Monday, 17 December 2007

Coins of Destiny

Michael is on holiday with his family.
The year is 1987 and we are staying in a caravan in Ingoldmels .
The weather seemed so fine and perfect that it just seemed to good to be true.The week before we was going to go on holiday Michaels stomach churned and made him feel sick with excitement .
Anyway Michael is in the penny Arcade with a pounds worth of 2ps sagging down in his little pockets and also he has three 10 pence’s in his hand.
He has been holding the coins in his palm for about 30 minutes now and they must be getting hot and sweaty while he stands next to the Pac Land Arcade game.
The older lads are playing it all the time and he does not seem to be able to find Pac Land vacant at all.
He used to go and watch people on the Starwars Arcade game but changed his interest when the music from Pac Land attracted his attention.
As he stood there he looked towards the After Burner Arcade game (The one with the moving seat).
And then he notices the man wearing really cool clothes standing by looking towards him.
The man looked like he was from some Sci-Fi convention or something.
Then he holds up 2 shiny coins and then with his hands he makes a suggestion that seemed as he was beckoning Him to come an try.
So Michael then went over to the strange man to see what he wants.
He says to Michael: Hey kid you look bored and fed up.
Michael said I want to have action packed fun and don’t seem to be able to get it with just three 10ps and a bag of twos.
Michael asks what is your name?
I’m sorry I cant tell you that! But I can do you a great deal.
I will give you these to single coins for you bag of 2ps.
Michaels eyes opened wider and then squinted because of the light reflecting off the coins.
Oh these are not just any coins! They are ever lasting Time travel Coins.
What I mean is when you place them into a machine like Afterburner the coins Nano atomic partial generator Causes a controlled power serge.
Then the person on a seat of machine will vibrate into atomic particles, then re assembles them in the coordinates that the coin is programmed.
The coins I will trade with your 2p’s only move in 10 year cycles.
We did experiment with 1 year and 2 years coins.
But that made jumping more dangerous because of the amount of jumps it can take to get back to you time again.
To many jumps in 1 hour can really effect us and can also give us radiation sickness if used that often.
So I recommend you never jump over 4 times In 1 hour.
The less jump the better. Its safe if you stick to these rules.
The coin automatically seeks out gaps that don’t have anybody playing or looking at the machine so you can arrive comfortably.
Michael takes the heavy bag of 2p’s out of his pockets and hands them over.
And then the 2 coins are placed into Michaels hands.
The man then gets onto the game and places one of his other coins in.
And Michael is overwhelmed with excitement when he sees the man fizzle out.
As Michael stands there looking at the shinny coins his younger brother David comes over after spending all his 2ps and is now bored.
He says are you going on After Burner?
He says yes I am! here David watch this!
Michael pushes in the forward 10 year coin and looks at his brother as he hit’s the Start Button.
Michael can see David fizzle away from his point of view.
Also he feels very warm because of the intense vibrations of the seat.
Then after he reaches is destination he thinks to himself that was fun then he collects the coin back out of the Reject and drops in for another go.
Then he fizzles away ones again.
But this time he enters the arcade In 2007.
He finds himself in a Dusty storage room sitting on the dusty seat.
The machine wasn’t even turned on or plugged in.
The air is choky and this makes Michael couth and then he gets up and then walks up to a wooden door with a code press panel on other side.
But when Michael leaves the store room he thinks ahead and turns on the snatch from the inside of the door thinking about is return trip later.
As Michael walks onto the shop floor he is totally blown away by immense graphic’s on these games.
Its like seeing something before a mind is ready to know.
He Notices that games have more controls and look a lot more frighteningly real compared to what he was used to.
Then Michael is drawn to the retro lounge where he sees Pac Land all by its self and ready to play.
He could almost imagine a heavenly light beaming down from an heavenly cloud like in sword in the stone.

So he walks happily towards the game and then he takes out his three 10 pence’s and places 2 against the screen ready and goes to put in the other 10 pence smiling with excitement.
Then he is struggling to poke in his 10p, It wont fit! Why will it not fit he thinks to himself.
He walks over to the penny falls and looks through the glass at the 10 pence’s!
They look the same but they are smaller.
Has he looks inside glass screen a woman drives by towards the change booth on a electric scooter!
She drops a £10 note and out her fingers caused by the breeze she created from speeding.
Then as she backs up to collect her note! She hit’s the 10p penny fall machine with back bumper.
And Michael saw a shiny small 10p fall into the metal pocket.
He now smiles has he is one step closer to getting to play Pac Land as he has now got the correct size 10p.
As he walks towards the retro lounge he notice a 30p slot was short of a 10p for a whole credit.
He thought to Himself that he could do with more 10ps for Pac Land incase I need he needs to continue.
So he drops his 10p into a Elvis slot machine and hoped.
Then he hit auto play and he got 3 green single bars and that won him £3 instantly.
He could have gambled more but he knows he has got what he needs to play Pac land.
Michael then goes to change booth and asks to change the £3 into thirty 10 pence’s.
The woman behind the coin dispenser said you look very retro young boy! As she presses the coin dispenser lever 3 times.
And Michael looked at her and gave a confused fake smile has he scooped out the 10s from the Pocket.
Because he didn’t know what retro means.
Now at last he walks towards Pac Land once again! But this time he’s ready to play because he is ready to pay!
Then he pulls up a stool to sit on and relaxes a moment and then says to himself here goes.
He lines up his 10pences and gets started strait away.
The screen starts with the words Act 1.
Michael plays to his hearts desire and soon he reaches as far as the game could go and he only used 3 credits.
He had picked up his skills from watching the older boys play and taking in what he saw.
Has Michael walks over the shop floor he is thinking about going back to 1987 but before that he thought he should try his luck on the 10pence penny falls.
So he digs his hands in the saggy pocket of change and takes out about six 10 pence’s and he drops 1 then 2
Then another and nothing fell! Well they did but they fell down the side pockets.
When he dropped in the sixth coin and watched it bouncing on the Pins he noticed it was his coin that was for taking him back to his time.
But the coin landed in a feature coin slot and the Color TV screen behind the penny fall showed like a puzzle game and that was going crazy maybe because of the electricity in the coin.
When the coin reached the moving platforms it tries to repel itself away from normal coins and in doing so it pushes almost the entire coin contents into the metal pocket. Along with itself hidden amongst 100s of 10pences.
The woman at the change booth heard the noise and Michael looks toward the booth and can see her on the way after closing her booth door fast.
When she come around the corner she says what has happened here! She is thinking that the Penny alls has be fiddled or something.
She says Stop that right now! But Michael is focused on finding his coin.
Then he find his coin laying flat at the bottom of the huge pile he grabs the coin and he says i got what I want.
The woman is onto security with her radio! She’s telling them to come and sort a person who has been tampering with the machine and she tells Michael to wait right there! She is busy also picking up the coins.
So Michael can see this is a chance for him to get back.
Michael runs to the store room door while the change booth lady watch’s on.
He then goes to the After Burner and looks for the plug and the plug socket.
Whilst he looks he can hear the woman and the security guards.
He finds a plug socket and turns it on.
Then he quickly sits down on the seat of After Burner whilst it boots up.
The staff have just come into the room and the security are just about to grab Michael by the arm when he just drops in the backwards coin and hits start.
He fizzles away right before their eyes.
When Michael reaches 1997 he collects the Coin and pushes it in again and goes back to 1987.
And then has he Fizzles back he can see his brother David still looking.
Michael gets off the game and David says are you not playing?
Michael just says I have had plenty of action for today I’m ok.
Then he gives glen some change for the game and he smiles at me as if i’m messing him about.
He says that the 10 pence’s are too small and they just drop through to the reject.
As David re tries the coins he puts the coin I left in the game back in. The one that goes backwards.
And as he could see David Fizzle away. He did not return in the seat like I did.
Oh gosh Michael thought to him self about his brother going with only one coin and that is backwards only.
So he went to ask a engineer when this After Burner was installed.
He said it was installed this morning!
So he had a Think about what the guy said about the coin seeks out a safe location in time to allow person to arrive safely.
So I am sure he has got to be here somewhere.
This day has got to be the day .
Then a rubber orange Sucker Dart sucks itself to my Fore head.
David has been shopping by the looks of it!
Michael says hey David where you get all that money?
Well he said: When I realized I was a few hours back in time I remember a machine that paid out to somebody else so I decided to go on it 1st.
And now I have £10 left! I have been having to wait till my other self has gone before I see you again.
so I just went on the rides on the fair.
Has David and Michael walked back to the Caravan park Michael says it took me 20 years to get ago on Pac Land.
The End

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