Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Viaduct Past and Future

Michael is walking by the canal watching the coots and swans swim by.
He notices a floating wheelie bin flowing down the water towards the old via duct.
Michael then walked towards the via duct and decided to look up at the walls to see if there was any wildlife to spot as Michael loved Spiders and Creatures as they have fascinated him since he was a Child.
He then went into the smaller arch that was by a Dry mud bank and had nettles and weeds about the sides.
As he walked in he picked up a stick and tapped it on the wall do hear its eco. For every tap he made there was about 5 Taps back.
Michael Said Hey (hey ey ey ) Hello? (Hello/ello/llo) whooooweee (whooooweee ooweee weee).
As he looked up at the wall he notices faint old graffiti of a Bulldog and there was a message about somebody who lost his brother in the war. It looked so sad. There was also a message that somebody else left saying i’m Going to fight and don’t know if I will return but if I do I will write another message.
But Michael didn’t see anymore messages.
As Michael Takes out his Half packet of Bourbon biscuits from his coat pocket he thought he heard somebody weeping. It 1st sounded like the wind but! the moment Michael took is mind away from what he knew it was he started hearing the moaning again.
So as Michael stares towards the light side of the Bridge his Imagination starts to overwhelm him.
And then before his eyes he sees a Young man Writing on the wall.
It was the man who wrote about his brother to the war and he is the one who also wrote i’m going to fight and don’t know if I shall return! (He looked so sad)
Has Michael walked towards him The boy looked and said hello were you spring up from? Michael said i’m just here looking around for spiders and Nature and what about you? What is your Name?
Bernard is my Name, I like to come here because its where me and my brother always used to come and play. Now he’s gone and soon it seems i’m to follow in his footsteps.
I’m not going to give up I shall come back from the war and live on so I can get married and See my new daughter grow up. That’s something to live for..
That’s why I have reserved this space on this brick for when I return.
Michael started to feel sad for Bernard because He Noticed Bernard had not added his message of return from the war.
Michael was also a very honest boy and felt that he shouldn’t hold the information from him at all.
Im from the future said Michael! Some how we have met up in this bridge and we can see each other.
Bernard looked a bit confused but could somehow tell that Michael was not lying.
Maybe it had something to do with the clothes he was wearing and the digital watch.
Bernard then asked: do you know what I wrote when I get back from the war?
Michael then showed a sad face and his eyes seemed to shine with sorrow ness .
Bernard just said I don’t come back do I?
Michael says maybe you came back but didn’t write your message.
Bernard was assured Michael that he would return and finish.
The only thing he worried about is not seeing his baby daughter and lady of his life.
Michael made a Suggestion that he should come to his time and that your daughter may have grown up but at least you will be alive and get to see her again.
Bernard had a hard time thinking about this! but realized that he really was only faced with one Chance.
So he decided to take Michaels Offer!
So Michael and Bernard hold on each others shoulder and walked towards the exit,
The way Michael came in earlier.
They both stepped out into the light where the sun made them squint.
There was 2 woman with a boy walking by the canal they looked like they had just been shopping at the local supermarket.
As Bernard stepped onto the public path by the canal he noticed a tin of Baked Beans roll from the older ladys plastic bag as it had just split against a Blackberry Bush spike.
It split open and spilled out most of the contents.
As the tin of beans was about to roll in the canal Bernard bends down and grabs it with his hand. As Bernard looks up at the woman’s face she starts looking into Bernard’s eyes.
As if she had known him.
The woman she was with, was picking up the other items with their little boy.
She then said Thank you young man for being a Gentleman.
You are very welcome. And then Bernard also clicked on with the eyes.
May I ask your Name he asks!
My name is Charlotte and this is my Daughter Sara and her son Peter.
We are just out for a bit of picnic.
Bernard then went cold and then said its me!
Charlotte then paused in shock and yet she could see it really was him.
Michael saw what was happening and thought it be best to let it be.
He's got a lot of life he missed to catch up on. Now they live happy ever after.
Charlotte asked Bernard… Where did you just come from?
This young boy called Michael helped me! He’s just over here!
But when every body went to look they couldn’t see Michael anywhere.
Michael was standing near the mud bank watching them but his imagination started to make what he was seeing fade to nothing.
And all he was left with is the rippling of the flowing water and the twinkles of the sky reflecting off it.
Bernard was just about to go with his long lost love.
when he just said hold on please Charlotte I must finish my message on the wall.
He walked to the wall and wrote a final message!
I’m alive and with my Family thanks the Michael.

And Michael realized he had left his bag on the floor near the wall where he was reading earlier.
But to his amazement he noticed the brick that was blank before said:
I’m alive and well with my family and Thank you Young Michael.

This made Michael really think when he was walking back home.
Because he wasn’t sure what really did happened.
But he did feel that he had helped somebody be happy.
This was good for Michael as seeing others happy help him feel life has a reason after all.

This story was written by Dean Bradford ©(Dec 13th 2007) please do not copy this work as your own.
Please get in touch if you want to talk about may works

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dniteryder said...

i like it very much, i felt like i was there standing and watching the whole time and i am glad it had a happy ending. I have been to places like that and seen the writings on the wall and the initials with a heart around them and often wondered if they still were together or the person that said he was there was still around and if everyone on the writing had a happy ending or what happened to them, thank you for sharing that story with us.