freddy Kruger to Michael who normally was his Math’s teacher. After leaving school late he walked home instead of catching the bus. Its Freezing cold as he walks by the soap factory the soapy stench is breathed in. The Grass is icing up and making Crunching sounds and to Michael its just another Mind trip of the crunch making a beat of an imaginary Song in his mind. Using his mind as his own comfort in this cruel cold world. Where only his mind has all the color to keep him going through this insane world. This story is my original and my own work please do not copy © Please ask for permissions from me if you want to use my stories. Thank you.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Dreamed same Dream

Dreaming same DreamYears ago just before my 19th birthday I tried something I never done before. I focused on my dream/ It was at that moment I experienced a glimpse of full color and sound in my dream. My over excitement soon woke me up! I then sat at the side of my bed, to reflect on what I had experienced. So that day when I went to Training college, where they taught us about units of alcohol. So I thought to myself. I haven’t had a drink for 2wks! So I added up the units I had missed. So I decided 2 make up 4 it by drinking them all that evening. Knowing it will help me stay asleep! That evening I went 2 sleep very easy. When I was having a normal dream I (stopped) & said This is just a dream. I then started looking & focusing! Every thing around me started to change before my very eyes. I then found myself standing on a what seemed to look like the great wall of China. I could feel the warmth on my back from the sun, I could feel the ground, I could taste the air. I could see and hear. It was if every part of me was brand-new! In real life my eyes deceive me. But here I have more than 20-20 vision. I treated this dream as if I were a scientist. Questioning everything. I was so egger to explore. So that’s what I did. So as I walked along the wall. I could hear my feet scrunching on the stone. I could feel the tiny loose stones scraping as I shuffled my feet! Wow it was amazing. The sun projected a sharp shadow of me over the pale yellow stone. I noticed a gap at the side of the wall. Down beside the wall was some steps leading down into a opening in the wall itself. I thought to myself! I wonder where that goes. So I made my way down the steps. At the same time I was enjoying the peace and the tapping of my feet at every step! As I walked into the wall there were a passage to my left & my right. Then to my left I heard a voice say (Hello who are you) When I turn to look! I noticed the beam of sunlight shining through the opening in the wall. I could see somebody standing there in the shadows. Then he stepped forward. The sunlight lit half of his face. He then ask me again who r u´ I then said I’m not going to be fooled by talking to a dream person. He then said that i’m in his dream. Then I thought to myself (I’ll play along) I told him my name is Dean. What’s yours. (Kevin)he replied. Then the dream person asked me more questions. I thought to myself that every thing he said. I was making it up. Even thou I didn’t know how. Because I was not trying!!. So as we talked. He said he was from Bulwell in Nottingham. And I told him where I live. Just to shut him up. Then I made up an excuse to leave. So I said I have got to go now, got work when I wake up´ so he said bye. I felt so silly having a chat with a dream person. Its like talking to nothing. So I made my way back to them steps & back to where I started. Then I thought to myself (How do I get back?) Getting back was easier than its sounds. I only had to think about my bedroom. When I woke up. I sat on by bed and got a bit emotional about what I seen. As I wished I never woken up to this world.! (((2-WEEKS-LATER))) Now back at C.I college Meadows. A new lad was introduced to our group. My tutor asked me to show him around. When lunch time came around. We never went out. We just sat on the worktops & just talked. (I had this strange feeling that iv seen him before. It really played my mind) As we sat on the room table the new boy said what should we talk about.
I said holidays. As it sounded a nice and cheerful subject to talk about! as it was chucking it down with rain outside. So I asked ´where do you want to go?´ he said ´china´ I then asked ´why china´ He then tried to avoid telling me why. Because it being to strange! When I convinced him tell me! I wished I kept my mouth shut! He then told me it was about a dream. He said he wanted to the GreatWall of china. He said that 2ks ago he had a the most strangest real Dream. (I went cold) I thought back to my Dream! Then I was afraid to hear what he might say! (I then told him that I also had a dream of that wall 2ks ago) I then asked what is your name? ´Kevin´ he replied (I felt a cold rush) as I never asked him his name earlier & felt silly asking him when I should already know! I then asked. Are you from Bulwell?´ As we exchange words that we talked about in the dream. We got scared me and him even more. Everything matched up! After lunch. We never talked again. It was too strange. I thought if we don’t talk or see each other that it will help us forget it ever happened. He must have thought the same. Because we avoided each other! (it took me six long haunted years to discover that i’m not as crazy after all) I read in a magazine & discovered that I had a Lucid Dream. And that lots of famous people have them. They inspire lots of great minds. I then bought my 1st book on lucid dreams. By Celia Green of Oxford uni. It explains experiments conducted. But out of all I read so far. There has not been any dreams where people meet up. Maybe people have met in dreams. But never meet in real life. For them odds must be a zillion to one chance. In our case it happened. All I know is that this happen for a reason. Maybe its because I will experiment more with it, or because I must go to the GreatWall of china. There are answers I still seek. If there are volunteers out there? Who have had lucid dreams plz email me. 2 join my Lucid dreams club. This Dream is 100% true

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Deans Intresting Life from Zero +

September 1973 was the day that a young boy called Dean Bradford was born.This story explains the world through out his childhood Revealing his mind through surreal Thoughts .Seeing the world with a conscious focused mind, and questioning all that he saw.1973 I can see the stars in the night sky, They comfort me so much, there is a pale breeze blowing, I love the feeling of this fresh air stroking my face, as I look up at these stars they look so sharp through my brand new eyes, even thou I can’t speak yet I am already starting to understand beauty.

1974 I am being pushed along in a silver cross pram by a woman I don’t know! I’m sitting up looking across the road, I see my mum and dad getting on the bus! This makes me very sad and I start to cry, then my vision starts to be filled with tears and I cant stop myself ,I cried myself to sleep.

1975 I’m in our garden on goldsmith walk I see a boy next door! His name is also called Dean, I notice a old singer sowing machine by the wall of his mums house. We play with the toys together in a nice sunny day.

1976 My dad tells me stories to help get me to go to sleep, even though he never expected me to remember them to this day I do! One story was about the time he stopped a ship from sinking in the army by chewing lots of gum and filling the gaps.I also after moving into mcorly drive my mum came home with a new baby, He looks strange with something weird coming out his belly, and when he cries he cries strange also.(During the move into this house Dean was often seen Talking to nobody on the stairs)[but cant remember today]

1977 Got a Text book and pen for my birthday and right away I did a scribble on the 1st page. I showed my mum and dad and they smiled, but in my mind I was thinking (wow they like it when I scribble) so I scribbled in every page as fast as I could! Because I wanted to make my mum and dad happy.I would love to draw them a picture. But they like this better.I have been talking to a man on the stairs in the house.I see a mans face look down at me from the corner of the ceiling but I don’t know what it is.(because Dean Never knew of Ghosts or what they were! that’s why he didn’t fear it)

1978 Teacher just asked me to go wash that grin off my face, I have just washed my face and walked back into the classroom , Don’t come in here until you wipe that grin of your face, I’m washing really hard, my face is really clean I can’t see a grin, this time the teacher lets me back in the classroom as I was not in a happy mood any more!Christmas Day is just a few days away! The teacher wants us to take down the pictures to take home.As I use this staple remover I notice a crunch sound on my head, I can feel a pair of scissors in my head from the girl near me who was also taking out staples.I then pulled out the scissors and kept quiet about the accident because I don’t want her to get in trouble by teacher.(Dean never told anybody because he totally forgot with the magic of Christmas near by)Chitty chitty bang bang is on tele the car is amazing , dad will you make us a car like that?Also I watched a scary movie today it had a yellow brick road and a scary green lady who melts with water. And the tree that came alive and they went to see the wizard of oz, he couldn’t even do any magic.

1979 it’s a great summer and dads made us a go-kart like chitty chitty bang bang there’s a drivers seat and a passenger seat, and on a sign at the side, it says: 5p to ride, 7p to drive, and soon we had paying riders, its was fun. Mum brings us all a home made lollypop and its really making my mouth water.Then a some passing kids asked where we buy them, I pointed to the house as I had a mouth full!Before we knew it my mum had kids buying ice lollies at the door! My mum sold small and large ones, 5p and 7pThey sold well even thou she never meant to sell in the 1st placeAlso we have the best ice cream lady in the world she sold us a ice cream on a cone with a rocket ice lolly stuck in. It was like a rocket that had crash landed in me ice cream.


We are going for a picnic today and I have my fishing net, we are walking through the deep grass, my mum, dad and brothers and sisters are all here walking together, its very warm and the skies are nice and blue. My mum is pushing my brother in his pushchair through the deep grass and suddenly a snake goes by the wheels and my mum looks scared, but the snake looks more scared, We are at the little stream now! My dad and my uncle are playing catch with my brother, uncle on one side of stream and dad on other, then my dad picked me up and throws me over to my uncle, then we went down stream a bit,Then we had our sandwiches near the tunnel that runs under the road from the stream, it was sandwich spread and we had some crisps, we shared a bottle of orange, then we went down to a deeper part of the stream, other kids are on big black rings, splashing and playing about, I had the water up to my shoulders and had a good play,After a short while I got out and dried off!We are packing away we can see dark clouds getting closer to us.Its starting to rain now, so we have gone in the woods near the road to shelter till it stops!I hear a howling sound in the distance, there it is again. We are all walking by the road in the heavy rain after dad decided it would not stop.I am walking with my head down and slightly behind my family. As I looked back to see how far we have walked I saw a lightning strike the gutter in the road where I had just walked seconds ago. I was just glad I was not hit! And just hoped we would get home safe!

DREAM:[I have been dreaming of a pet T-rex who lives in the hills towards the barrets estate, when ever I am in trouble he will come to the rescue. He would eat the bullies and take me home from school]Also in my dream I picked up a garden fork and pushed it up in the air. And it woken the giant. Then he would stomp all over the place.Also I discover that the footsteps I hear in my head were in fact just the sound of my heat beating.Dad has fetched a big dog and I hide behind my mum as I don’t want to get eaten,The dog is the same as the dog in the deluxe advert on tele.

1980 my dad has taken Tasher to the kennels, he says it’s a holiday for dogs.Then we went on our holiday to clethorpes, we stayed in family tent. We have come home from holiday early, the house is a mess and the window glass is on floor. Mum will not let me see anything,When tasher came home she had lost her bark for a while.A man takes our photo in the front garden, the whole family including the dog. Then I see it in the local news paper, and mum said we got burgled and they took our TV and money out the meter, I shared a cracker with Tabby our cat in the tent in the garden. I clamped it with my mouth until it was short enoth for me to let go.

DREAMS: I dream of monsters in my walls, they come out of a door between two doorways. I see a passageway through the door it turns to the right. I hear monsters walking closer, foot steps, as they come to get me!(a few Dreams later)I am dreaming them monsters again. But this time its my turn to be the monster. So I open the door and went to where the monsters were! In a dark room! And said this is my dream and now I’m a bigger monster than you.After that I never got chased in my dreams again,I just had the holes to deal with. They open up at the corners of the walls and at the sides of roads.The holes used to suck me down even if I wasn’t near them.I used to try and run away! The way I solved it was by finding a magic lamp and rubbing it.And out pops a genie. He said I had 3 wishes. So I wished I could fly as my 1st wish and I wished for all the powers of a genie, and for my last wish! I wish I can have 10000 wishes.So now when the whole shows up! I can just fly over them!I never wished the holes away! Because I can beat them now! And after a while the holes stopped being a there. Even thou I could fly! I never flew very high. I just hover.

1981 My dad made a flag with the queen on. We went to town (Lincoln town centre) the streets are filled with thousands of people Waving their flags and cheering.It is a very wet day! And it is hard work to keep up with the adults!I can see a lady with white gloves on. She is waving and smiling. She looks towards me and waves.She is wearing a red outfit and she has a hat on.We are back at the house now! Glen my brother is playing on his plastic pedal car.He has got lots of snails out on the concrete. He drives over them all.All I can hear is crunch crunch crunch . I could not look easily because I love nature.Any he missed he stamped on.I was helping my dad with the garden, he wanted me to catch these long black beetles as the garden was infested. When I find them! They stick their backs up at me!I just grab it with my fingers, and it grabs me with its jaw.It hurts so much. I will never pick them up again

1982 We are moving to Nottingham soon, I want to say good bye to my mates, but now its to late.My dad and my uncle Malc were driving to Nottingham and back in a van. They took me to Newark to play at my uncle kev’s house while they were busy moving.My uncle has a rabbit in the kitchen! But it was his dinner.I like rabbits as pets! But not food.Soon my dad fetches me and takes me to the Hyson Green flats.They have a lot of items to move in still! We have moved in with my Grandma for a while till we get a house to live in.So we start school at the other side of the flats.When I go down the ramps I see a dark place (old unused car park) I try to run past it. That place haunted me every time.My dad projected a projector at the Cricketers pub wall from room window.I am on the balcony above the flat. it is really wicked to see it this way!On Tuesday mornings there used to be a market right outside the front of the flats. I can see ever thing from the window. When they finish I go get cardboard and slide down the brick ramps. It is fun.

1983 My brother is not home yet. My mum and dad have been looking everywhere for him and can‘t find him.I knock on Freds door . Have you seen my brother anywhere? Fred said no.I went with my mum and dad to the police station.They interviewed us together. I say to the police I have a feeling that Glen is in Freds house even thou he said he’s not.Working off the hunch the police went to Freds house and found My brother.And brought him home. Oh yes we pressed charges.


(Some time later)we going to our new home on Brewster’s road today.We are walking for miles. My grandma brings the liquorish twigs to chew.Soon we come to a great big hill and at the very top we see our new home.The area is very tidy and clean and has plenty of parks nearby.And we have three grass hills by some steps where I can rolly polly all the way down.I can see really far over the houses. I like it here.


I am at my 1st day at the school at the bottom of the hill.Even thou I have never seen the faces of the others in my class before I feel I have.Everything that happened on this day was like massive da-ja-vu.I even could tell what others would say as their 1st words to me.It was a strange day! But I had to keep it to myself. As it was to strange to speak

1984 DREAMThe three hills became a great place for me to learn to fly. When I fly downwards my belly would tickle.Every time I try to show somebody in my dream that I can fly! I would say watch me fly mum or dad or to friends. But when I jump nothing happens. And they look at me as if I am mad!

1985 When I walk down corridor’s in the school I get high frequency sounds in my ears.But my friend does not hear it. I would to say to my friend we have computer in the class today. He used to wonder how I know! It was that sound.I started hearing it from TV’s and later (sky dishes when older) it used to lead to pains.Also that Christmas I won the card making contest. I was the only one to make my card with moving parts.

1986 We are going on a holiday with some group! But its not with the family.Just me glen and cheryle we are at skegness. My brother accidentally pulls off the snooker table pocket and hides the pocket under his pillow. We went out to the beach. I dig deep hole. Took 3 spades to dig as the spades kept snapping . When I stood in my hole with my head is just out the top. A friend pushes the sand in all around me trapping me in.It took about 20 minutes to get free with a bit of help.

1987 I am being chased up Brewster’s road by 2 lads from another school.They often would chase me to threaten me with their fists and that they want to beat me up.One other day as they chased me up! I stopped running and turned and faced them both.They tried to trip me over 1st but that never worked. Some how! I grabbed their arms and swung them into each other and walked away! As I looked back they were on the ground holding their heads.They never chased me again.I start new school Eliot Durum its really different that my other school.We have to go to different classrooms for science ,maths, RE, Art, woodwork, Drama, ect. . .I learn the burning of zinc and that it goes really bright, I loved science very much.But one day I dropped a glass triangle prism on the ground. A chip of glass shot off.I knew that they cost a lot of money! And never wanted to get the bill for a accident.So I had to act fast! I got the flat glass chipping off the floor and ran the sharp edge over my hand.So I told the teacher I cut myself on the prism and then dropped it.The cut wasn’t that deep. And I never got the bill for the damaged item.


Strange things happened to me this year.I was laying in my bed looking towards the door. A very angry man came storming in the room. He grabs me and pulls me off the bed. And I really end up on the floor. Then he is gone.The next night it happened again. Exactly the same as before and about the same time.It was the 2nd time since my mum put my bed in the new spot in the room.So I decided to move the bed away from that spot myself.It never happened again. problem solved. didn’t tell anybody because it was to silly.


Also that summer I attempted to get a apple from a tree. It was the only one of the whole tree that was left. I slipped and fell. I passed a few branches before I grabbed one that left me only a few inches from the spiky railings and below that was blackberry bushes and nettles. And on the branch I was holding onto had some kind of spiky ivy. I was so amazed that I got through that! Made me think I must have a reason for my life! As I have just had it spared.After that I used to do lots of dangerous things! As I felt I could do anything and I will be safe.Climbing buildings and hanging off sides of high places!Always daring myself to do things.

1988 cross country running it the allotments in the rain is cool. When it rains the teacher says Cross Country Running and the others sulk. But not me! I smile!As I run the rain keeps me cool so I can run even more! And the mud splashes all over!Makes the shower a welcome place when I get back.I learn the different names of files in metal work today. The one that sound funny is the bastard file!So that evening when I got hot I said bastard in front of my dad! Just as he was about to tell me off!I said file. Bastard File. Do you have one dad?Then I got away with it!


We moved house again, we moved to a house near where my grandma used to live in the flats.Just around the corner and down a street.We lived 3 doors away from a chippy where ya could get a bag of chips for 15p.The sweet shop was only about 7 doors away. Where ya could get a bag of ChocolateLick for 10p (crushed up M’&‘M) Kelly my Yorkshire terrier was born. And I chosen the one that bites my nose!

1989 Now I am at Sandfeild.The new school is not doing me any good in the learning part.I left Elliot Durum so interested in learning. But this school messed it all up.I was the only English person in the class and the rest were Asian. There were about 7% of the school that was English.I wanted to get on with anybody.As long as I get to learn. The Asian boys use to gang up on me in the corridor. Even thou I beat them all at arm wrestle 5 or six were just to much for me!When I did runs around the school in Games. I never mean to be in front. I just ended up there.And they used to get me after school for winning.The teachers saw the lads messing in class, but never told them off!So I could not write anything or learn for about a year!In the end I had to leave that school because of the trouble!I taught Kelly W.A.L.K if I would say W Kelly would look up at me! If I say A she would tilt her head. L and she would stand up. K and she would waggle her tail and run about.I used to test her! Too by changing the K for another letter. She would just sit back down then. When Kelly gets out the house without a lead! She would run and run.She loved to explore. And bark at everybody. And chase bigger dogs.

1990 I am now at Elis Guilford school. The trouble from Sandfeild was already giving me problems.Not only was I needing help to catch up.The Teachers were on strike a lot over pay and school funds were very low.In my last 2 years of school. I hardly got any homework. And my books were never marked!So I never knew if I were right or wrong.I was quietly suffering inside! Ashamed of telling anybody.Other kids were secretly smoking! And they tried to get me started!I thought why smoke! And be like them! I am what I want to be!When in the English lesson I was asked to read out into the classroom.I was reading well when my eyes went blurry for a few seconds on and off.And the timing of my eyes going blurry was on simple words.So the teacher would say the word filling in the gaps I missed.I never told the teacher that my eyes went blurry because it was an on and off thing.I didn’t think ya need glasses when you eyes only blur when reading.So the teacher put me in a special English class to learn.All the things they taught me were to simple! And I was again missing out on important knowledge that I could have had in the normal class.That summer I went to stay at my grandmas flat near St Ann’sI was walking along the side of a inland cliff edge!I slipped and fell and landed at the bottom.I struggle for my breath of air. About an hour of focusing and concentration I got myself together.I thought I was lucky I could get up.But only when I got back to school after the holidays during Games. I noticed a change in the way I was running.Something happened to my back from that fall. I had unlimited back trouble since then and onwards.And had to avoid games without telling anybody about my accident.I was so upset that I could not join in! but wanted to so much.I wrote letters from my mum to the teacher! To get me off games.I know it is a bad thing to do! But I was in too much pain.

1991 In the final year of school. The only comfort I had in school know was Art and Music. I had trouble reading music fast enoth to play it. My eyes would go all over the place! And I loose focus very easy. So I had to work from ear when playing! I was in my own world. Painting surreal pictures to help express my sorry soul.I would paint at dinner and all breaks. And sometimes when I was meant to do Games I got myself secret art classesWhen the exams came up I was really in a panic. I knew I need to know more of things I missed!And if the exams are about what we are meant to have learned then what am I meant to have learned?I took all exams and then I left school and started working for Kwik-Fit.They sent me up Scotland on a training courses away from home six weeks at a time.About 6 months later after leaving school I went back to find out my results!1st I went to the art room to ask for my art! I was told it as gone! I was upset! Even thou I could paint them all again! As most of it was all out my mind.Then I went to the office and had trouble getting any results at all! Admin problems or something!The school was still suffering.I ended up leaving still not knowing if I passed anything or not!

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