Friday, 14 December 2007

Midnight Train

Hello is me Michael again.
I’m waiting for John here in the Weatherspoon pub as were going to have a drink as its my Birthday.
I don’t mind having parties but not for getting older.
New years parties are great unless we have had bad memories of the year just gone.
But look at the bright side we can make a good plan for the future to make up for it,
Here comes my good trusting mate john.

Hey what you been up to buddy?

I was stuck in the dam queue at the bus stop.
At least ya here now.. Take ya coat off what ya want a pint of?
I will have….. A try of the guest beer!! That one there, Combined harvest ..
OK make that 2 bottles of that please,.
We get our bottles and sit at our raised table on the tall dark wooden Stools.
In fact this Beers is might good stuff, I really love it.
On the bottle it says it has 4 different grains in it. Wheat,barley, oats and rye.
I’m loving this very much.
As we sit having our drink a lady in Tight Black Leather costume walked up to a bunch of loud Drunken students. one of them said hey baby.
She then turned around and said Hey Baby this this is your luck day.
She hands him and his mates a Ticket…
She looked at me and john but did not hand us a ticket at all.
I noticed some police coming in the front of the pub.
When I turned around the woman had gone.
And I saw 3 tickets Floating down to the floor that she must have accidentally dropped in a rush to get away.
The police ask has anybody seen a woman in a Black leather skin tight outfit come by here?
The students whispered to each other and decided to say no and they looked towards me and john as if to tell us to say the same thing.
So we said sorry we did not notice.
The police had a dog with them that pulled them to the back yard to the Brick wall.
The dog started looking up and Barking.
It was not just a leaflet! It was a Ticket to something really special.
It Says in Big letters The Midnight Train.
It was a Train Night Club or something like that.
It says This is your v.I.p. Invitation to a new rage of fun.
All the 4 students had a Ticket each and myself and John.
We looked at each other with smiles…Oh yea!!!
The Students say to us… See you both at the train.
Without a doubt we will not miss this for the world.

It says on ticket that the train arrives on Saturday 25th.

Today is Saturday 25th and on the Ticket it says the Train will show up on Platform 3b at 12 Midnight sharp.
It warns people not to show up until at least 5 minutes before and no earlier because of this exclusivity of this invitation.
Right now is only 7:37pm and we only have a few hours to wait.
Well john this has got to be the best Birthday Gift of all.
You have been so good with setting this all up for me.. You are such a great mate.
John didn’t say it wasn’t him at 1st because he would have liked it to have been his planning.
We had a few drinks in town and had a Kebab at the Kebab shop near the station.
My mouth was burning as I went crazy with the chilly sauce! Maybe because I was served by a nice woman and when she asks how much chilly sauce I want.
I just said give me plenty, keep going i’m not fussy .
Then she gave me a grin as I paid and walked to the table by the wall.
Ahhh I said to john.
My mouth, My Mouth , My mouth is on fire,,, We don’t need no water let the flipping mouth burn.
Then we just laughed silly.
I started with the hiccups which always happens to me when I have chilly.
So I ask the lady can I Hick! Can I Hick! Sorry I mean can I Hiccup a can of Dandelion and burdock hiccup.
She had a difficult time understanding me but she could understand me pointing at the drink.
I got my can and pisssst its open and fizzes up and now I feel a lot better.
John whispers in my shell like ear.
Ask her if she wants to go on the Train with us..
OK I take out the extra ticket.
I show her where we are going tonight and she looks very surprised and said we close at 2am.
But for this I would close right now.
I would love to join you both on this great looking night out.
She then goes round back and turns every thing off and she is at the door before us.
Wow she is fast said john.
She pops off the lights and said i’m ready.
We only have 8 minutes till Train arrives according to the ticket.
So we make our way there.
As we walk onto platform 3b it seemed like nothing was going to happen.
It was dark and misty and chip papers blowing in the winds in a circle motion.
We have 3 minutes till the Train is meant to be here.
Are we on the right platform asks the girl from the kebab shop.
I think so.. I forgot to ask you your name? Oh sorry my name is (she paused a moment before she answers)
My name is Brenda.
That’s nice name, my name is Michael and this is John were just out to celebrate my birthday.
Its 2 minutes until the time of the Train and I can hear running taps but cant see through the think fog.
Then I see lots of People running towards this platform and I noticed the Student lads leading the run.
And they all stood waiting in the cold looking at the station clock.
Waiting for that final click of the Hand.
Then as they counted down from ten!
Something started to happen.
The fog got Thicker and there was a strange noise coming from the direction of the stations Viaduct tunnel.
It sounded like electricity with a scraping sound.
Then I could see Neon Blue strobe lighting as it got closer.
The fog seemed to glow as it twisted at the sides of the train.
The Train was tall and looked slightly Gothic with a Alienist style. At first I thought it was black but then I noticed it reflected blue like the feathers of a Jay bird
There was an amazing Beat playing with the grand slowing of the train as it comes to a halt.
As the people watch, they all look mesmerized but really excited about what they see.
I look at the clock and just when the hand ticked on to 12 midnight.
The sides of the Train came away from the roof and lowered down over the platform.
And yet more Strobe lights and Music would entice people to climb aboard.
Me John and Brenda decided to talk amongst our selves.
Should we go on this train or not?
Well it is your birthday and we came for a good time.
Yes but when we were in weatherspoon’s we saw police after that woman.
Maybe this train is Tax free and they want them for that.
Oh I never thought about it like that
Its amazing how much trouble that somebody has gone to for this train.
There is even Robots with ticket scanners in the Belly, how kool is that?
OK before we get on this train lets decided right now to stay alert all the time, but have fun.
As we walk to the trains side panel floor the Robot came and checked our tickets and then examined us with its scanner eyes.
It was like it was taking a 3d photo of us.
Then we got on the Train and the side wall Panel of train started to lift up.
As the doors were closing I saw police with dogs running from the fog to our platform.
Then we could not see them any more.
The side panel closed fully and there wasn’t any windows at all.
But there was nice music playing! It was too perfect and easy to like.
We couldn’t resist the power of this beat and we couldn’t control the movements of our feet.
Its like the music is a control method.
The more you are drunk the more the music could control the people.
Me and john were not as drunk as much as the other people on train.
But we could feel it trying to take control of our arms and legs.
Brenda wasn’t drunk at all.
I realized that we are the odd ones out here and I also worked out the reason we didn’t get a ticket.
The reason is because we wasn’t drunk enough and the lady in leather was looking only for very drunk people.
I told this to John and Brenda so we knew what we were up against.
We decided to pretend we are being effected by the music.
It seemed like this was some kind of experiment on people.
But who would do this kind of thing?
It is a great place I agree, and nothing in life is for free.
You have a great point says Brenda.
So we will just play along OK?
Brenda says I have something I must tell you both.
She whispers in our ears: I don’t really work at the Kebab house. I was relying on somebody to reveal this train to me.
I was working undercover whilst you have been a great asset to this mission already.
We followed you from the Weatherspoons since you lied to the police about not seeing the woman.
Them police have lie detector Devices and used you and john as a way to get me on this train.
We taken cctv footage and saw you get the 3 tickets so we hired out the kebab shop in the hope of getting a clue about this train.
So know you know who I am I do recommend you follow my directions when it need be.
Ok here comes a Shot drink serving robot! It has a woman’s voice and it says: Help your self to as many shots as you like. I was about to say i’m ok I don’t want a drink yet when the robot said what I was going to say as if it was a recording. Then the women’s voice said not having a drink is not an option.
Then the robot had some kind of Sound transfer device that created waves of very addictive music and I could even see the music waves. This made me feel real good and then i started to feel happy and overwhelmed and powerless to resist.

I said give me 3 shots of the Verry cherry .
I couldn’t control this power and to fight this would get us all detected as rejects.
So John and Brenda both played along and pretended to be really drunk and already effected by the drinks.
Brenda said here goes another shot. She says bottoms up like she is really drunk. Very funny actor.
I have now drunk 3 shots and feel the power of the music control my arms and it makes me want to dance.
Then the robot leaves us to attend to others.

We started to dance on the smoked out Strobe light dance floor.
John also was feeling the vibes of this amazing beat.
He also joined us at the dance floor.
Brenda said Fight this power and make this dance your own and then you should be able to take control of your own body again when it wares off.
If Brenda didn’t tell me.
I would have totally forgot ( I was so glad I Invited that woman)
Anyway! as we dance the night away the 4 guys we met at weatherspoons danced their way towards us.
One of them said I see you made it and who might be this fine lady then?
My name is Brenda.
Hello Brenda who is looking fine and slender.
We must carry on dancing and drinking now the music is so good we got to carry on.
So we carry on dancing the night away.
Then Brenda says I need to go to the loo be right back.
Ok Brenda.
Brenda walks to a robot and asks where the toilet is.
The robot says we don’t have a toilet.
And then the robot hits Brenda with a plasma wave and removes the need for the toilet by evaporating the contents of her bladder.
Brenda walked back over to me and says that’s strange!
What is?
I don’t need to go toilet now! And I was going to use it as an excuse to look around.
Brenda tells me that she has some patches that look like stickers.
But they are really are controlled explosives.
She shows me the stickers.
All the stickers have yellow smiley faces on them.
She gives us all stickers to stick on our selves (Non explosive ones) .
Then the plan is to Stick the explosive stickers on the Ticket robots and the drink Dispensers robots.
Here’s the plan.
We just go up to them happy and show them we are having a great time then we offer stickers as a thank you.
That sounds like a great idea.
If we give the 4 other guys some to stick on the robots it will give us more chance as there are a too many robots.
We have to stick non explosive stickers on the Drunk guys 1st so that they don’t demand a wrong sticker.
Good idea John.
As I dance my way towards the Ticket robot.
I smile and dance.
The robot releases Musical vibes that kind of take control of my dancing rhythm.
I say you are one amazing robot here take a happy sticker as a gift.
I slap it on his chest plate and the robot just carries on sending the vibes.
I ask the robot to hand my thank you stickers to the others.
Strangely it takes the tickets without a challenge.
I think to myself : they must be programmed strictly to satisfy the guest on this train until the right time.
So I dance my way back to Brenda and john who also have been busy with the stickers.
Now everybody is setup.
Now it’s a waiting game.
We haven’t seen anybody who is in charge of this train just these robots on here said john.
I know what ya mean i reply.
Brenda then gets out a larger Happy Sticker now this is the main sticker of all.
It don’t explode! It just dissolves hard metals when activated.
Down towards the wall at the direction the train felt like it was going.

Brenda sticks the large Sticker low on the wall.
And then we carry on dancing.
There was sensors on the floor that causes sprays of smoke.
I singled out the sensors so I told John to dance over it.
This blanked out the view of what we was doing from the robots who were busy controlling the Humans with there vibes.
Brenda activated the sticker by throwing a measure of verry cherry on it! The chain reaction with the spirit drink caused the sticker to dissolve the wall and make and opening that we could crawl through!
Brenda crawls through 1st followed by myself.
And when we stood up to look!
We was really in for a surprise.
There was synthetic people that looked like all of us on the Train.
They were dancing in the smoke just like we was.
The whole set up was like a copy.
But the people were just being detached from some kind of cord attached to the belly of all the people.
Then I could see the wall panel open on to the platform where we came from earlier.
Then John walked to me and said that he had good time and he’s going home now.
Then he steps off train with the other fake copies of us.
The door lifted up fast and closed fully.
I didn’t try to leave with John because I noticed he didn’t have any happy sticker on.
And i’m not going to leave without my real friends.
Brenda is a bit confused of what she saw and decided to go back into where us real people are.
As we joined back up with the real John we had to carry on as if nothing as happened.
We danced along with this amazing vibes then I told John about what we saw in that other room.
About seeing Copies of us get off the train.
Then a few seconds after that the beat started to slow down and the vibes reduced to nothing!
Our Bodies felt heavily dependent on this music and without it our bodies seemed hungry for more.
Then as the smoked died away the people started to come back to normal and realize they want to leave the train.
The robots all stand in a line.

Along the left side of the train whilst the drinkers were facing the wall they entered from earlier. They were looking for away out.
The robot far down the far end of the train Blasted sound vibes at a guy who tried to fight back.
The waves seemed to break up the guy into atoms and he was no more.
Then they started to blast more of us with the sound vibes.
Brenda said now we know they want to kill us! We will kill them.
Brenda opens a Gold locket and pushes a photo of her mother, then speaks the activate command
The words are: Protect us now my beloved Mother.
Then the stickers all exploded and all the robots parts flew all over the place.
I didn’t realize the Robots would take the stickers to their operator control! But thankfully they did.
The side panel is opening !
Yes I see that!
And we are still at the station.
As I look outside I see the police and there dogs! But they are not moving!
Also we see our copies standing there as if they was in a paused state.
A drunken man from our train attempts to get off!
I shout don’t go yet! Honestly please stay whilst we think this over
I ask Brenda! What do you think is happening here?
I don’t think we were meant to get off right now.
What about the copies of our selves?
Well I guess we need to replace them with us real people.
How we do that? I ask Brenda.
Well let me examine this damaged robot, its arm is still attached to the body and the lights are flickering still!
Maybe if I try this! Brenda joins 2 wires and a sound wave dissolves a shot glass on the floor.
Here we go Michael we have a Sound vibe atomic gun of our own now.
Here see if you can use it because it’s a bit heavy for me.
I face the arm towards our paused copies.
Hitting them one by one and vaporizing them all.
It was strange to blast not only yourself but you best mate too!
I know he wasn’t really him! But I makes ya wonder what it would be like if it was for real.
Now we are still left with a Paused platform and the time is still 12 Midnight and the police and the dogs still on way to the train.
Now everybody if we all step off this train. The time may catch up with us instantly or may not.
We maybe stuck in a paused state as there is nobody controlling the train any more.
So it is important we don’t leave this Train behind as we may be still paused from the trains perspective when we get off.
So we need to destroy the Trains time control 1st.
I used the arm against the Back of the train and dissolved the wall away.
I found a spinning metallic ball with energy running around it.
I then aimed the arm at the ball and joined the wires again.
Then as the vibes from the arm traveled to the ball! The arm lost all power.
Then john had a silly idea.
Why don’t we all just throw up all over the ball?
Well we have a lot of people with hangovers here.
Well I guess we have to improvise and try something.
Ok every body start puking up over the ball.
This was the worst site I ever did see!
The thick coating of this hangover soup seemed to do something to this ball.
It seemed to have effected the energy flow.
I could see the police and the dogs started to move faster.
The 4 guys we met at the Weatherspoons stood around the metallic ball and let out there juices spraying all over the ball.
It didn’t like it at all!
Started to get unstable.
Everybody! Its best if we all leave right now.
So we all step off the train and all go near the wall of the station.
We turn and watch as the Train Implodes on itself.
And becomes Nothing.
Then as the police run towards us all.They already knew Brenda,
And she ordered that the police step down.
Her partner in this undercover work was with this police force and wanted to know what the flash of light was that he just saw.
I will have to tell you about that later said Brenda.
These people need a place to stay as they have just been through a terrible ordeal.
But you have only just got here he said to Brenda. We have been following you.
Honestly I better talk about this when these are all somewhere warm.
Ok said her partner.
Brenda turned and said You and John were just great and I thank you very much!
And Michael I want to take you both out to the pub !
I told Brenda that would be really great and I said weatherspoons is good!
Ya get a free pint with ya dinner.
Make it Sunday with the Sunday roast.
She smiled and said ya on! Here’s my card with my number on.
As Brenda walks away I shout out!
Oh Brenda! me and John need a lift home, any chance?
She turns her head and says !
Oh no problem car or helicopter?
We just laughed and ran towards her!
Funny thing happened!
She wasn’t joking about the helicopter ride home.

The end

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dniteryder said...

overall i thought it was a very good science fiction type story. It kept my interest throughout i was waiting to see what happens at the end and read every word. I can picture something like that happening nowadays giving the atmosphere and secrecy of the world today.