Monday, 10 December 2007

Dreamed same Dream

Dreaming same DreamYears ago just before my 19th birthday I tried something I never done before. I focused on my dream/ It was at that moment I experienced a glimpse of full color and sound in my dream. My over excitement soon woke me up! I then sat at the side of my bed, to reflect on what I had experienced. So that day when I went to Training college, where they taught us about units of alcohol. So I thought to myself. I haven’t had a drink for 2wks! So I added up the units I had missed. So I decided 2 make up 4 it by drinking them all that evening. Knowing it will help me stay asleep! That evening I went 2 sleep very easy. When I was having a normal dream I (stopped) & said This is just a dream. I then started looking & focusing! Every thing around me started to change before my very eyes. I then found myself standing on a what seemed to look like the great wall of China. I could feel the warmth on my back from the sun, I could feel the ground, I could taste the air. I could see and hear. It was if every part of me was brand-new! In real life my eyes deceive me. But here I have more than 20-20 vision. I treated this dream as if I were a scientist. Questioning everything. I was so egger to explore. So that’s what I did. So as I walked along the wall. I could hear my feet scrunching on the stone. I could feel the tiny loose stones scraping as I shuffled my feet! Wow it was amazing. The sun projected a sharp shadow of me over the pale yellow stone. I noticed a gap at the side of the wall. Down beside the wall was some steps leading down into a opening in the wall itself. I thought to myself! I wonder where that goes. So I made my way down the steps. At the same time I was enjoying the peace and the tapping of my feet at every step! As I walked into the wall there were a passage to my left & my right. Then to my left I heard a voice say (Hello who are you) When I turn to look! I noticed the beam of sunlight shining through the opening in the wall. I could see somebody standing there in the shadows. Then he stepped forward. The sunlight lit half of his face. He then ask me again who r u´ I then said I’m not going to be fooled by talking to a dream person. He then said that i’m in his dream. Then I thought to myself (I’ll play along) I told him my name is Dean. What’s yours. (Kevin)he replied. Then the dream person asked me more questions. I thought to myself that every thing he said. I was making it up. Even thou I didn’t know how. Because I was not trying!!. So as we talked. He said he was from Bulwell in Nottingham. And I told him where I live. Just to shut him up. Then I made up an excuse to leave. So I said I have got to go now, got work when I wake up´ so he said bye. I felt so silly having a chat with a dream person. Its like talking to nothing. So I made my way back to them steps & back to where I started. Then I thought to myself (How do I get back?) Getting back was easier than its sounds. I only had to think about my bedroom. When I woke up. I sat on by bed and got a bit emotional about what I seen. As I wished I never woken up to this world.! (((2-WEEKS-LATER))) Now back at C.I college Meadows. A new lad was introduced to our group. My tutor asked me to show him around. When lunch time came around. We never went out. We just sat on the worktops & just talked. (I had this strange feeling that iv seen him before. It really played my mind) As we sat on the room table the new boy said what should we talk about.
I said holidays. As it sounded a nice and cheerful subject to talk about! as it was chucking it down with rain outside. So I asked ´where do you want to go?´ he said ´china´ I then asked ´why china´ He then tried to avoid telling me why. Because it being to strange! When I convinced him tell me! I wished I kept my mouth shut! He then told me it was about a dream. He said he wanted to the GreatWall of china. He said that 2ks ago he had a the most strangest real Dream. (I went cold) I thought back to my Dream! Then I was afraid to hear what he might say! (I then told him that I also had a dream of that wall 2ks ago) I then asked what is your name? ´Kevin´ he replied (I felt a cold rush) as I never asked him his name earlier & felt silly asking him when I should already know! I then asked. Are you from Bulwell?´ As we exchange words that we talked about in the dream. We got scared me and him even more. Everything matched up! After lunch. We never talked again. It was too strange. I thought if we don’t talk or see each other that it will help us forget it ever happened. He must have thought the same. Because we avoided each other! (it took me six long haunted years to discover that i’m not as crazy after all) I read in a magazine & discovered that I had a Lucid Dream. And that lots of famous people have them. They inspire lots of great minds. I then bought my 1st book on lucid dreams. By Celia Green of Oxford uni. It explains experiments conducted. But out of all I read so far. There has not been any dreams where people meet up. Maybe people have met in dreams. But never meet in real life. For them odds must be a zillion to one chance. In our case it happened. All I know is that this happen for a reason. Maybe its because I will experiment more with it, or because I must go to the GreatWall of china. There are answers I still seek. If there are volunteers out there? Who have had lucid dreams plz email me. 2 join my Lucid dreams club. This Dream is 100% true

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